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An outside tap is very useful, which you realise if you don't have one for cleaning the car (and kids sometimes on hot days!) and for watering in bits of the garden, like a newly turfed lawn. In the summer months you should use your outside tap wisely and try not to waste too much water. A sprinkler left on for an hour can certainly use a lot of precious water. In some areas it may even be illegal when there is a drought in the area.

Plumbing prices for fit outside tap : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Fit out side tap from start to finish £120 item/job O bland plumbing 2016-06-18
Fit outside tap £60 item/job Greenock,Scotland 2016-06-08
Outside tap supplied and fitted price includes all labour and parts, fast, reliable and friendly service 07938619295 £50 item/job Stoke 2016-06-01
Outside tap to be fitted for pressure washer to be used £50 item/job Sa133pg 2016-04-17
Outside tap fitted with double check vale and isolation valve according to water regulations. Supply/fit for 55 Call Ian on 07766224447 at millward plumbing and heating £55 item/job Sandbach 2015-07-03
Fit outside tap. £40 item/job M68bs 2015-05-11
Fit outside tap from under sink tout side wall ncluding tap and backplate £40 item/job Hampshire 2014-09-13
Fix First Ltd - 35 per hour flat rate - no call out charges, all plumbing undertaken plus handyman work charged at 25 per hour flat rate - (Minimum 1Hr) Call: 07521 570 121 Larger Work may be Charged at 25.00 Per Hour Call For more Details £35 item/job Kirkham, Lytham 2013-09-13
Fit outside tap including all materials - brass tap with wall plate going directly inside (under kitchen sink) and stop cock £65 item/job Bridlington 2013-07-30
I supply and fit a range of beautiful ornate garden taps , Price includes up to 2m of copper tube, double check valve, and wall plate. Of course I can fit a standard tap if you are feeling less adventurous. Call Andy on 07970379139 for more details. £95 item/job Shropshire 2012-08-08
Supply and fit (according to water regulations) outside brass tap with double check valve internal isolator and 15mm copper pipe £78 item/job West Cumbria 2012-05-29
supply and fit outside tap, call lee on 07824 904914 gloucester and surrounding areas £55 item/job Gloucester 2012-05-27
Fitting an outside tap £80 item/job Ch63 2nf 2011-12-09
tee'd off existing pipework, hot and cold and mounted outside property. 07752400220 £100 item/job Cardiff 2011-10-24
Old sink and pipework removed and new installed, external pipework replaced, outside tap fitted. Plumber was Les Straw from L S Plumbing: fab plumber 07885729963 did the job and was great - 2 days of work, v pleasant, helpful and professional. Would use again. £230 item/job Sheffield. 2011-08-26
supply and fit outside tap £50 item/job Shropshire 2011-07-16
supply and fit outside tap call jason on 07919913098 £50 item/job Shropshire/wrexham 2011-07-16
Sunny Scarborough - professional plumber will fit your outside tap direct from mains to Water Regs with double-check valve, isolator and brass bib tap. Spring special just 49.50 No VAT, guaranteed workmanship, fully insured. Call Nigel at TRUST PLUMBING SCARBOROUGH on 01723 373519 £49 item/job Scarborough 2011-03-29
supply and fit a outside tap to regulation standards (parts and labour )in the leeds area 0113 2661717 £40 item/job Leeds 2011-03-03
Supply and fit outside tap. Fully recommend dean noble £48 item/job Andover,Hants 2011-02-22
50 labour call paul at pwplumbing 07807825395 01270 624898 £50 item/job Crewe/nantwich 2011-01-28
Outside tap supplied and fitted with no mess, very fast service,call carl on 01133 204030 £70 item/job Leeds 2011-01-11
NEW GARDEN TAP £50 item/job BIRMINGHAM 2010-11-21
Installed a new outside tap and connected a hot water tap also outside to be used on vehicle's please contact 07905065247 cost to fit 70 35.00 each tap. £70 item/job Lancashire, morecambe 2010-11-10
outside tap all parts supplied and installed 2m 15mm copper /backplate /tap /double /check valve /isolator all done by a friendly young man called james for 70 07772796080 £70 item/job Liverpool 2010-10-31
Supply and fit outside tap. £80 item/job West Cumbria 2010-09-30
highly recommend ASCOT PLUMBING 07855291905 supply fit new outside taps with isolation valve proffesional workmanship £68 item/job Preston 2010-09-19
Supply and fit outside tap Ardleigh Green Plumbing and Heating 07989304094 £110 item/job Hornchurch 2010-09-09
Installed a new outside tap and fixed a leaking stop tap inside. Took about 90 mins to complete. £50 item/job Manchester 2010-09-04
To find leak in kitchen which was a burst pipe leading to the outside tap, and repair damage; supply parts and fit new garden tap. £120 item/job Wylam, near Hexham 2010-09-03
MNJ Plumbing (01246 243011) - Supplied outside tap (with check valve), backplate, service valve inside, pipe and fittings all for 65. Clean, quick service. £65 item/job Chesterfield 2010-08-18
Installation all copper, double check valve, isolation valve approx 1.5 hours, full price including parts and labour £45 item/job Stoke 2010-08-14
Installation all copper, double check valve, isolation valve approx 1.5 hours, full price including parts and labour. P L Plumbing 07988186544 Facebook, search P L Plumbing £45 item/job Stoke 2010-08-14
Colin Bassham to supply and fit an outside tap from under the sink. 0113 2500023 £65 item/job Leeds yorkshire 2010-08-02
tap straight from cold pipe under sink to the out side £20 item/job Bury lancs 2010-07-21
my builder Des supplied and Fitted outside tap, very efficient and very reasonabley priced.Would recommend him.Des 07903 035091 £55 item/job WALKINGTON, E. yorks 2010-05-11
to fit outside tap straight off cold feed in kitchen to outer wall all materials provided.very competent young man would reccomend md building and michael on 07951 841156 £65 item/job Rotherham 2010-04-01
outside tap supplied + fitted, with internal isolation valve. good service, swept up as well. highly recommended.07828673820 chris. £65 item/job Manchester 2010-03-31
Fit outside tap as per current water regulations. Isolation valve, double non return valve, sleeving through cavity, wall plate elbow and bib tap £70 item/job Swindon 2010-02-28
Supply and fit outside tap. 2m worth of pipework and materials supplied and 2hrs labour. Outstanding service and quality with RS PLUMBING SERVICES Call 07963058819 ask for Ryan £80 item/job Chesterfield 2010-01-08
to supply outside tap+backplate,double check valve, isolation valve, pipe+all fitted 50. for a quote call Paul:-07807787623. Midlands area. £50 item/job Birmingham 2010-01-06
Supply & fit outside tap. £65 item/job Leeds 2009-07-06
tap straight from cold pipe under sink to the out side £185 item/job Rochester 2009-07-03
fit outside tap; fit double check valve; Isolation valve;bib-tap & backplate: Supply and fit. carol plumbing. £35 item/job Sunderland 2009-06-05
Isolation valve;double check valve;drain cock;bib-tap & wall plate. Insulated outside and electrically bonded. Total - 2 hrs labour. RSD (Handyman) Services £68 item/job Liverpool 2009-05-27
Outside tap supplied and fitted. £70 item/job Poynton, Cheshire 2009-05-05
supply and fit outside tap, connection made through kitchen wall and took 2 hrs in total £60 item/job Stevenage 2009-04-28
Labour and materials for fitting an outside tap. £75 item/job Cheshire 2009-04-18
Plumber supplied and fitted outside tap with internal isolator. Clean and tidy excellent work. Would recommend for any job reasonable and reliable. Very pleased. £45 item/job Mirfield, west yorkshire 2009-03-30
fit outside tap with 23m pipe and bibcock tap and isolation valve £135 item/job Milton keynes 2009-03-28

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