Types of Horse Livery

Which type of livery is right for you


So you have found your dream horse, but before you buy it you need to find a place to keep it.  Unfortunately not many people are able to keep their horse at home so you will have to find somewhere else for your horse to live.  The best place is a livery yard but finding one with all the facilities you need is not as easy as you might think.

There are four main types of livery; grass, DIY, part and full. 

Grass Livery

This means that you rent a field and are responsible for the full care of your horse.  Sometimes the price includes the use of a field shelter but most often you just get a fenced paddock with access to water.  You will have to make sure that you are able to visit your horse once a day and will need to clear the paddock of the droppings at least once a week.  Some yards offer assisted grass livery which means that they will check your horses once a day and clear it of droppings.  Grass livery is the cheapest kind of livery and ranges from £10 - £50 per week depending on how close you are to a town and the amount of land available. 

DIY Livery

DIY or do it yourself livery usually includes a field and use of a stable.  You will still be responsible for all the care of your horse but the horse is able to come in during the winter if needs be.  Some yards offer assisted DIY livery which usually means you can pay for additional services such as mucking out, feeding, turning out or bringing in on an ad-hoc basis. Some yards also include hay and bedding in the DIY fee.  DIY livery costs from £20 - £60 per week based on the facilities at the yard and whether or not hay and bedding is included.

Part Livery

Part livery includes a field and stable and usually includes all hay, bedding and care of your horse.  You will still have to exercise your horse but with part livery all other aspects of your horse's care are taken care of.  Some yards will also include hard feed in the part livery cost.  You will still be expected to pay farriers costs and any vets bills.  Part livery is great if you work long hours and want to know your horse is taken care of even if you cannot get up the yard.  Part livery usually costs from £75 - £150 per week depending on the yard facilities and where in the country you live. 

Full Livery

Full livery means that every aspect of your horse's care is looked after.  The horse is mucked out, turned out, fed and even exercised.  You can come up and ride your horse whenever you want but if you cannot get up the yard then the staff will exercise your horse for you.  This type of livery is great for people who work long hours and can only ride at weekends.  Your horse will be kept fit for you during the week which means that you can then get on and compete at weekends.  Full livery ranges greatly in price based on the experience and reputation of the person who will be exercising your horse for you.  Typically full livery costs from £150 - £300 per week based on the yard, the staff experience and the location.


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