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Fencing, in a household garden is typically all wooden in construction but may have concrete posts. The posts can be concreted in place to provide better support in excessive winds. This is advisable especially as you can use dry mix to provide the base instead of wet cement. The fence panels themselves can either slot into the fence post sides (if they have grooves - this is usually the case for concrete fence posts) or fix the centre, front or back of the post using screws or nails. The fence should be pre-treated to stop it rotting in wet ground and fence caps should be placed on top again to stop standing water rotting the fence posts. Ideally the fence should be painted with protective coating every year or so.

Gardening prices for fencing : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Taking old fenceing down and away plus redig holes 9 post 8 fence penals6x6 8ft post. Charge 100 for the lot £100 item/job Wiltshire 2016-07-03
5 6x6 panels bolted to existing brick pillars. Cut panels to infill gaps in between tops of pillars. Old panels removed and disposed of. £500 item/job Kent 2016-05-11
Replace 8 foot concrete fence post £120 item/job Enfield 2016-04-14
We had 9 x 6ft larch lap panels and 10 x 8ft larch posts replaced due to the recent stormy weather. Price included old fence panels and posts taken away £990 item/job Devon 2016-03-08
We had 1 3x3 fence post replaced in a row of panels. Broken down as follows: 8 post, 12 post mix (2 bags), 10 Disposal of old post and concrete footing, 70 Labour, Total 100 £100 item/job Devon 2016-03-08
26m of 5ft close boarding fencing without materials £15 m Belfast 2016-01-05
around 18m of panel fences 1.5 height £300 item/job Milton Keynes 2015-01-23
Had a fence erected by FENDECK fencing & decking from Folkestone. Very professional and competitive. 21 5ft closeboard panels with 1ft concrete gravel boards and 8ft concrete posts. Took down old fence and dispsed of. Did job in 2 days. Very very pleased. £1,889 item/job Folkestone 2014-09-17
22ft 6ft high fencing. Remove old and dispose. Replace with concrete post, gravel boards ans 6ft close boarded panels. £750 item/job Cambridge 2014-08-08
14 panels 1800 x 900 picket fence 19 holes and posts concreted in make gate. panels cost 230 Posts 90 fixings, hinges and gate catch 15 £335 item/job Buckingham 2014-06-04
Replace and remove old fencing with 11.2m of 4ft6in closeboard on a 6in gravel board using 4x4 posts and a 3 rail system. £593 m Glos 2014-02-06
Replace and remove old fencing with 11.2m of 4ft6in closeboard on a 6in gravel board using 4x4 posts and a 3 rail system. 1 Man 1.5 days £593 item/job Glos 2014-02-06
Supply and fit 90' featherboard fencing with concrete posts set in concrete. Remove and dispose of old fencing. £1,475 item/job Kent 2014-01-08
Removal old fencing about 17m2 and Instal new £250 item/job Harrow 2013-11-08
Remove rotten 2.2m wide fence and gate, 1.8m tall between house and garage. Fasten posts to house and garage and one ground fixed post. Make gate to suit. Tanalised 75mm sq posts and 150x19 boards. Two 350mm galv T-hinges and 150mm bolt. Rubbish remove from site. Five hours work. £162 item/job East Yorkshire 2013-10-12
gsgardens.com glasgow solid timber fencing from 30 per metre, all styles erected and gates too £30 m Glasgow 2013-08-31
dig out 9 posts and fix in with cement. fix panel of fencing and weed front garden and lay membrane, bark and pea gravel. 2 day job. £1,000 item/job Birmingham 2013-05-28
1800mm High Palisade timber fence £30 m Glasgow 2013-05-02
Remove three 6x6 panels and three posts. Replace with four concrete posts, three concrete gravel boards and three 6x6 fence panels. £400 item/job Surrey 2013-04-12
32m x 0.9m of100 mm close board fencing. 20 x 4" concreted posts.1 garden gate. £880 item/job Teesside 2013-03-26
Fit 16 feather board panels with concrete post and gravel boards. Includes removing old link fence and concrete posts £1,435 item/job Kent 2013-01-28
remove existing fence/gate and replace with 8 x 6ft x 6ft fence panels, posts and gate. garvel boards included. £800 item/job Oxon 2013-01-02
Take down old fence use 4x4 posts dug out 7 holes and 10mts of 5ft of close boarding @ 48 per mtr. £480 item/job Northallerton north yorkshire 2012-05-17
25 meters of fencing to be erected. 14 4x4 posts to be dug and set in concrete.18 4.2m Rails and 140 7ft 6"x1" boards to be fitted. Small bushes and trees to be cut away so posts can be placed. All materials except screws/nails supplied. £700 item/job Belfast 2012-05-15
6x6ftx6ft closeboard panels & concrete posts & gravel boards £840 item/job Hampshire 2012-05-12
Featheredge board 1.8m x 9.3m including, 6 4x4 posts at 2m, 27 m of 4x2 and ,Postcrete and other fixings srews,brackets etc.Including supply and labour and removal of existing shiplap fencing and posts 1 days work 2 men work carried out by a firm via internet social network site f/b ,gwent South Wales Blackwood Home Improvements £650 m South wales 2012-05-12
2 x old fence posts removed leaving 2 in place. 2 x 2' holes dug out which had several inches of re-inforced concrete base with steel bars running through it, to be removed. 2 x 8' concrete posts lined up and postcrete in position. Addition on concrete base panels and then measure and cut "Strong Fence" planks to size and fit for 3 x 6'x6' fence area. Including posts and postcrete but NOT fence £300 item/job Lancashire 2012-04-27
erect close board fencing, timber gravel board 3 x arris rail 3x3 posts top cover strip £48 m Lincolnshire 2012-04-03
Remove existing close board fencing totaling 7.5m in lenth & 4' high. cut back bushes and branches from tree's, replace rails and close boarding, using existing concrete posts and gravel boards, remove all debris. Competed ove 2 days £560 item/job Sussex 2012-04-01
To supply & erect 22 metres of 2.0m high closeboard fencing, using concrete posts and concrete gravel boards, fixed at either end by steel cleats and central with a centre stump. Each bay will have three arris rails let into mortices, and featheredge pales overlapped by 20mm and finished with a cant rail and capping. All timber will be tantalized green. £1,495 item/job Reigate, Surrey 2012-02-05
a 1.8m or 6ft high featheredge close board fence with 100mm posts + 3 bevrails accross + a 150mm gravel board at bottom + the bevrails bolted to posts for the stongest possible fence supply and fit 24m cost me 1,440 or 60 per metre. £60 m Leicester 2011-11-18
Fence built 73Ft long 6Ft high 952 including labour £952 item/job Scotland 2011-09-10
remove old fence and posts and replace with 5ft high panels, 8ft concrete post dug in 2ft deep, and gravel boards to give a fence hieght of 6ft and length of 40ft £597 item/job Midlands 2011-09-03
37ft fencing, variety of 5ft and 6ft high close board wooden fence panels, 12 concrete gravel boards and 9 concrete posts. Made to measure around an diagonal corner and the back of the garden. Materials 434 inc vat Labour 250 inc vat £684 item/job Colchester essex 2011-06-08
Supply and fit 100 ft x 6ft fence £1,500 item/job East Midlands 2011-03-23
2 posts, 3 panels 6ft high, removal of old concrete. materials supplied by contractor. quoted 160 £150 item/job Northants 2011-02-08
Have just finished a 6ft high closeboard fence. 58mtrs long. No existing fence to come down. 58 mtr run with 2 turns £2,625 m Kent 2010-12-21
35 per metre is the minimum for a 6ft fence professionally supplied and installed £700 m Wales 2010-08-23
6M Feather edge fence with bespoke gate 500 inc materials and labour £500 item/job Halfway street Sidcup 2010-08-21
remove shed, prepared area, covered with membrane and lay stones, decking supplied and fitted with concrete post. cut down trees and tidied garden £1,500 item/job Chapelton 2010-07-21
gravel board and 4 curved panels removal of hedge £360 item/job Nottingham 2010-06-20
Remove old fence erect 27ft wooden fence £440 item/job Altrincham 2010-04-14
feather board 6ft tall with weather board and 4 inch posts and 3 rails topped with d rail £70 m South wales 2010-04-13
supply and fix 6 fence panels £585 item/job Coventry 2010-03-22
hand built fence 60ft long 5 1/2ft high fence posts 5ft apart concreted and removed old fence average 50 a metre £1,100 item/job Aberdeen 2009-11-02
Erecting of 6ft x 2 panels/garden fence. Including removal of old fence, erecting of 3 x 6ft posts and 2 x 6ft fence panels, all labour and materials included. 1/2 days work 1 person £180 item/job Portsmouth 2009-05-10
To erect 2.4metre high Steel Palisade Fencing (all materials apart from concrete supplied by Client)- price of 40 per run metre to erect. £40 m Tayside 2008-10-21
Remove old timber fence panels/cut off and remove old concrete fence posts, approx 38metres, clear weeds from area approx 80sqr metres. Put up 6 foot timber fence with concrete posts approx 48metres. Took 3 days to complete. £1,150 m Manchester 2008-08-02
feather edged panels, removing old fence, and posts included. £52 m Yorkshire 2008-03-26

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