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Plumbing prices for central heating repair

Central heating nearly always breaks down when we most need it. Why? Well because its need most at when we are using it the most, that is in Winter. Try to remember to get your boiler and central heating checked out in off peak periods, rather than trying to get a plumber to come round on Christmas Eve. Been there, done that, somehow repaired boiler myself and didn't blow up house?! Stupid...These prices are for repairing the central heating and include any parts required and labour rates unless stated.

Plumbing prices for central heating repair: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
The boiler not coming on, repairman spent about 3 hours going up and down the stairs between boiler and hot tank in the landing speaking to his electrician on the phone, found to have faulty cylinder thermostat and valve actuator motor. Replaced next day heating running OK, failed to notice leak from shower pump in same airing cupboard ! £220 item/job Kent 2015-07-15
repair faulty boiler pressure vessel ruptured pipework 1 radiator new drain central heating system plus labor costs £900 item/job Ayrshire 2014-06-09
Old boiler's (circa 1977) pilot light failed to hold a flame. We already had the details of a gas safe plumber recommend previously by a neighbour who understands old boilers, and called him in the morning. He came by mid-afternoon (same day), identified the problem was due to a failed thermocouple and replaced it there and then. £55 item/job Chesham, Buckinghamshire 2013-10-09
Call out to fix combi boiler pressure loss. Pumped boiler up and fine now. £120 item/job Stockport 2012-10-28
Drain down system, replace 2 port motorised valve and refill. £220 item/job Aylesbury 2012-10-11
Engineer came to check as central heating always needed topping up, and now not turning on at all. New Expansion tank ordered and timer control. Came back following day and replaced both. Now working great. 150 labour, rest parts. £375 item/job Barnsley 2012-10-02
Initial charge for coming to see problem. vat inc £72 item/job Kent 2012-06-21
Power Flushing service ,open vented boiler 9 radaiators and 1 towell rail ,power flushing procedure taken 6 hours very profesional service the heating engienier used Kamco power flushing machine whith kamco combi magnet removed all the sluge revived the heating system on complettion he added 1 liter inhibitor to feed & expansion tank very happy whith the service and provided the cretificate of clensing record job well done thanky www.rekaplumbing.com £350 item/job Croydon,london 2012-03-26
Baxi 105E boiler. No hot water though C/H fine. Diaphragm replaced and diverter valve overhauled. £80 item/job Teesside 2011-12-08
Had new fan fitted to my combi boiler, they were there within the hour and fixed it that day, really good lads! 01744 751918 - 07917622225 £180 item/job St Helens 2011-10-30
replace three port motorized valve by draining heating circuit,and fit new Honeywell part refill and test £175 item/job London 2011-04-11
service and landlord certificate replace gas valve on baxi 551 back boiler £250 item/job Fife 2010-03-04
New valve needed in Boiler. Called T&S Heating who charged 74 call out and then did not have this item spare on their van. Said there would be another additional cost and we would have to wait untill Monday (on Friday). Called Harison gas servicing who came out on within 3 hours and replaced the part for 75 (and kept them spare in the van!). Wish I had not gone with the big name 1st. £149 item/job Nottingham 2010-02-13
replace motor on a two port valve on a vented heating system. £60 item/job London 2009-04-03
flush out central heating system and treat with an inhibitor. My heating was not working properly £380 item/job Belfast 2009-03-27
replaced Honeywell motorized valve £50 item/job Slough 2008-11-11
Emptied water out of CH tank, putting in 2 litres of sentinel x 300 cleanser in to tank
Turn off water, flushed out CH system, turn on water, refilled CH system. Put 2 litres of sentinel x 100 in to system. Turn on boiler and test.
13 radiators, boiler is Boulter Camray 3 50/70 oil fired-I have serviced annually by another tradesman.
The cost of 289 includes VAT & Materials-cost (excl VAT) for labour was 161-he took 3 hs max. Is this too much?
£289 item/job Inverness 2008-07-16
replace honeywell motorized valve £75 item/job Ha9 2008-05-31
Power Flush Pre-cleaner added a few days before, then came along and spent a day flushing the system through. Tonnes of sludge removed! £250 item/job Somerset 2007-12-09
replaced value on boiler one and half hours work £150 item/job Scotland 2007-12-05
Suuply & fit new dipped copper cylinder & immersion heater £480 item/job Reading 2007-01-30
Replace 2 TRV's. Drain system, add in 3 different cleaning, de-sludging, protection agents into radiator water (£15 each). System then developed blockage (not air) which he fixed. Finally serviced radiator £60. Charged for 3 hours work plus parts and boiler service. £225 item/job Cambridge 2005-11-30

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