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A car service can have various levels of inspection. Most new cars come with a warranty on faults but you will find that it is only upheld if the car is serviced bi-yearly or yearly with the garage or dealer that you bought it from. A basic service could be as simple as checking all the engine fluids, making sure the tyre pressures are correct and there is no tyre wear and generally making sure there are no obvious problems.

Car prices for service : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Standard Service of Peugeot 207 in Scunthorpe £85 item/job Scunthorpe 2015-07-15
Full standard service on Chevrolet Lacetti SX 1600 , 2005 station wagon 29,000 miles. £145 item/job Paisley 2015-06-23
major service...megane 2004....everything done £377 item/job London 2013-02-24
Hyundai Terracan major service after 40, 000 miles at Hyundai dealership in Linwood. Taking the piss, and then some... £520 item/job Linwood 2013-02-15
Full service 341.47 galaxy 2001 model one tyre 58 2 and half hours labour 177 £341 item/job Hampshire 2012-12-15
1st service vehicle only clocked 5000 miles £217 item/job Sheffield 2012-07-04
full annual service for a honda civic 2.2tdi £460 item/job North wales 2012-02-02
Change of air filter and fuel filter, Nissan Micra Y reg £40 item/job Norwich 2011-12-20
he did a full service which he said was 140 on phone but then he charged 290 saying it took longer than should of £290 item/job High wycombe s and j mobile me 2011-10-06
Renault Clio, Serviced - 5 Litres New Oil, New Air Filter, New Spark Plugs £120 item/job Ayrshire 2011-10-03
second service Hyundai i20 parts and labour no extra work £399 item/job Hyundai Christchurch 2011-07-25
replace EGR Valve DPS valve and service £427 item/job Coalville england 2011-04-28
ford fiesta 1.4 zetec full service spark plugs, oil filter, engine oil, air filter, pollen filter, fuel treatment £70 item/job Tamworth (home) 2011-04-13
Full service. Replace oil, air & cabin filters. New spark plugs. Top up all fluids & engine oil. Replace the rear brake discs & pads. £436 item/job Cromer 2011-03-30
Car service + MOT £160 item/job East Kilbride 2011-02-15
Full service of VW Polo 2006 £140 item/job London 2011-01-05
Honda Civic 1.6, Full Service, MOT, Exhaust, Labour, Parts, VAT £550 item/job South East London 2010-12-31
Services depends what car and mile I will do from 50 to 140 + vat £100 item/job Bedworth 2010-12-06
front brakes, oil,air and fuel filters, antifreeze, side light bulb, cabin filter Price 256.00 £256 item/job Portrush. Northern Ireland 2010-11-01
Car service on 2005 ford focus all the filters, oil, front brakes, cabin filter, antifreeze £256 item/job Portrush 2010-11-01
First service on Nissan Micra £154 item/job Bodmin, Cornwall 2010-06-12
done a service said needed new brake shoes for rear do not k wat else he done had no invoice at end of job and then the following week had a leak on master cylinder whereas i could not get into gear so he said needed new clutch as well surely when he done service and new brake shoes he would hav had to bleed the brakes and would hav notice this £150 item/job At house 2010-06-09
100000 mile service for an 04 VW Golf no problems £169 item/job Biggleswade 2010-04-27
1st service Ford Fiesta 7500mls £245 item/job Merseyside 2009-12-17
Dealer P3 major 36000 mile service. 290 No additional work needed. Nissan almera 2003. £290 item/job Reading 2009-02-10
change air filler, oil filler, spark plugs, engine oil £40 item/job London 2008-12-29
1st service on a ford fiesta st, calipers greased, tyre preassure changed. £120 item/job Derby 2008-09-19
Oil, Air, Pollen & Fuel Filters all changed. 4 Spark Plugs done. Engine Oil & Flush done Brake Fluid & Cleaner done. Screenwash Additive added. Inc 50 labour and VAT totaling to 226.49 £226 item/job Kingsbury, London 2008-06-25
Full service of Ford Fiesta £130 item/job Neath 2008-02-06
Full service with change of spark plubs, air filter, fuel filter, oil change and even the window washers. Parts and Labour included £250 item/job Cambridge 2007-05-09
Ford Focus Ghia Estate Notes: Checked noise on front of car, removed stone from inner wheel. Check operation of A/C system. Full service 114 Oil filter 6.16 Engine Oil 17.42 Air Filter 7.84 Spark Plugs 22.52 Pollen Filter 13.52 Anti Freeze 1.30 Screen wash 1.20 Sundries/Disposal 4.80 All plus VAT £222 item/job Cambridge 2007-03-06
Service of Renault Clio, replacing Spark Plugs, air filter, fuel filter, oil filter and oi £170 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
Standard check, oil change, filter, etc £150 item/job   2005-04-08
Standard check, oil change, filter, etc £80 item/job   2005-04-07

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