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A catalytic converter is designed to reduce pollutants from your car exhaust. They are typically trying to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide, VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and NOX (nitrogen oxides). The converter itself may be made of platinum and is designed to have as large as possible surface area to maximise possible reaction sites. A catalyst helps the breakdown of the toxic emissions but does not take part in the reaction itself. Catalytic converters have been criticised because although they reduce emissions of toxic gases they decrease fuel efficiency and cause the car to emit more 'greenhouse' gases.

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Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Blew my peugeot 206 2002 close coupled cat on A34 Berkshire, Exhaust parted company with manifold at front and dropped onto road, Was recovered and towed back to garage (Newbury Tyre & Exhaust) who supplied and fitted for 180, done while I waited very happy and on my way. £180 item/job Newbury Berks. 2014-11-19
Been quoted 480 for cat convert for forf ka with other parts as wll the car is a 2007 what do u think but he also said he wants to keep it until tomorrow cos the computer is not updating to be sure does that make sense to you £480 item/job Merseyside 2014-10-16
I needed a catalytic converter for my car and found these guys at really helpful and they sell at really cheap trade prices with next day delivery, well worth a look £30 item/job Hampshire 2013-07-06
My Volkswagen Golf MK4 1.9 SDI had small holes in the weld on the Catalytic Converter. Was quoted 380+ by Kwik-fit for parts and labour. Checked around online and found a decent quality cat for 100 + fitting kit. £380 item/job Aberystwyth 2013-06-13
Got my React Catalytic Converter replaced for 100 and the React Catalytic Converter cost me 85.50 from euro parts other places tried says 550 475 660 I really don't get where they get there prices from cost me 185.50 all in £186 item/job London 2013-05-01
Catalytic converter is rused and needs replacing had some of the exhaust replaced about a month ago car is ford fiesta 2010 model £300 item/job Anglesey 2013-04-03
Jus had my catalytic convert replaced in a Halfords in west Ealing £325 item/job West Ealing 2013-01-02
New cat converter for a ford street ka that has gone into limp mode, quoted 998 !!! £998 item/job York 2012-09-22
My car is a Rover V reg, the exhaust fell off & as I was driving it to the garage I went over a speed bump which then rammed the exhaust towards the front of the car jamming the cat & damaging it. Price shown is for fitting the whole exhaust including the Cat. £330 item/job Portsmouth 2012-02-23
volkswagen quoted me 1226 for the replacement of my front and rear catalytic converter and stated further investigation may be required as my front and rear O2 sensors may also need replacing. I have a 2006 Golf 1.6 petrol vehicle. The replacement of both O2 sensors would have been another 440 on top of 1226! I bought the rear cat and front cat from The rear cat was 155 and front cat 215. The total price was reduced by 10 as I was buying both cats. Both cats came with a limited lifetime warranty. I also bought the O2 sensors at 73 each inc VAT from GSF. The total for all parts came to 505 including vat and free delivery. Labour was only 100 no vat to fit both cats and both sensors by my friendly mechanic with free computer diagnostics, totaling 605 all in, which I think is much cheaper than vw and kwik fit. Kwik fit quoted me 850 just for supplying and fitting both catatlytic converters. £605 item/job London 2012-02-20
on holiday at st. Andrews Scotland so under a certain amount of stress to get the jobdone cost 346.80 for golf 1.9 TDI diesel at Quickfit I was robbed £347 item/job St. Andrews 2010-09-10
Kwik-fit quoted 353 for relacement catalytic convertor for my 10 year old Peugeot 406. Online price search found the part from between 50 to 100! £353 item/job Glasgow 2010-07-22
VW Golf sdi replacement catalytic converter quoted 400 by kwik fit,checked online price to buy part from specialist supplier 77,needless to say kwik fit did not get my business. £400 item/job Banbury 2010-05-04
Simply the best deals in catalytic converters £185 item/job Luton 2010-04-16
To repalce cat converter for Saxo 2001 model at National Tyres and Autocare. £198 item/job Colchester 2010-03-24
I have a 2000 peugeot 206, had the cat replaced aswell as silencer, all fitted in garage price including labour £230 item/job Surrey 2010-02-24
Apparently they've replaced the KAT exhaust on my 306 1.9 DT but I've just been told my car doesn't actually have one of those so actually, I think I've been a tad ripped! £230 item/job Kwik Fit - Stockport Road, Gre 2009-10-13
peugot 807 cat converter replacement £250 item/job Yes 2009-09-09
I was horrified about the price of a citroen saxo catalytic converter until i found it was only 32.98 + delivery. I couldn't believe i was told over 150 from my local garage. £33 item/job Lincoln 2009-09-03
I had the catalytic converter and sensor replaced on a 2001 Peugeot 106. £215 item/job Cheltenham 2009-08-28
To replace cat converter on KA via Kwik Fit £220 item/job Midlands 2009-01-05
Kwikfit fitted on 1997 Audi A4 £280 item/job Whitechapel 2007-09-17
replace catalytic converter for vectra sri year 2000. £266 item/job Luton 2007-06-21
I recently purchased a catalytic converter for my Citroen Saxo from The cat was just under £40.00, very good value for money. £40 item/job Durham 2007-03-01
Basic model including fitting £200 item/job   2005-03-28

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