Product Review : The Ezy Dog Backpack

A review of the Ezy dog backpack from the human and dog perspective

Product Review : The Ezy Dog Backpack

The Ezy Dog backpack incorporates the Ezy Dog walking harness with a unique backpack to enable any dog to carry his toys and food out with him on a walk. The back pack has two side compartments with zip fastenings and two clip fastening front pockets for quick access. The pack is waterproof and has reflective piping to provide additional safety at night. It has a leash clip to enable the dog to hold his own lead when running free.

The Ezy Dog Backpack - The Doggie Perspective

Our tester is Malcolm, a one year old Shih-Tzu cross who tested the smallest of the Ezy dog backpack range. The backpack is easy to put on and fitted him really well. The chest plate moulds to the shape of the dog so its comfortable and means that the backpack stays in position no matter what the dog gets up to. Once on, Malcolm was quite happy to walk around as usual, although it did take him a while to get used to the extra width which meant that he got wedged in a few tight spaces! The backpack was put to the test at the beach and despite Malcolm rolling around in the sand and going for a swim the contents remained dry and sand free. Malcolm was happy and comfortable whilst wearing the backpack and it didn't interfere with any of his usual activities but allowed him to take extra treats so in his eyes it seems a success!

The Ezy Dog Backpack - The Human Perspective

The backpack looks good and multiple people commented on how cute Malcolm looked whilst he was wearing it. It was easy to put on and very easy to keep clean. The pockets on the backpack are very large but it is important not to overload them or the backpack becomes too heavy and uncomfortable for the dog. The price is very reasonable and the quality of craftsmanship more than justifies it. A great item that's comfortable for the dog and functional for the owner.

The Ezy Dog Backpack - Statistics

It comes in four sizes:

Small - 41-74cm (dog chest size)

Medium - 56-94cm

Large - 66-114xm

X Large - 86-140cm

The backpack costs around £29.99 - £35.99 (depending on the size purchased) from several online retailers.

The Ezy Dog Backpack - Overall Ratings

Appearance: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Comfort: 4/5 - the width means some dogs can get stuck in narrow gaps

Price: 4/5



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