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Plumbing prices for kitchen : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
replace leaking pipe under kitchen sink and fit new £136 item/job Lonon 2016-09-12
Source, supply and fit replacement basket strainer to kitchen sink as original had corroded £240 item/job Edinburgh 2016-01-06
installed tabletop dishwasher drilling side cabinets to access water and waste. extension hoses needed. £100 item/job Hertfordshire 2013-12-03
I will supply and fit a good quality kitchen mixer tap (choice of 4 designs) 129 milton keynes area 07973631117 £129 item/job Milton keynes 2012-05-18
Slight leak when water drains out of the sink by the u bend, might only need a new washer £20 item/job Essex 2011-06-04
fit free standing cooker baynet fitting and cooker safety chain included in price £65 item/job Liss 2010-04-04
moving 2 sinks with all pipes works, price excluding materials £100 item/job Swansea 2010-03-09
moving 2 sinks with all pipes works £50 item/job Swansea 2010-03-09
replace an existing radiator with a new radiator, including moving pipe on one side. Labour only. £120 item/job Leeds 2009-05-12
fitting s gas cooker converting from natural gas to LPG and supplying the flexible hose required by law plus adjusting the rings to set the lowest burn rate. £148 item/job Lanarkshire 2008-09-11

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