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If you want someone to mow your lawns for you then often the best route is a local handyman or gardner who is self employed. There are a few professional lawn mowing services available but these are typically considered to be 'landscaping' tasks on very large lawns that need a lot of maintainence such as weeding and fertilising). If you just want a weekly or monthly trim of your grass then you should look for someone in the Yellow Pages or on supermarket notice boards. You will normally be expected to supply the lawn mower yourself (and supply petrol if it is a petrol lawn mower) and you will probably end up paying the lawn mowing person by the hour. Please tell us your pricing experiences when trying to hire someone to mow your lawns.

Gardening prices for lawn mowing services : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Cutting grass and trimming edges no removal of waste £20 hour Rugby 2016-12-28
I get my mower and cut the lawn. £5 hour Bristol 2016-08-28
b £20 hour Ct5 2bj 2015-09-01
Lawn mowing and strimming the edges £10 hour Portsmouth 2015-04-14
Medium sized lawns x 2 cut and weed and feed applied £30 hour Middlesbrough 2014-11-01
South Devon grass/hedge cutting service for large gardens upto 3 acres top of the range mulching hand & sit on mowers, can cut upto 2 acres an hour, rates 23-36 an hour Andy 07964180514 £23 hour Dawlish 2014-05-18
General mowing lawn and tidying. I've not found one cheaper. £20 hour Alwoodley 2012-12-09
Cut my grass 10 x 10 meters few weeks growth. Took away cutting for disposal £30 hour Taunton 2012-09-21
Homestead were professionals. Had an overrun large rear garden I called for a quote which came in at 200. They turned up and cleared the garden replenished the gravel and the bark and did an expert job when I was presented with the bill it was a shock to see that the total invoice was for 180.00 nice to see a company who does what it promises now I am on the maintenance plan at 40 per month that's 2cuts and replenished materials as and when plus all the weeding and hedges done £180 hour Cheshire 2012-07-07
Gardening , Grass Cutting/strimming, pruning , weeding (own equipment & fuel) £18 hour South Devon 2012-05-26
Gardening , Grass Cutting, garden tidy up. (with my own equipment & fuel) 0773815770 We cover the Northeast, East and Southeast London £15 hour London 2012-01-15
Gardening , Grass Cutting, garden tidy up. (with my own equipment & fuel) 0773815770 We cover the Northeast, East and Southeast London £15 hour London 2012-01-15
Need a Local Gardener? Call Ace Gardeners Ltd today on 07944496444 or 0208 552 6698 and get a free quote now, We do all general garden work from lawn mowing hedge trimming de-weeding etc we are based in UK London Area, and we cover the whole of London, We Charge 40 to 80 for de-weeding depending on how big the job is, 15 per hour for grass cutting or hedge trimming, we take waste for free anything under 15kg if over limit there is a waste Charge of 35 £15 hour London 2011-12-07
handyman £10 hour Cambridge 2011-03-29

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