V-Power Shell Petrol

Location and Petrol Prices, including V-power, at Shell Fuel Stations

Many British consumers currently struggle with the increasing cost of motoring. They think they do have to compromise and have to go for cheaper, lower quality products if they are looking to save money on petrol. But not many know that by getting a Shell Driver's Club membership, there is a way to get quality petrol and still save money.

Where does Shell operate filling stations

Over 900 Shell service stations currently operate Around the UK. They can be found by the side of motorways, highways all over the country. They operate in every country in Europe and seem to have the best reputation for quality.See the map below to find all Shell petrol stations, including those selling V-power petrol

Overview of Shell's past and current services

Shell, just like BP, is one of the most reputable UK fuel suppliers and with operating in many different countries and areas it can really offer quality solutions for people looking for good petrol. Shell is a more diverse company than other petrol firms. Shell currently produces 20% of Britain's crude oil, 17% of its gas and 15% of its petrochemicals. It is famous of its quality and perfectly refined products.

V-power Shell fuel: is the petrol worth it?

Other than the normal Shell branded unleaded and diesel fuels, Shell has V-Power. It is said to clean a car's engine as it's used and improves fuel economy and the performance of the car. So in the long run it can make your money go further and also protect the environment. Although V-power petrol has a premium price tag, some motorists say it is well worth the difference, especially on performance cars

Shell's deals

The Shell Drivers' Club rewards membership can make the most out of your card if you do regularly shop and fill up with V-power or any other fuel at a Shell petrol station. Shops also have different promotions time to time and you can get extra points for buying promotional merchandise.

Shell services at the stations

They usually operate a shop on site and have manned pumps. When you go inside and pay it might be strange that the staff has to check the cameras to make sure the price has been calculated correctly. With regards to customer service, reviewing some consumer review sites, they are not UK customers' favorites, but the quality of petrol and service seems to be compensating it. They recently started to sell Waitrose products within the shops, too.

Green options at Shell

Shell has a whole section on their website devoted to environmental issues. They do acknowledge climate change, not denying it like ESSO, and seem to be working hard to fight against global warming. They invest a lot of funds into making their operations more energy efficient. Between 1990 and 2000 they managed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 20%, however what their targets currently are is not known.They also have a new 'fuel save' fuel that claims to improve your cars miles to the gallon and thus help to reduce emissions slighly


Why is it worth to fill up at Shell

Compare Shell petrol prices to other petrol brands

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