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Plumbing prices for boiler repair

If you boiler breaks own its usually just before Christmas when its really cold and you need it. Everyone is the same. These are some example prices that we have received for getting your boiler repaired. Note the cost will obviously vary a great deal depending on what went wrong. Also the time of year it goes wrong can have a big impact on the cost especially in the run up to Christmas. Plumbers have families too you know!

Plumbing prices for boiler repair: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
vaillant eco boiler pump and pressure relief valve £302 item/job North west 2016-12-03
Fitting new expansion tank to a 10 year old Vokera boiler, which invoved taking it off the wall. Tank cost 75 online £595 item/job Scotland 2016-11-30
Glow-worm 45-60 thermocouple replacement. Pilot light wouldn't stay alight. Had quotes from 120-450. I got sick of being told someone would have to come out, to give an estimate, so call out charge was just the first charge! I decided to check online for more info. The thermocouple had carbon deposits on it, which I rectified using an emery board. Replaced it using Web and common sense. All in all around 20 mins. Boiler working better than ever! ,,, £5 item/job South Shields 2016-09-18
Fit new PC Board on an Ideal HE30 Board cost 192.00 Labour 200.00 time it took 45 minutes. Local plumber. On phoning him explained it was not an emergency and to call when he was in my area. £392 item/job Leamington Spa 2016-08-31
Fitted refurbished pcb and replaced blown 3 amp fuse. gave customer free service and cleaned boiler case. £950 item/job London 2016-07-26
Charged 45 call out plus 10 for labour and was there about 7 minutes fitting a new control box. he travels only 5 miles up the road to where we live. Charged me a total of 150. Nice work if you can get it!! £150 item/job Suffolk 2015-10-16
PCB replacement (this was after new pump fitted and radiators flushed - 3 weeks later new pump would not switch off hence PCB replacement £310 item/job Southampton 2015-09-23
call out charge 07772656770 £60 item/job Southampton 2015-06-07
Boiler not working. No central heating and hot water. Showed L.F. code on Ideal Icos Boiler. Boiler Replaced Gas Value and electrodes and tested. Took 2 and half hours, fixed same day. £220 item/job Somerset 2015-03-02
Boiler broke down, no central heating and hot water. Engineer arrived after 3 hours. Condensation trap inspected and cleaned. Gas value and electrode replaced, boiler tested. Job took 2 and half hours. £220 item/job Somerset 2015-03-02
Main combi boiler would not fire up, resetting not working at all. Called a local plumber who said it was the heat sensor. Part was 15 and 50 for labour as part needed to be picked up. Great service same day call out. Stuart Tolley 07983432031 £65 item/job Durham 2015-01-08
change faulty pcb in a valliant boiler £340 item/job Essex 2014-11-04
Boiler repair , fault with fan on alpha , ordered and fitted ,3 screws out 3 screws in. Cost of part 105 cost of labour 92. What a rip off. £197 item/job Mansfield 2014-10-01
An hours work on a boiler repair £75 item/job Hertfordshire 2014-07-03
REPLACE DAMAGED EXCHANGER VOKERA parts and labour £440 item/job Glasgow 2014-03-13
call out to light pilot. 45 return to replace valve 160 B G Gas Services £205 item/job Colchester 2013-03-13
System drained, oil-fired boiler leak repaired (welded), system re-filled and bled. £450 item/job Scotland 2013-03-09
Supply and fit new PCB to Ideal Response 100 boiler - engineer out and repaired in one day. £240 item/job Coventry 2012-12-20
Boiler was leaking and needed new washers. Materials: 6 Labour: 88 Time: Approx 1 hour £94 item/job Surrey 2012-12-05
Glow-worm spacesaver balanced flue boiler repair after pilot light not staying lit. call out cost and thermocouple replaced 80 £80 item/job Nottingham 2012-10-05
Central heating and hot water not working - F2 fault on a Glow worm ci 30. Replaced PCB.Less than two hours labor + part @ 90 £300 item/job Huddersfield 2012-08-02
Central heating and hot water not working - F2 fault on a Glow worm ci 30. Replaced PCB.Less than two hours labor + part @ 90 £300 item/job Huddersfield 2012-08-02
Putting new element in sadia £60 item/job Bristol 2012-05-01
Used a local company called Prestige Plumbing and Building. We had a radiator with a hole in it. They replaced the radiator, flushed the system out and put some chemicals in to stop it happening again. Seemed very proffesional and trust worthy. We were pleased. £300 item/job Kent 2012-03-30
New circuit board £315 item/job Cheltenham 2012-02-09
No hot water but radiators working. Plumber replaced diverter valve. (not sure if he did as i didn't see old part.) took him 1hr 45mins including going to get the "new" part. £185 item/job Glasgow 2011-11-17
replacing pcb £250 item/job Manchester 2011-10-03
my boiler vokera thre was no ignition i called vokera enginier on off the cost of 251 for repair and service. he changed pcb and ignition module and done service £251 item/job London 2011-08-05
I had my boiler repaired on Sat 18th june 2011. Had called 2 other company's , first charged 90 and said it was fixed. Next company charged 80 and said would be back with parts. I then called Advanced Energy Heating Engineers L.T.D motto caught my eye "taking care of your home as we would our own" They came out the same day I called, found the fault within 10 mins, repaired boiler and strip serviced, hoover and all. Full job 60, guy said just an hours labour, that kind of fault should be picked up during service, £60 item/job Central scotland 2011-06-22
Emergency repair to breakdown of Valliant boiler (out of guarantee period) by Valliant customer service. Apparantly problem was solved by replacement of PCB. £200 item/job London NW10 2011-02-20
hot water only working for raditor and not for hot water taps. 362 for parts + labour. diverter valve costed 160 (including VAT) £362 item/job London 2011-01-17
Called engineer out, replaced fuse in plug. All now working. £865 item/job Essex 2011-01-14
Came out the same day and found a small fault which did not need any parts to repair. Did not make up any expensive parts ruorted it out efficiently and did a service on the boiler as well. £84 item/job London NW 2011-01-13
Baxi Bermuda - was here 15 minutes after I rang. Fitted new thermocouple and thoroughly cleaned out all parts of boiler. Tested for leaks and tested with smoke bomb. Here for approx 1 1/2 hours. I gave extra 10 for coming out so quickly. £80 item/job Crewe 2010-12-10
Potterton promax condencing boiler. 2hours 45 minutes labour 98 fan 113.70 circuit board 124 plus vat on parts £378 item/job Wirral 2010-12-06
Identify boiler fan was broken. Supplied, fitted and tested new glow worm boiler fan. (Central heating boiler) £280 item/job Nottingham 2010-11-22
Replace ball valve to overflow tank and fit new fan to my Potterton Netaheat MKIIF £293 item/job Portsmouth 2010-11-09
to repressurise a combi boiler as no pressure resulting in no hot water £123 item/job Essex (romford) 2010-09-09
Full service and cert.Corgi is no longer to do with Gas!! Now its Gas Safe.... £75 item/job Bournemouth 2010-09-03
Identified problem and changed an ignition electrode. £162 item/job Stevenage 2010-08-23
Took less than 2 hrs. Fitted a new piece, costed at 380. £712 item/job London 2010-08-19
Replace ignition probe on Potterton Suprima boiler. Charged for 1 hour labour (45 pounds) and parts (15 pounds). £60 item/job Essex 2010-03-01
heatline cmbi boiler, 6 radiators in bungalow £300 item/job Southport 2010-02-26
Worecester CB19/24CBi boiler needed new heat exchanger, flame sensor and 2 22mm lever isolation valves. Parts were 280 Ex Vat Labour 260 Ex Vat Niall Catlin 01256 818086 £635 item/job Basingstoke 2010-02-19
checked boiler not starting identified colck at fault replacement 150 and inlc. VAT 280 total. £280 item/job Newcastle upon tyne 2010-02-18
5 minute call out (maximum) to demonstrate how to link pressure hose in oil condensing boiler Worcester heatslave 12/16 TOTal bill 44.06 £44 item/job Devon / South Hams 2010-02-10
Replacement Gas Valve Thorn Olympic 38/50B boiler 2 hrs labour+part (Honeywell V4600C-1029) £250 item/job Ipswich 2010-01-05
Replacement valve £180 item/job Brighton 2009-12-02
replace circuit board on baxi solo boiler and provide 12 month guaruntee £285 item/job Merseyside 2009-11-24
pcb board changed £335 item/job Salisbury 2009-11-16

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