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Conservatory prices for supply + build basic

This is the cost to supply and install a new conservatory onto a site that has never had one before. The price will vary with setting of the conservatory, the type, the size and of course the quality of the build (frame materials and windows) plus any additional extra's that need doing like flooring or built in air conditioning.

Conservatory prices for supply + build basic: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Upvc porch 2.9m x 1.2 lean to polycarbonate roof Top opening sashses . Brick dwarf wall on strip foundation , concrete floor . £3,500 item/job Yorkshire 2015-12-02
5m*3m lean to conservatory plus wet room and toilet £8,000 item/job Wembley 2015-04-20
2radiators £15,000 item/job Northolt 2014-09-22
9fx9f very good quality with dwarf wall £1,450 m2 Liverpool 2013-02-09
The upvc porch supplied by myself Below works done by contractor include labor + material cost Porch 1.25 x 1.95= 2.44m2 side double layer walls, laying concrete base, outside rendering, inside plasterboard ceiling, insied plastered smooth walls, apex roof with tiles, elecrtic fitting insied porch, flooring tiles. £1,800 m2 Bristol 2012-05-02
6m wide x 3m projection, Edwardian style conservatory - glass roof - dwarf wall base - 4 double sockets - plaster to walls. Price includes removal of old 3x2 conservatory. £12,000 item/job North Wales 2012-04-29
3 by 5m edwardian conservatory full height with ac/heat pump floating floor, installed by domestic and commercial installations £8,000 item/job Kent 2012-04-18
3 x 3.5 edwardian conservatory. Dig out footings, build dwarf wall, 2 double sockets, toughened glass, 35mm polycarbonate roof, remote control fan, make opening into lounge with french doors. £10,981 item/job Leeds 2012-03-12
4x2 with foundation conservatory £6,000 item/job Suffolk 2011-12-25
underfloor heatings, pilkington glass self cleaning roof, 4x2m dimension lean to conservatory £7,000 item/job Bedfordshire 2011-03-04
5.7 x 3.5 edwardian with 1 fill size wall, pilkington active blue roof and k glass windows. Fully plastered internally, 3 sockets, wiring for 1 light and fused spur for underfloor heating. Underfloor hearing laid and floor tiled (costmof tiles and hearing not included £11,700 item/job Nottingham 2011-03-01
bought a secondhand conservatory off ebay measuring internaly 12ft w x 13 ft projection. and under floor storage so constructed suspended floor with trap door. £750 for used conservatory already desmantaled, £2,200 all in including the planning and diy plans by using free software "smartdraw" & "SweetHome3D" £2,200 item/job Essex 2010-11-16
Elizabethan Conservatory replacing basic lean to conservatory Built on existing base. Dwarf Wall. No radiators or electrics £10,500 item/job Brecon, Powys 2010-10-19
4m * 4m central heating, single room £10,000 item/job Colchester 2010-05-27
Dig out for footings, build dwarf wall, supply and fit 3m x 2.75m basic white conservatory with double patio doors, knock out wall and place French windows leading into conservatory from lounge, skim all walls and fit flooring. (poor standard of work and lots of problems) £10,500 item/job Brighouse, West Yorks 2010-05-04
everything including £9,800 item/job Wales 2010-04-18
Going to be done by Anglian, 4metre by 3metre, crusdader conservatory, 3 fan light windows (wierd name for small openers), 2 double sockets, 1 single door. Not much else really. Quite expensive after looking on here. But we got a good deal on windows, 4 bed house, all leaded, patio doors. £6500. another company quoted £9k best price. £11,500 item/job Kent 2010-03-27
3m by 4m double skin with insulation in floor and walls dwarf wall. Electrics 2 double sockets tv point 2 wall lights and dimmer, All top windows opening. Brown upvc £7,500 item/job Devon 2010-03-17
3.5m x 4m Edwardian with gable end. Dwarf wall. Plastering to new and existing walls. Two double sockets, wiring to lights. One double radiator. £9,000 item/job Lincoln 2009-09-25
4 opening panel windows plus 6 windows makes 10 in total perimeter 6 panel roof with 2 opening vents 1 door base and dwarf wall already built no electrics or plumbing or tiling plastering £10,000 item/job Rochdale 2009-06-10
A 23m2 conservatory 5.7m x 4m with Pilkongton K - glass extra tint, build central wall, blinds included. £16,000 item/job Birmingham 2009-03-10
4m by 3.7m edwardian supply and build £3,300 item/job Thetford 2009-02-03
3x3 Garden room with dwarf wall, polycarbonate roof, single door, 2 fanlight windows, one side solid upvc panels not glass due to fence, 1m foundations and flooring laid with insulated covering ready for composite tiles. £8,000 item/job Suffolk 2009-02-03
We had an Edwardian Conservatory built, 3.5mtrs by 3.75mtrs, Dwarf wall, Pilkington E glass, polycarbonate roof, four opening windows, double doors to garden and had the old patio doors to the dinning room replaced with new French doors. Fitters also moved Kitchen extractor fan from Kitchen otherwise it would have exited in the conservatory. Paid for a tiled floor, electrics and the wall’s plastered. £10,500 item/job Bristol 2008-12-18
13 ft by 13 ft £6,500 item/job Liverpool 2008-06-24
5x4 mtr external (17m2 floorspace)Edwardian conservatory, one 6' radiator, 3 double power points, 1 tv point and light switch. plastering to dwarf wall(700mm high)only. 8 opening windows. Price includes everything except planning, painting and floor. £12,500 item/job West yorkshire 2008-03-30
Had a full conservatory built, 3.8m x 4.2m giving us around 10m2 usable space. 1 Radiator, 2 electric points, 1 ceiling light, 4 opening windows and 2 doors. Also included were 3 windows that we needed replacing on the house and I think we got a good deal from a reputable company. The salesman was a bit of a joke; his original quote was £17900 and we laughed, £10K was our maximum and then he said something about it being good advertising to have their vans in our estate and said he could do it for £13500, we said we'd think about it but he obviously wanted the sale and agreed on £10K if we made it slightly smaller (about 0.5m shorter) only for the surveyor to come and change the measurements back to how they were and said there would be no additional cost. We were uming and ahhing about underfloor heating (an extra £700 if we wanted it) but decided on the radiator and if it is too could we could take the laminate flooring up and lay electric underfloor heating and tiles for less that they quoted (if I used a local tradesman to fit it) The room is warm enough in the winter but we havent had a summer in it yet but hopefully it wont be too hot! £10,000 item/job Bridgend, South Wales 2008-02-27
3.8m x 4.2m with toughened glass roof conservatory,brick and block dwarf wall, gable ended with a 'sunlight pattern in white PVC. Double doors to garden at the side of house. Price is inclusive of electrics and plastering. Made to measure fitted blinds were 2k extra. £11,000 item/job Manchester 2008-01-25
3meter X 4meter conservatory; brick dwarf wall; glass roof; double doors to back garden; edwardian style; had electrics done separately and no plumbing/heating installed. £6,500 item/job Bournemouth 2007-11-23
Inc heater, tiled floor, 4 power points, roof fan/light £9,160 item/job Northants 2007-11-14
1 room, brick footings, windows all around and tile roof £7,000 item/job Sunderland 2007-10-08
small conservatory £4,000 item/job Bury, lancs 2007-07-25
3 by 3 metre edwardian with aircon £594 m2 Doncaster 2007-02-04
Basic building supply and build price £225 m2 UK 2006-03-08
Basic price £225 m2   2005-01-02

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