Games to play on horseback with children

Mounted games to make lessons more fun

If you have small children you will know that they don't always have the longest attention span. Even when doing something they love such as horse riding you can find that their attention span starts to waiver. Here we hope to give you some inspiration for games to play with your children and their ponies.

Balance a Bean Bag

In this game the children should ride to the end of the arena, dismount from their pony, pick up their bean bag, remount their pony and then ride back as fast as they can with the bean bag balanced in their head. If the bean bag falls off they must dismount and pick it up.

Litter Pick Up

Scatter some old boxes or balls around the arena floor and set up two bins in a corner. Each time must then ride to a piece of litter, dismount and pick it up, remount and then ride to their bin and put it in. The team with the most amount of litter in their bin wins.

Sack Race

In this game the children must ride down the arena, climb into a sack and then hop back up the arena while leading their pony.

Ride and Swap

This is a good game to play if you have more children than ponies. One child rides the pony and another leads. The child riding the pony must do so without stirrups. The children ride and lead down the arena as fast as they can. When they reach the end they must swap over and then race back.

Potato and Spoon

This is a classic game but with a twist. You can even make it more difficult by adding obstacles to weave round or for the top riders you can even add in a jump!

Ride a maze

For this game you need a large number of poles. Set out a maze on the floor using poles. Make the turns nice and tight to increase the difficulty. Riders have to ride through the maze as fast and accurately as possible. Points should be removed every time a horse touches a pole.

Dobbin says

This is a version of Simon says but on horseback. Make the children do things like raise their arms, dismount, walk a circle, turn around, go faster etc.

Musical Statues on horseback

This is just as the name suggests. Play a song and get the children to walk round. When the music stops the last person to halt their horse has to stand in the middle. For more experienced riders you can play this game in trot and even canter.

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