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Plumbing prices for bathroom basin

Example prices for getting a plumber to put in a new basin in your bathroom. The quoted price will include fixtures as well as fitting costs unless otherwise stated.

Plumbing prices for bathroom basin: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Call out Cost £75 item/job Blockley 2016-11-01
Wanted to stop a leaking / running cold water tap - charge shown includes VAT. I guess way too much and said change the tap so I decided to check elsewhere. Plumber concerned lives within 1/2 mile of me! £96 item/job London N3 2015-11-17
Leaking / running cold water tap. I'd previously used WD40 and everything else however could not get to change the washer. Called I believed an expert and whilst I was not there and was told two people tried and taking 45 minutes with the recommendation 'NOT' to use the tap after changing the washer. Charged 96 (inc VAT). I believe this to be way too much! £96 item/job London N3 2015-11-17
Remove and replace leaking tap including the new mixer tap. Think paid too much after reading the price list here. £220 item/job Beckenham 2015-10-07
replacing taps £40 item/job Craigavon 2015-08-20
Remove old semi-recessed basin stuck with sealant. Insert new semi-recessed basin. Reconnect drain and attach mono mixer tap flexible pipes to existing pipework. Labour only. £100 item/job London 2015-03-17
Fit hand basin in downstairs loo £216 item/job Portsmouth 2015-02-17
Remove old Basin, Pedestal including old hot and cold Taps replaced with new Basin, Pedestal, Mixer Tap with Flexi Connectors. Labour only. £80 item/job North West London 2013-08-26
Replaced my old basin for a new which I provided, he supplied new flexible tap connections and service valeves. Was very polite on time and tidied up would recommend highly Stuart 07983432031 £75 item/job Co Durham 2012-11-30
replace basin with new taps labour only bugetbathrooms 07867985913 £60 item/job Worcestershire 2012-09-15
very old sink set into wooden unit . disconect pipework free basin from unit stuck in with silicone. remove old taps and clean silicone from basin fit new taps replace basin in unit refit pipework seal around basin £75 item/job Isle of wight 2012-08-30
very old sink set into wooden unit . disconect pipework free basin from unit stuck in with silicone. remove old taps and clean silicone from basin fit new taps replace basin in unit refit pipework seal around basin labour only £75 item/job Isle of wight 2012-08-30
replace taps on 2 basins and replace wastes on both. alter pipework and fit shut off valves. call a1 builders 07759774922 £270 item/job Bedfordshire 2011-12-21
replaced basin 07752400220 £60 item/job Cardiff 2011-10-24
Replace a new basin unit with slight adjustment of pipework. call 07574613613 or email on £80 item/job East london 2011-04-04
Install new basin with new pedstal an tap ( Crys 07803147862 ) £80 item/job North West London 2011-01-24
New basin fitting only 07837187084 DB Plumbing £60 item/job Chesterfield 2011-01-16
Install bathroom basin , sjs installation 07588666501. £60 item/job Rotherham 2010-11-11
New basin fitted with adjustments made to the pipework. Done to a high standard also had proof of previous work and qualifications with a friendly smile call Greg 07535448557 24/7 £95 item/job Central London 2010-11-10
installing new for old £120 item/job London 2010-07-04
replace a basin or fit new basin labour only md building and plumbing on 07951841156 £60 item/job Rotherham 2010-05-27
Remove old basin. Supply and fit new basin and new taps. Supply and fit travetine tiles around basin. £350 item/job Isle of Wight 2010-03-22
plumber fitted new basin 100 Mark 07711241244 £100 item/job Preston 2010-02-12
Labour only to install basin with slight adjustment to pipework.I recommend you call Ryan 07963058819 for a job well done. £60 item/job Chesterfield 2010-01-08
To install a new basin unit to existing pipes, including extending the pipes a few inches to fit. Fit a new tap. £60 item/job Cornwall 2009-02-23
basin and taps supply and fitted £149 item/job Buckinghamshire 2008-07-08
to take old out and replace with new £60 item/job Birmingham 2008-06-25
Install new basin, labour only £70 item/job Bromley 2008-02-17
Installation of new wash basin, including supply of basin £230 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
Replace bathroom basin £200 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
Fitting only £200 item/job   2005-08-16
Fitting only £65 item/job   2005-08-15

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