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DIY plumbing can save you a lot of money, if you know what you are doing. Simple plumbing jobs like unblocking a sink or fixing a dishwasher can probably be attempted by any competent person. More complicated DIY plumbing jobs such as repairing leaking pipes, replacing radiators, or indeed installing a whole central heating system, should only be attempted if the DIY'er is extremely confident and has all the correct plumbing tools.

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Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Fix First Ltd - 35 per hour flat rate - not call out charges, all plumbing undertaken plus handy man work charged at 25 per hour flat rate - (Minimum 1Hr) Call: 07521 570 121 We Can Fix Your Problem - - Shhh Don't Tell The Wife! £35 item/job Kirkham, Lytham 2013-09-13
Replaced Central heating (grundfos 1550) pump,bought used from Ebay @ 99p + 8.99 postage. I think I got it cheap because it was a 'bare pump' sold without base, its just held in place with allen head bolts, and I believe potential bidders were wary of this..? EEEASY 30minute job,(close isolating valves beforehand). Some charged 100 plus..Sheeeesh! £10 item/job Luton 2009-12-03
Turned off water. Drained the system. Removed one bathroom Radiator. Replaced radiator for temporary period with 2 x 15" elbows and 2ft of copper 15mm pipe. Turned water back on and checked for leaks - no more than hour of work. Just have to replace the radiator next week when I finish the bathroom. Unqualified Plummer - dont let them rip you off - John Guest - or Speedfir fitiings make basic plumbing childs play. £11 item/job Crawley 2008-11-25
DIY replacement of the motor on a 3 way valve. Plumber quoted 100 call out and 30 an hour. Doing it myself cost 15 for the parts, one hour of research on the web and 20mins to change the part £15 item/job Cambridge 2008-06-26

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