Sainsburys Fuel Prices

Location and Petrol Prices at Sainsbury Petrol Stations

Own brand products at supermarkets are getting more and more popular these days in the UK. It is because of the increasing inflation we have to face and the constantly rising cost of living. But buying your petrol from your Sainsbury supermarket has just recently become popular. They are offering Nectar points which can be redeemed in store, and using it is a way to reduce the money you spend on fuel each month.

Brief history of Sainsburys

Sainsbury's started out initially offering grocers' own-brand produces. The Sainsbury's brand soon grew with most of its products labeled as their own brand by 1939. In 2004 Sainsbury's made an arrangement with BP and it is believed they now supply all of Sainsbury's fuel, however this has never been confirmed. T

Where does Sainsbury's Petrol operate petrol filling stations

They are - just like other supermarket chains' own petrol stations located next to some of the larger supermarkets in the UK. They have well trained staff in the petrol station's shop, too, and you can use your Nectar card in the petrol station. Use the map below to find the nearest sainsburies with a petrol station in your area.

Fuel options at Sainsbury's stations

They offer unleaded petrol and diesel just like other supermarket chains. In 1998 they introduced City Petrol to the market, a cleaner, low-emission unleaded-petrol with a reward points scheme to customers who purchase this greener product. They also offer Super and Four Star products. In 2001 Sainsbury's made a deal with British Gas to provide LPG on their petrol stations. They also offer free air at the station.

Extra services offered

As mentioned before they also offer LPG on site, and at some places they have a small Sainsbury's shop with own brand products. The customer reviews show that the staff in these petrol shops are very well trained, knowledgeable and friendly. Sainsbury's Petrol Stations also have a car wash at the service station.

Green fuel options at Sainsburys

They are currently offering a special greener type of fuel and are continuously working on making producing fuel cleaner. They are just as green as their partners, as they do not own the refineries just buy petrol in bulk. The fact that they operate next to large cities does not make their stations environmentally friendly.

How can you save money at Sainsbury's on petrol

The best deal and the reason why most people shop at Sainsbury's is getting Nectar points. Nectar Points program is the most popular reward scheme in the UK. Points can be collected and redeemed at many retailers online and offline as well. If you are using your card regularly you might want to know that you can collect 2 points per £1 spent in store at Sainsbury's. You'll also get 1 point for every bag you reuse in store and 1 point for every single litre of fuel purchased.

What are the other benefits of filling up out petrol tank at a Sainsbury's Petrol Station


Compare Sainsburies petrol prices to other fuel brands

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