Dog Hernia

Hernias in Dogs

A hernia is a bulge of tissue or bodily organ that has passed through a tear or defect in a muscular wall. In dogs, the four most common types of hernias include umbilical hernias, inguinal hernias, perineal hernias, and diaphragmatic hernias.

Umbilical hernias are the most common and occur on the midline of the stomach at the belly button. Umbilical hernias pose no real health problems since fatty tissue is usually the only item that protrudes through the opening. These hernias can occur with both male and female dogs.

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Inguinal Dog Hernia 

Inguinal hernias occur where the abdominal muscles meet that of the hind legs. They occur as birth defects or due to injury. These hernias are more serious than umbilical hernias because the intestines can protrude, disrupting the normal digestive process. Replacement of the herniated material and suturing the tear or defective muscle must be done to correct this type of hernia.

Perineal Dog Hernia

Perineal hernias occur due to a weakening of the muscles located beneath the tail on either side of the anus. These hernias usually occur in older dogs and can cause impactions and elimination problems if they are not corrected. Female dogs usually are not affected by this type of hernia.

Diaphragmatic Dog Hernia

Diaphragmatic hernias are the most serious type of hernia. A tear or rupture of the diaphragm, the wall of muscle that separates the chest cavity and lungs from the abdomen, can allow the intestines, liver or other vital organs to enter into the chest cavity.

This type of hernia can be congenital or result from an injury. Breathing difficulties, weakness, and intestinal problems can occur and must be surgically corrected. X-rays are the only sure diagnosis of this hernia, but after repair the dog can resume a normal life.

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"yes you can breed your dog if the hernia is an umbilical hernia it must be fixed before you breed, plus if you cut the cord before the mother does your more likely to have puppies without hernias, umbilical hernias are due to the mother biting and pulling at the cord,"


"my 13 year old sheltie had a lump on one of her teats and over the years it became more than a hand ful in size, took her to the vet today as we thought it may be a tumor and it was a hernia pick her up shortly.. she recovered well and hope in the future it does not return"


"yes this was very informative.I wrote down the different types of hernia to see which kind he has. He has it about a year no pain.He has to go for his shoots the end of this month and the it will be discussed further"

maria mingoia

"My beautiful little girl passed away on Monday Nov. 1st due to complications from a hernia. It happened very fast. I will love and miss her forever. "

Topaz's mom

"Our 4yr old rescue greyhound began to show a bulge between her hind legs and rear set of teats, most noticeable when she lay on her side.Took her to the vet, he said dogs naturally have a gap there andif they are fat the fat pushes through the hole, but it is nothing to worry about or do anything, I'm not so sure he's right as it's doubled in size since then, she seems to have no discomfort but she tires easily now.She's a big dog and not THAT fat!"

Irene Restall

"I got a 11 week old staffy pup the other day, when i took her to the vets for her injections they told me she had an umbilical hernia. The vets told me that it isnt harmful to breed from her but we may be left with 8 or 9 pups that no1 will want to buy because of the hernia as my pup will pass it on to her pups. To get the hernia removed in was costing up to £170 but because I am getting her neutered at the same time it is only costing me £60 because i am on income support. hope this was helpful. all the best.."


"i have a 9 wk old shih-tzu she has an umbilical hernia. the vet told me to keep an eye on her if she goes off her food or is in discomfort. i was told she should have an op to get rid of this at 6 months when getting spayed as this is hereditary. i think the op costs about £170-£200."


"i have 2 8 week old yorkies with inguinal hernias and was told by vet to push everything back up and if i cant get it back up then they would need surgery. they said they usually go away on there own??"


"This was so helpful thank you so much"


"I have two german Sheppard puppy boys that have a hernia. I was sad when I saw that but know I know there is cure!"


"My pekingese snowball seens to have some sort of hernia and actually seems like his testicle has gotten all the way up there there is no help around here i dont have 4000 to get him surgery he is agonizing Anyone knows an org that may help me financially asap?"

E Vasquez

"this page is not helpful at all my dog has a hernia and it didn't tell me if i can breed a dog with a hernia"


"This page is great, Thank you. After coughing hard my dogs belly became swollen. Then her legs and feet. Could this be a hernia? "


"So i have a puppy. not a year old just yet. he has been licking at a red's kind of large and kind of around...i guess below his penis....i guess. i think it could be a hernia. Inguinal hernia. should i take him to the vet, it's bleeding a little and very sensitive. "


"this page was very very helpful i came on here because my teacup chihuahua has a hurnia on his belly button and is only 7 weeks old. But i do have one question will it kill my lil baby? "


"My dog has a umbulical hernia and she is pregnant is it dangerous?"


"im am about to buy a puppy knowing he has a hernia where his umbilical cord hadnt completey developed, how much does it cost to be put right?"


"dog have hernia shouldn't be breed again for puppies and the dog that made that puppies. it a heriditary gene a defect in the dog line(no offen)..hope this message doesn't offend any breeder. all breeders should know this"


"my yorkie has a hernia, would the stress of her puling on the leash can cause damage of her bladder or loss of bladder control "

yorkie mom

"My Jack Russell came home with a bulge on his side. I had no idea what it was until I found your site. I feel certain it\'s a hernia and hope my vet can repair it without any problem. Thanks for the extensive information on the different types of hernias in dogs."

bj mom of 3 Jack Russlls