Earth bonding

Electrician prices for earth bonding

It is important for any electrical equipment in the home to be appropriately earthed to reduce the risk of serious injury in the event of an electrical shock.

Electrician prices for earth bonding : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
install missing PEB onto water services. supply and install 10 way fuseboard. 2 men £780 item/job Not done yet in bedfordshire 2015-05-23
Bonding to gas and water from 149.00. Call gk electrical on 02083516246 £149 item/job North London 2013-09-23
test,do faults in this case lightand earth bonding run cable short distance. £361 item/job Tenbury wells 2013-08-20
Description - Important! earth bonding in 3bad house in ilfrd. call 07574613613 £100 private IG2 3RT 2013-03-27
NIC EIC registered Electrician CIVIL Electrical Services did a full Rewire for us. They where very professional and the finished job was excellent. Labour material and certification email: contact Michael on 02088441490. 07595410238 £80 item/job London TW UB KT HA SW SL 2013-02-09
earth bonding on gas metre £150 item/job Ilford 2012-02-22
Upgrade earth bonding to gas and water, Fit new consumer unit to meet new regulations and issue test certificate. £350 item/job Kent 2012-02-06
Rylec UK ltd offer electricians in Cardiff at Low prices. Earth bonding prices starting from 60 Contact us on 02920 020365 £60 item/job Cardiff 2011-10-17
Install protective bond conductor to water / gas / other services or metalwork to BS7671 regs. Test and certificate. 25 per hr plus materials. Denewood Electrical. 07840755244 £150 item/job Gwent, South Wales 2011-07-16
Installing and upgrading earth bonding to gas and water to the current regulation, including certificate, job done by ak electrical services, 07894230684 £180 item/job Manchester 2011-04-29
periodic inspection for 5 bedroom house £600 item/job Guilford 2011-03-25
had water and gas pipes earth bonded to fusebox to meet new regulations to pass periodic test, 70. friendly and turned up on time- 07519026074 £70 item/job Sunderland 2010-08-29
upgrade earth bonding to gas and water, sleeve earths in existing lights, change circuit breaker in consumer unit to meet new regulations and issue test certificate - £340 item/job Sunderland 2010-08-08
Earthing to gas and water - surface trunking to be used £189 item/job BR3 2010-05-20
Detailed description gas and water bond in average house £140 item/job LA1 4XJ 2010-02-23
Earth Bonding to Gas and Water utilities and upgrade main earth to consumer unit. Pro Electrical Surrey/West Sussex 07912 665009 £150 item/job Surrey 2010-01-17
had pipes under sink bonded up to main earth in fuseboard,,,was about 2 hours work,,done by derek from all wiring electrical 07866 291290 £50 item/job Hampton court 2010-01-05
appleby electrical tel:017683 52455 install 10 mm main bonding to services at point of entry to building where practicable water / gas 25 per hr + materials £150 item/job Appleby 2009-09-02
PEB bonding to gas and water service from main earth terminal in 10mm cable is depending on length of run but should be paying 150 for standard property upto 220 for large run of cable or mid terrace house were flooring is removed £180 item/job Nottingham 2009-07-27
Depending on the length runs of 10mm earth to gas and water and how many bathrooms ensuites with electric showers. General price is 300 + vat £300 item/job Northwest 2008-08-28
Earthing provides protection against electric shock. You should have a connection adjacent to the Gas & Water services and inter-connections between all exposed pipes, radiators and electrical circuits in a bathroom bearing in mind you may need to hide cables under floorboards ask for an Installation Certificate price excl VAT (NOTE: Price has been amended to include VAT) £288 item/job Midlands 2008-06-14

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