Kitchen taps

Plumbing prices for kitchen taps

How much will it cost to get a plumber to come and put new taps on the your existing kitchen sink? Well these are some example prices other people have paid and include both the cost of the taps and charges for the time taken.

Plumbing prices for kitchen taps: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Replacing kitchen sink tap £100 item/job Aberdeen 2016-09-07
Leaking taps, fit new tap supplied by customer and fit new click waste. £105 item/job Stockton on tees 2015-06-02
fix leak under kitchen sink cold water pipe corroded and connection for washing machine replaced new pipe work and fittings £45 item/job Bridgend mid glam 2015-04-22
take out old kitchen sink & tap replace with new £180 item/job Cornwall 2015-01-23
Kitchen tap replacement and fix a leak in the plastic waste water pipes under sink Recommended plumber D. C. plumbing £40 item/job Lowestoft, Suffolk 2014-12-19
Removed 'old' monobloc kitchen tap. Replaced with new Bristan Easifit Monobloc Mixer Tap with levers and flexible connecting pipes. New tap supplied by customer. Price for labour only (60) plus VAT. £72 item/job Chester 2014-12-09
Remove old tap supply new tap and fit a standard chrome MIXER TAP.good quality taps with 10 year guarantee. 40 more than one tap better discount will be given 07446894467 £40 item/job London 2014-08-04
Replaced kitchen tap with a new customer supplied kitchen tap, price was just for labour 35.00 call Harris plumbing 07711964448 £35 item/job Norwich 2014-05-28
Shut off hot & cold water ,Remove cheap old isolating valves replaced valves with full bore pegler bulldog tee valves,Removed old kitchen tap,Fitted new tap c/w flexi hoses, tel phone 07903 768476 Labour 60.00 £175 item/job Billericay Essex 2014-01-31
Supply and fit mixer tap to replace faulty tap. £85 item/job Bournemouth 2013-10-19
Replace Kitchen mixer tap labour only £60 item/job Luton 2013-07-14
replace old kitchen tap, fittings & labour, not including new tap £200 item/job London 2013-04-09
Removed old monoblock tap, installed new one supplied by customer. Installed two isolator valves. Cost includes collecting the new monoblock tap on behalf of cusomer & VAT on the labour charges. £120 item/job London 2013-03-02
drip under sink replace plug and hose kit £50 item/job North 2013-02-18
Replaced a mixer tap plus pipework to connect to mains. "Mates Rates". £35 item/job Lancs 2013-01-26
Fit customer supplied kitchen taps...I charge an extra 10 if tails are not suitable Tel: 01543 307552 07941189204 £40 item/job Lichfield Staffordshire 2012-10-29
replaced tap and two new isolators in kitchen £140 item/job Cm27ap 2012-03-12
Plumber employed to fit new kitchen monobloc tap supplied by customer £70 item/job Kent 2012-02-07
replace washer on a leaking kitchen tap £75 item/job Norfolk 2012-02-06
New mixer tap (to replace mixer tap) supplied and fitted £80 item/job Bristol 2012-01-31
Replace tap £100 item/job London 2011-12-28
replaced taps 07752400220 £60 item/job Cardiff 2011-10-24
Fit new kitchen mixer tap. Customer to supply new tap. £50 item/job Nottingham 2011-07-12
Remove and replace kitchen taps with mixer tap. Supply and fit. £155 item/job West susswex 2011-07-10
Taking out old monobloc mixer tap and fitting new one, which I provided. In addition, carried out minor repairs to leaking stop tap. £60 item/job Manchester 2011-06-09
provide remove old and fit new kitchen mixer tap call paul at pwplumbing 07807825395 01270 624898 £50 item/job Crewe/nantwich 2011-01-28
Leaky tap £20 item/job Reading 2010-08-23
Install kitchen mixer tap (Labour only)65 Tel:DPS 01322-271185 Mob:07743-793180 £65 item/job Dartford,Kent 2010-07-08
Replaced monobloc tap with new one suuplied by customer. Tap had no tails suplied so had to unsolder old ones and re-solder. Awkward blummin things £30 item/job Derby 2010-06-08
6radiators 1bolier got central heating 2 rooms 1 kicten 1 bathroom 3 bedrooms £500 item/job Grimsby 2010-04-14
Remove old kitchen mixer tap, install new one (customer supplied) - called a few who wanted 40-60. The last guy called charged 30 £30 item/job Rochdale 2010-03-27
Fit mixer tap, labour only £60 item/job London, zone 2 2010-03-20
kitchen mixer tap replaced and fitted £40 item/job Swindon 2010-02-28
relace 2 tap washers in tap connectors hot and cold £92 item/job Hampshire 2010-02-17
remove old sink unit and taps, fit new sink,taps and waste,some pipework alteration. £80 item/job Durham 2010-01-30
dripping tap £85 item/job Herts 2010-01-21
Install Bath taps. Customer supplied taps.Called out at short notice. Call Ryan 07963058819 £50 item/job Chesterfield 2010-01-08
Install taps on kitchen sink. Customer supplied taps.Rapid service. Call Ryan 07963058819 £50 item/job Chesterfield 2010-01-08
sink taps radiator £204 item/job Manor cc 2009-11-19
Replace monobloc kitchen tap with similar. Price included flexi connectors but not tap. DWM Plumbing £37 item/job Llanelli 2009-11-11
replacement kitchen tap, total amount was 227 for tap and labour inc vat, tap was 89 £110 item/job Cheshire 2009-09-29
to connect the tap to pipes using supplied flexy-hosees £25 item/job Wath 2009-08-18
To replace a mono block mixer tap or a deck tap to a kitchen sink. Tap supplied by the customer. £80 item/job Stockport, Cheshire 2009-05-05
Replace mixer taps with new mono blocs. Isolation valves already installed. Unit cost was 40 inc. VAT. Plus 27 for labour and VAT (10.05) totals 77. £77 item/job Warwickshire 2009-04-06
Replace existing kitchen monoblock mixer tap with new lever tap. Old tap soldered into place new tap fitted with flexible tails to simplify future replacement. Price includes all parts and labour. (Martyn the plumber 07833 382869). £90 item/job Norfolk 2009-03-06
changed kitchen mono bloc taps, labour only £30 item/job Bolton 2009-03-05
fit and replace kitchen mixer taps £60 item/job Scottish borders 2008-01-28
fit new mixer taps kitchen £60 item/job Borders 2008-01-13

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