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Toilets come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. Keep an eye out for the more water efficient toilets, ones with smaller cisterns or toilets which can have either a short of a long flush. It is critical to get the plumbing for a toilet correct to ensure that no blockages occur or smells come back up from the sewage pipes. This is the cost to have a new toilet put in your existing bathroom and includes labour rates, call-out charges and materials costs (e.g. the toilet). Note the cost could vary considerably depending on the surrounding plumbing/pipe work required to connect the toilet to the main water system in the house and also to get any waste out and into the drains properly.

Plumbing prices for bathroom toilet: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
toilet filling slowing and flushing not good £35 item/job Sw16 5EA 2015-06-08
Fit new float valve £177 item/job Newbury 2015-05-26
arrived to find leaking flush pipe seal, had rotted chipboard floor & pan sinking through floor. Removed toilet, lifted old floorboards & replaced with new, then refitted toilet with new pan connector. NE PLUMBING 01202699912 £130 item/job Poole 2015-05-19
Require toilet and shower to be installed £2,000 item/job North Hertfordshire 2014-10-24
My toilet didn't flush, My friend told me about a firm he has used before called PT Services, the guy came round and said I need a new flushing thing ( my words not his ) he went and got the part and changed it all, the job took about a hour , he tided up after and charged 55 inc parts, very happy with service and price, gie them a call 07939 645151 £55 item/job Romford 2014-10-13
Fitting of new toilet replacing old one (not including item) £50 item/job West yorkshire 2013-06-14
Supply and fit budget B&Q toilet and cistern, including flexihose and multiquick. Had to get rid of old one myself and cistern now sits and inch off the wall! £185 item/job Staffordshire 2013-05-28
New toilet and installation £380 item/job Torbay, devon 2013-04-18
Outside toilet has been blocking on and off for 6 months.. would like removed and refitted (reposition) in same location but against wall alongside. will require some ground work as new waste pipe will need to be fitted and new toilet in prce. Also fitted additional trap acces to make easire if blocks in future to access, this is on the side of the toilet in the ground and is capped but can be seen. £750 item/job Cardiff 2013-04-07
supplied & replaced toilet siphon & doughnut washer. £75 item/job Notts 2013-03-03
Toilet was not flushing. New syphon fitted 70 which was very reasonable and very quick and friendly/reliable service. Call Ozzy 07842178975 Definetly recommend £70 item/job West bromwich 2013-02-01
Fitted new toilet and service valve with all materials provided. Turned up on time both times he called very nice young man, only charged 55 pound. Stuart 07983432031 £55 item/job Co Durham 2012-11-27
replace old wc with close coupled labour only,budgetbathrooms,07867985913 £80 item/job Warwickshire 2012-09-15
Replace an old toilet, labour only. Materials bought by the owner. Had to dispose the toilet by the owner.1 hour job. £50 item/job Maidenhead 2012-07-18
Leaking toilet. New seal fitted and sealant applied. £150 item/job Cardiff 2012-06-11
To replace 2 lavatory cistern siphons c/w fittings £369 item/job Berkshire 2012-03-31
removed and replaced side entry float valve that would not shut off. supplied and fitted for discounted for O.A.P. friendly professional service. Nic Water Works Plumbing 07873584621 £30 item/job Wigan 2012-03-26
To remove a toilet and to refit a new toilet. To remove floor tiles and to replace tiles with new tiles. £700 item/job London 2012-02-01
Replaced old toilet, then fitted new new one.... materials already brought just paid for labour nice guy called scott lillywhite good plumber 07725235115 £70 item/job Chichester 2011-12-17
Supply and fit Syphon or float valve. DPR Plumbing Services 07896609140 £65 item/job Preston, Lancashire 2011-11-28
Remove existing WC and replace with same model unit supplied by customer, price includes screws, silicone (Dow Corning)and isolator. 1.5 hrs. Old toilet broken up and disposed of. First class job in Scarborough call Nigel at Trust Plumbing 01723 373519 £35 item/job Scarborough 2011-05-23
B1st Call Goldstar Plumbers/ 24/7 Ltd. Blocked toilet. Emergency call out late evening. Took 30 mins to clear. Was quoted 85 for first half hour on phone. But after job was charged 85 call out, 85 labour, 40 materials(!), plus VAT. £251 item/job Hertfordshire 2011-04-18
Replaced faulty syphon on a close coupled toilet and installed a isolating valve for the future, Call Darren's Plumbing 07973 329723 £30 item/job Hoddesdon, Herts 2011-04-01
Replaced faulty fill valve with new correct one, 20 Labour Call Darren 07971 329723 £20 item/job Hertford 2011-03-30
toilet is not flushing at all £50 item/job Sidcup 2011-02-24
Replace split syphon. I googled the part which was 15 inc VAT. I was charged 49 total. I think this is at the high end of the spectrum as the fitting only took 20 mins at most. £49 item/job Bristol 2011-02-15
Remove and replace toilet with new one.Labour only. Call carl @ CAMMCO 07929355109 £80 item/job Leeds 2011-01-11
Replace ball valve in toilet cistern £95 item/job London 2010-12-16
we needed a new toilet fitting downstairs & a friend of ours recommended this guy who has his own web page on yahoo anyway we are over the moon with the service received eg all pipes renewed & new pan coupler + old toilet was taken away ! £165 item/job Wirral 2010-12-07
Toilet syphon broken.Called West Coast Property Services 01341242630 job done within 1hour of call total cost including part 36.00. £36 item/job Dyffryn Ardudwy Gwynedd 2010-12-06
Take out old toilet and remove from site, level floor with batons and sheet panel, new pipe work, fit flex hose plus iso valve. Supply and fit new low level Twyfed toilet. £250 item/job Manchester 2010-09-24
Toilet would not flush , so I requested a tradesman through Age Concern. The next day this work was carried out to my satisfaction. Total cost including replacement siphon was 47. £47 item/job Dunstable 2010-09-21
120 £120 item/job London 2010-08-23
120 £120 item/job London 2010-08-23
Labour to remove & replace WC pan & cistern WC etc to be provided by customer pipework etc supplied by me. £70 item/job Brighouse 2010-08-19
Supply and fit new brass ball valve to toilet with isolation valve and minor alteration to cold water supply pipe £64 item/job Lancashire 2010-07-08
Installation of a close coupled toilet, 140 labour only. Tel DPS 01322-271185 Mob:07743-793180 £140 item/job DARTFORD 2010-07-01
Replaced old toilet for new one helped me to collect it from the shop and no extra charge also collected all the rubbish. Mark 07814647972 £80 item/job London 2010-05-11
change the siphon in the toilet £60 item/job London 2010-05-06
Replace siphon and ball cock £92 item/job South East - Berkshire 2010-04-28
replace toilet siphon parts+labour £60 item/job London 2010-04-24
replacing a toilet seat £20 item/job Plymouth 2010-04-06
new ballcock in cistern + extra job new main stop cock valve. small jobs but he had to come twice £55 item/job Abingdon, Oxfordshire 2010-03-01
supply and replace old toilet for new duel flush toilet 120, even remove old toilet, 07787942947 £120 item/job Manchester 2010-02-22
replace siphon in toilet. 15 for part, 65 for first half-hour, 55 for next half-hour + VAT £155 item/job Orpington, Kent 2010-01-20
Replaced old toilet for a brand new close coupled toilet.Was sorted in no time.The plumber only charged for labour as i got all materials he needed for the job.Was very pleased with the quote, and he stuck to 90.Very friendly chappie called ryan at RS PLUMBING SERVICES 07963058819 £90 item/job Chesterfield 2010-01-12
Change toilet. Toilet (Shanks) supplied by plumber. Removed old inlet pipe and cut into the mains pipe. Removed tiles and boxed in soil pipe. Nice man, very trust-worthy and doesn't over-price himself. He does a really good job. £240 item/job Brighton 2010-01-04
Replace close-coupled toilet as old cistern cracked and cistern-only unreplaceable at reasonable cost. New w.c. = cheap Fresssh Bathrooms Georgia pan and cistern (less than 100 cost), plus quality Pressalit seat, new toilet-to-soil piping and other bits & pieces. Total time (incl. going to get new w.c.) = just over four hours. Unfortunately, our excellent plumber would not take away the old pan and cistern. Booo. Otherwise, very happy. £365 item/job Berkshire 2009-12-09

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