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Many families are trying to budget better this year, and Texaco's Fuel card helps by getting them cheaper fuel. m

Texaco stations: an overview

Texaco started to sell fuel in the UK 80 years ago and since then the brand has continued to become bigger and more widely known. Today Texaco still have a refinery in Pembroke and produce fuel for the UK market. At the moment they are one of the biggest petrol manufacturers in Northwest Europe, and produce approximately 15.75 million litres (3.5 million gallons) of fuel a day. In the future they will have to work hard to keep or increase their market share.

Where can you find Texaco petrol

Texaco has around 1,100 branded service stations over the UK and almost 3,500 across Europe. They tend to have stations at every larger industrial town in Britain and offer a great alternative for motorist. See the map below for all Texaco garages.

Diesel and petrol choices at Texaco

Texaco offers a wide range or petrol and lubricants, additives for all types of cars, including Ultra low Sulphur Diesel, which is said to prevent tear and wear as well as making diesel cars start quicker and perform better in very low temperatures. The other premium specialist fuel is Premium Unleaded. There is also a Super Unleaded which has a higher RON. Unique on the market is Texaco Lead Replacement Petrol which is replacing leaded four star petrol  and contains a detergent additive, too (not available at all petrol stations).

Texaco fuel deals

Texaco has got a Texaco Fastfuel ® Discount Diesel & Petrol Fuelcard that saves consumers up to 3 p per litre if they are regularly filling up their cars with petrol at Texaco. You can also secure the same low price at the motorway stations. Texaco's WE.O.U loyalty scheme is the highest points rebate offered by any fuel retailer in the UK.

Texaco services at the stations

They do have an on site shop and they sell specialist car care products inside. They offer tyre air, however according to some customer review sites motorists are not convinced about how knowledgeable the staff is. They also have the special motor oils you cannot get elsewhere, like Chevron Global Lubricants. They also operate manned pumps.

Texaco and greener fuel

Chevron, Texaco's parent company has recently changed to natural gas for generating power in their Kuwait and California oil fields, and set a target to reduce their CO2 and other air pollutant emissions. They have invested into a research to increase energy efficiency. They have started an operation in Pembroke refinery, so now Chevron is capable of producing sulphur-free fuels, in line with EU legislation that came into effect in 2005.

What are the other benefits of filling up out petrol tank at a Texaco station

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