Moving Home With Your Cat

Keep your cat happy when you move

Moving home is a stressful time for anyone, but it can be a nightmare for your pets too. Here is our guide to help ensure your move is as stress free for your cat as possible. 


When packing for the big move day your cat is bound to start getting worried.  Ensure you keep your cats beds and safe places clear and pack the cats stuff last.  This will mean that your cat still feels safe in the home and can retreat to their secure place if they feel stressed.  If cats get worried, they may run off and come moving day you might be forced to leave them behind if they won't come back.  To make sure this doesn't happen, keep your cats in the house for a couple of weeks before the move or consider putting them in a cattery.

The move day

Make sure you keep your cats locked securely in a room while all your furniture is placed in the lorry or else your cat may get out and you could be waiting for hours or even days for them to come back.  If you are moving far away and your cat is travelling in a crate, make regular stops to give your cat a drink.  When you get to your new property, make sure your cat is released into a secure room in your new house while you unpack.  Put your cats usual bedding and toys down in the room, so they have somewhere to sleep that is familiar to them.  If you are not moving far, then it may be best to put your cat safely in a cattery during the move process.  This prevents the worry that they may run off when the movers come in.  It also means you can concentrate on the stressful moving day without the additional worry of your cats happiness and security. 

After the move

It is important not to let your cat out for the first two weeks after you have moved so they can get used to their new home.  For the first few times you do let them out, go out in the garden with them so they feel safe and calm.  Make sure that they have a collar on with your new address so that if they do get lost, they can be returned to you.  Don't forget to change your address details with your cats microchip company and tell your pet insurance company. 

Be prepared for cat fight related injuries over the first few weeks as your cat will have to establish his presence in the neighbourhood and learn to live with existing neighbourhood cats. 

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