Ground source heat pump install

Plumbing prices for ground source heat pump install

Plumbing prices for ground source heat pump install: Disclaimer
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Installation of a very big ground source & air source heat pump including all new hot water un-vented stainless steel cylinder 3 core in my home which feeds are underfloor heating. All works completed to a high standard, i will definitely recommend him to friends.I am having an extension built at present and Mr Banks is going to fit me Solar Thermal & Solar PV for my electrics. if you would like this man to the number below. S.Banks Plumbing, Heating & Eco Energies Ltd 01462 636376 £36,000 item/job Letchworth 2011-06-18
replacement pump, drain down cylinder and 11 radiators. £140 item/job Surrey 2011-06-15
Including installation, associated works and ground work. £11,000 item/job North West 2009-02-05

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