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Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
All flat sockets are not operating £140 item/job London 2014-07-25
we renovating the house. we do all work for renovate the house like plastering, painting, all wood work, electric, plumbing etc. in very good price. call us at 07860177790,07704410164 ( Building prices for house renovating whole project menchester,chester,wrexham,liverpool £4,000 item/job Chester 2013-03-21
NIC EIC registered Electrician CIVIL Electrical Services did a full Rewire for us. They where very professional and the finished job was excellent. Labour material and certification email: contact Michael on 02088441490. 07595410238 £150 item/job London TW UB KT HA SW SL SM GU 2013-02-09
replacing one breaker £45 item/job Bt66 7dx 2012-11-09
repair to a faulty socket by balance and company general builders. £463 item/job Aveley, essex 2012-08-13
Additional sockets 10x2gang s/o,+ New circuit for the Extract fan at kitchen 2.5mm2 cable using 20amp CB,+ whole lighting cct fault finding and repair at kitchen,+ Earthing Bonding of Gas and water meter, further addition of 3x2gang s/o at guest room + fault finding of repair of hand dryer at toilet. £2,000 item/job Barking, London 2012-03-19
Fault finding can be a pain as its a fault we are looking for, we don't want you thinking are the ripping me off so we will ask you lots of question on the phone then give you some kind of idea on how long it's going to take to fix the problem, Now here's the price Non call outs 15.00 - 18.00 Call outs 20.00 - 25.00 With a 15.00 travel cost to be added to the bill £15 item/job London /Essex 2012-01-05
Customer has 3 lights flickering in bathroom, hallway and rear bedroom. Fault found to be loose wire in ceiling rose, fixed by replacing rose and issued minor works certificate. kinn Electrical 07921 388492. £45 item/job High Wycombe 2011-08-19
Call out for domestic remedial works £40 item/job Newcastle / Northumberland 2011-07-19
Emergency Call out to Restaurant Sunday. Oven and Hob circuit fault. No power. Tested both circuits. Found fault. Circuit from isolation switch to cooker outlets in both circuits damaged. Rigged up a temporary supply to existing isolation switches. 2 hours labour Sunday Two new isolation switches with neons. 3m cooker cable each. Flex trunking. Reconnected and tested. 2 hours. Evening £270 item/job Berkshire 2011-06-14
Description - Important! replace damaged light fitting and pull switch in bathroom £20 item/job SR8 3HR 2011-03-03
call out at 6pm to fix lighting circuit. problem was broken neutral. so had to be rewired. travel time +2hours labour +materials £90 item/job Glasgow 2010-12-22
fitting a new electrical spur/socket £100 item/job North west 2010-11-29
Detailed description Wire blown in light switch £30 item/job BR2 8EF 2010-08-15

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