What To Do If Your Cat Goes Missing

Top tips to find your missing cat

It is a horrible experience when your cat doesn't come home and naturally you think the worst.  Here is our checklist of things to do should your pet go missing. 

Don't Panic

Although it is very scary when your cat doesn't come home, don't assume the worst.  It is quite natural for cats to go off roaming for a few days and every cat (even those that never seem to go far) will at some point in their life go for a roam. 

Check your house and garden

If it is unusual for your cat to go off roaming, it maybe that they have got stuck somewhere.  This could even be inside your own house.  Go round your house and make sure you sit silently in every room for a good 15 minutes to see if you can hear your cat calling from his hiding place.  Do the same in your garden and check any sheds, conservatories, green houses, garages and even plant pots to make sure they have not got trapped in or under any of them.  Check your wheelie bins as it is not uncommon for cats to smell the food in them, climb in to investigate and then get stuck. 

Check with your local neighbours

Ask your neighbours to check their gardens and outbuildings to make sure your cat is not stuck or been locked in.  Ask them to keep an eye out for your cat and, if possible, give them a photo of your cat so they know who to look for.

Ring all local vets and rescue centres

Ring your vets and all the other local vets to make sure that your cat has not been taken into them.  If he hasn't then ask them if they can keep a note of his description and your contact details so that should a cat come in matching his description you can be notified.  The same applies to local rescue centres. 

Ring your microchipping company

If you had have your cat microchipped, then ring your microchip provider and let them know he is missing.  This will mean that if he is taken to a rescue centre or vets and is scanned for a chip which is then reported to the microchipping company, they will put you in touch with the place your cat has been taken. 

Ring your insurer

If you have pet insurance, ring them and let them know your cat is missing.  Most offer some financial help to get your cat back, which you could use to make posters, place adverts or offer a reward.

Put up posters

Put up posters round your local area.  Make sure you get permission from your local council first or you could risk a fine.  Include details of your cat, if he was wearing a collar, if he is likely to come if you call his name, a high quality photo, your contact details and if there is a reward. 

Place adverts

There are lots of websites that allow you to list local items for sale.  Place a missing cat advert on these sites to ensure he is seen by as many local people as possible.  Most local newspapers have a missing cat section which allows you to advertise your cat to the local residents.  There is usually a small charge for this. 


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