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Prices for parts and labour for replacement clutches on different models of automobile. If a clutch starts to wear out it should be replaced immediately. Symptoms of a worn out clutch include over-revving with no power, especially as the car accelerates.

Car prices for clutch : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
2006 Audi A6 2.0 TDI clutch and DM Flywheel £850 £850 item/job Lincolnshire 2015-07-29
sully and fit clutch for vaxhall corsa 1.2 desil it cost me £300 £300 item/job Birmingham 2015-07-17
Clutch / Bearing / Oil seal - parts and labour for Saab93 - 2008 Petrol - local garage £480 item/job Londonderry, United Kingdom, 2015-05-13
Local garage 55 reg 1.2 punto replaced fly wheel which had to come from Italy clutch and toped up oil all in with labour for 430 £430 item/job Sunderland 2015-04-18
Clutch and flywheel replaced at local garage for a Ford Focus Ghia 1.8 £300 item/job Letchworth 2015-02-26
Picasso c4 clutches £600 item/job Dundee 2015-02-24
clutch repair £349 item/job London 2015-01-18
complete new clutch in a 2005 freelander td4 £1,200 item/job Hitchin 2015-01-06
clutch replacement and labour £200 item/job Billingham 2014-11-07
Clutch '53 reg punto New clutch and labour at local garage £300 item/job Midlands 2014-10-14
Vauxhall Astra 2006 1.9 Diesel Clutch and Dual Mass Flywheel £800 item/job Wellingborough 2014-09-30
It's a renault megane estate £895 item/job Bedworth 2014-09-06
Alfa romeo 159jtdm dual mass flywheel,clutch and slave cylinder total job £1500,was selling car to buyer for£2300 when it happened !? ,......... £1,500 item/job Pershiore 2014-07-28
Broke down on a1 cost nearly 200 to get back to hull from private firm lost drive all togther couldn't do any thing £300 item/job Hull 2014-07-24
Full clutch replaced,£270 at Fair Test in Mobberley, near Tean. £270 item/job Stoke on Trent 2014-06-14
Conversion kit and new clutch for toyota avensis 2 litre diesel including labour £420 item/job Litherland liverpool 2014-03-27
Vw golf 1.6 clutch £70 item/job Durham 2014-03-16
Replace clutch kit only and deglazz flywheel £265 item/job Birmingham 2014-03-02
Citroen c2 GT. Clutch replacement due to burning out. 85,000 on the clock. £384 item/job Market drayton, shropshire. 2014-01-31
Ford ka 2001 clutch replacement plus drive shaft gaiter change, £210 labour incl gearbox oil, parts on eBay £60 including clutch and slave cylinder £270 item/job Fleet hants 2013-11-08
Grande Punto, 1.3 diesel. New 3-piece clutch kit, gearbox oil. £474 item/job Weston-super-Mare 2013-11-07
New clutch fitted to petrol 02 VW POLO 1.2 £250 item/job Birmingham 2013-11-05
vw golf pd engine dual mass flywheel including clutch and thrust bearing trade price including vat £250. lucky i had a friend to order it for me an took 5 hours to fit. i've added this so people can see if there being charged correctly for parts £250 item/job Cheshire 2013-06-11
2003 1.0 corsa New clutch fitted. Labour £160. Clutch kit £207. Total 367 £367 item/job Liskeard 2013-03-30
Clutch slack and loose.needs tobe retightened. £350 item/job Gloucester 2013-03-12
Astra 1.7 CDTI 2008 Clutch and DMF,purchased parts myself at Euro Car Parts with discount rate using code parts25 £373 after discount + extra price match car parts 4 less = £345, labour costs £330 total cost £675.00 £330 item/job Dellers Swindon 2013-03-05
Vauxhall vectra 07 after 100,000 new clutch £220 item/job Clutch repair centre liverpool 2013-02-26
Dual mass flywheel plus clutch on 2005 Hyundai Terracan with 79,000 miles. Brutal! £1,200 item/job Dumbarton 2013-02-15
Vauxhall Vectra 2005 1.9 Diesel cost £730 to replace clutch and dual mass flywheel. Vauxhall quoted £1180. Ouch!! £730 item/job Slough 2012-11-09
Clutch and flywheel replacement at VW main dealer. £449 labour, £583 flywheel, clutch £185. Total £1531 - no typo! Broke down without any warning whatsoever, so no choice! £1,531 item/job Loughton 2012-10-31
Jaguar X-Type 2.2 D. New Clutch and Flywheel £795 at clutch specialist (quoted £1,150 at Jag dealer). £795 item/job Coventry 2012-08-16
Ford Mondeo 1.8 TDci, 09 reg, clutch, incl flywheel at the maindealer Ford in Fareham. £1296,55 £1,297 item/job Fareham 2012-08-02
Replacement clutch etc and oil change at a local independant garage £473 item/job Forfar 2012-06-17
supply and fit clutch to a v/w golf 2003 plate £199.00 including vat £199 item/job Swindon 2012-06-11
Had complete clutch fitted on a VW Polo 2001 1.0 old shape for £250 well happy. £250 item/job Orpington 2012-05-12
2001 citroen saxo 1.1 petrol fitted me a new clutch all in for £115,All in Well made up. Middlewich car & commercial £115 item/job Middelwich, Cheshire 2012-05-06
new clutch + dual mass flywheel on my volvo v70 very expensive better last a long time !! £1,400 item/job Gloucester 2012-04-27
Ford Mondeo Diesel replacement of flywheel and clutch kit Ford main dealer.2 much £1,135 item/job Newcastle 2012-04-05
Peugeot 206. New clutch (388) plus clutch cable (48), parts plus labour. £436 item/job Edinburgh 2012-03-15
replace clutch £190 item/job Brighton 2012-03-05
RENAULT MODUS £500 item/job St3 5sb 2012-02-28
New clutch for my Peugeot 206 SW cost £100 for clutch kit; £10 for gear oil and £210 labour. Total was £320. £320 item/job Larne 2012-02-23
Full clutch replacement for Ford Focus 1.6LX (2002). Farmers Autocare Edinburgh £480 item/job Edinburgh 2012-02-11
Punto 1.2 Active 8v - 53 Plate Entire Clutch £325 item/job Hoyland 2012-01-03
new clutch £250 item/job Telford 2011-11-29
clutch replacement on Vauxall corsa 1.0 plus noisy exaust mend £250 item/job London 2011-11-01
new clutch fitted to 52 plate ford focus at 95k, no bearings needed, £70 for clutch, £130 labour £200 item/job Hounslow 2011-10-13
clutch completely gone in car, took it to Mr clutch wimbledon, booked in part ordered and picked up next day £320 item/job Mr clutch, wimbledon 2011-09-13
fitted new clutch and dual mass flywheel on a turbo diesal focus 2002 £800 item/job Southampton 2011-09-05
New clutch fitted to petrol 05 ford focus. £255 item/job Ad 2011-08-31

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