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Plumbing prices for emergency callout

Expect to pay quite a bit more to get a plumber to come out to fix a problem out of hours, they have personal lives too don't forget. Also an emergency call out will cost the plumber more, at least in transport costs as they make their way to the plumbing emergency.

Plumbing prices for emergency callout : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
24 hour call out plumbing any emergency any job is not too big!! Fast reliable and friendly call now for a quote! 30 a call out all outside taps 45.00 07903741308 £30 item/job Middlesbrough 2016-12-09
Jetting to unblock outside drain and tidy up. Less than 1 hours work. £264 item/job Hertfordshire 2016-03-07
Fix a leaking copper pipe 15mm under the sink. Fit a new pipe&end valve&flexible hose. (Thursday 9.30PM emergency call/11.15PM work finish). Martin 07460026550 £190 item/job Eastleigh 2016-02-02
Call out for drains overflowing and flooding garden and driveway. Great service by Plumb Doctors Plumbing and Drainage in Blackpool. Got to the cause of the problem unblocked the main drain, then drain jetted complete system and carried out a free drain CCTV inspection. He also pumped out the flood water from my garden. Would highly recommend www.plumbdoctors.com £120 item/job Blackpool 2016-01-03
4am callout and emergency call to replace first thing same day replace storage tank rip down damaged ceiling and replace finishing with full room of paint including all parts and labour £1,450 item/job Cheltenham 2015-07-19
Blocked drains in Preston cleared by high pressure water jetting, cctv drain surveys and drain repairs, no call out charges just fixed cost drain cleaning. www.jcsplumbinganddrainage.co.uk £49 item/job Preston 2015-07-16
T.P.S Plumbing & Drainage cleared my blocked drain at home that was spilling into the garden cleaned all mess up afterwards Fixed Price offered call Dave on 07757777051 www.tps247.com £70 item/job Leeds 2015-05-27
Emergency Call Out including the first hour labour, to be with the customer within 90 minutes at any time of the day or night. DrainMedic Limited, www.emergencyplumber.freeindex.com 0800 433 2477 Working 365 days per year, 24 hours a day. £90 item/job Manchester 2014-12-29
Had extreme plumbing heat ltd guys out to repair my boiler came out of hours supplied and fitted boiler part diverter valve at 95 good quality workmanship will recommend to anyone good local plumber for all your plumbing and heating needs based in Birmingham contact him directly on 07786786347 £95 item/job Birmingham 2014-05-27
I had a pipe connection burst from the main water supply into the house. i tried to fix it myself as it looked like just adding a new piece of pipe and two new connectors. the main water pipe coming into the house is mad of plastic, about 18mm, the copper pipe it was connected to is 15mm, i connected the new cut copper pipe to the old one and went to connect the plastic and the copper together pipe and discovered the connector I purchased wouldn't fit, I tried every where I could think of to look for another connector but couldn't find one, so on Monday the 23rd i called a plumber out at 6.45am, he arrived 11.00am spent about 20 mins or so in the house fixing the problem, my daughter was home and paid the bill with my visa card £381 item/job Bristol 2012-04-27
Dave Form T.P.S Property Services was great he arrived on time and replaced toilet ballcock in no time at all , no mess no fuss would definitely recommend, call him on 07757 777 051 £40 item/job Leeds 2012-03-23
Fix leaking pipe, required complete drain of central heating system and new compression joint. call out 119 + VAT, 84 + VAT after that for extra half hour. £398 item/job Bedfordshire 2011-11-16
Call emergency plumbers leeds 45 inc fix !!! 01943510249 £45 item/job LEEDS 2011-11-07
between 6pm-7am 07752400220 £40 item/job Cardiff 2011-10-24
had everflow plumbing out last night as had a massive leak. called at 2130 plumber arrived by 2210 - now thats what i call service!! fixed problem, clean and tidy WOULD DEF RECOMMENED TO ANYONE 01279 325174 £95 item/job Harlow 2011-02-28
Emergency call out for running hot water tap. Could not turn stop tap. Arrived within an hour. Replaced tap washer. £84 item/job Leicester 2011-02-26
Easy Property Solutions Ltd. Christmas Eve 2010. I was out of the house after my father had just died, and I was 250 miles away, pipes burst, pouring water into downstairs neighbours flat. Police called to gain entry, and EPS called to TURN OFF WATER. They came, 2 hours later (on a priority 1 call), police gained entry (thankfully a spare key was found), and EPS pulled out the flashing to half my bathroom before finding the stop-cock that was in plain sight. My bill 200 + VAT which is 235, now they want 273.15 because I never received the invoice, that I never agreed to the costs, and they are trying to make me pay such a high price... for turning a tap off... not impressed, and they will be told exactly that! £235 item/job Scotland 2011-02-04
P.A.D Maintenance leeds 65.00 call out fee including 1hr labour ex parts 20 ph there after billed in 15 min interviles 07852002180 01133221799 £65 item/job Leeds 2010-12-27
PJ Plumbing asked me to input on this website if i thought he was honest and reliable well i would recommend he was with us within 20 minute of us calling at 10.40pm fixed our leaking stopcock within minutes £35 item/job Darlington 2010-11-01
24 hour emergency Ardleigh Green Plumbing and Heating 07989304094 £110 item/job Hornchurch 2010-09-09
call craig 07908596964. 60 emergancy call out charge + 20 per hour there after £60 item/job Swindon,wiltshire 2010-08-12
call out at 2 am on a weekday. To drain down a water tank and make safe a hot water cylinder. Initial call out charge #140.00, the #80.00 per hour plus parts. £220 item/job Hampshire 2010-03-09
burst pipe under floor board 1 pipe one little hole £300 item/job Grantham 2010-02-17
Garden tap compression joint forced apart by ice. remade joint. £25 item/job Milton Keynes 2010-01-11
1 hour response time, 10:00, 24th December. 60 miles round trip. 4 hours total repair burst pipe fit isolation valve and make good installation, including insulating pipework. £130 item/job Hemel Hempstead 2009-12-25
Emergency plumbing call-outs in Notts area. Nottingham - Manfield, Retford and Newark areas. All plumbing, heating and gas appliance work undertaken with NO call-out fees or hidden costs. Burst pipes, boiler breakdowns, leaks, blockages and faulty plumbing items. A good job at a fair price is how we work. tel: 07977 181777 Jonathan £120 item/job Retford - Nottingham 2009-01-07
blocked toilet - call out to unblock it from Silver Saints, cost inc VAT £70 item/job Chiswick 2008-10-22
Call out 9pm Saturday night to overflowing toilet cistern.
Replaced service valve to cistern, fitted service kit to ball float valve and refitted assembly, correcting existing mistakes.
£91 item/job Dudley 2008-07-24
Emergency call out to fix leaking flexi-pipe. Required complete replacement of kitchen mixer tap. £365 item/job Surrey 2008-04-04
leaking joint on a 22mm pipe Replaced leaking joint (soldered) with a compression fitting £68 item/job Blackpool 2008-03-08
calloutto boiler £150 item/job Sheffield 2007-12-13
Emergency callout for overflow problem at normal hourly rate - 30 for the first hour. 7.50 per quarter hour after that. Materials extra. £30 item/job Birmingham/Solihull 2007-01-27

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