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Plumbing prices for miscellaneous : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
New diverter valve fitted to Worcester 240 rsf. Valve 120 did the job myself in 1hr total cost 120. £120 item/job Wales 2016-03-09
Remove bath, replace with shower. Including new vinyl floor and tiling. Had to remove WC and basin pedestal to lay floor. Towel rail had to have pipes re-routed. Waste from shower had to be drilled though wall. Boxing around pipes. £1,868 item/job Maidenhead 2015-11-23
Fit and install low flush outside toilet £300 item/job Sheffield 2015-09-07
Replacing 2 raditors £250 item/job Wa11 0nq 2015-01-07
2 sets of taps fitted , a shower valve fitted , replaced shower screen and bath panel an replace and fit toilet £880 item/job Newcastle 2014-11-10
Replaced cistern and bottom seal 70. Left a mess - parts were a 10 (screwfix price)- job took under an hour, had to saw off old rusty wing-nuts though. £70 item/job Richmond, N. Yorks 2014-06-29
Fix new dishwasher attachment and replace bathroom taps with shower mixer style. £60 item/job Bristol 2013-12-11
Blocked external drain from kitchen sink requiring 2 visits of 1-2 hours over 2 days. £306 item/job Scotland 2013-09-09
Typical Day rate 8am to 4:30/5. All Plumbing Work. £195 item/job Glasgow 2012-08-27
No charge for call out if work accepted Call George 07985528184 £1 item/job Exeter 2012-08-18
3 new radiators plus pipework and fitting in bungalow bedrooms - parts and labour plus fitting of new digital themostat controller (inc VAT) £720 item/job Buckinghamshire 2012-07-26
to move a stop cock from one under dwelling to next door £80 item/job Huddersfield 2011-12-30
installed limescale remover (supplied) just after cock 07752400220 £80 item/job Cardiff 2011-10-24
To supply & replace identical Mira 7.5 Shower unit £260 item/job Northants 2011-09-07
Replace pump which feeds two shower units> Pump situated in the loft above shower units £230 item/job West Yorkshire 2011-06-01
Labour to fit a washing machine to existing plumbing. Min labour charge. £45 item/job Leeds 2011-04-14
To fit new bottom entry Torbec ballvalve to eb-suite cistn. Time and Materials £78 item/job Hampshire 2010-11-23
Replace lead water pipe by plastic pipe, from the place it enters the house and all the way to the upstairs bathroom and connect to the pipe going into the kitchen. Drain water tank in the loft, and remove it along with all pipes in the loft. £1,200 item/job London 2010-09-03
fit dishwasher to existing cold feed and to existing waste spigot on sink u bend £100 item/job Deal kent 2010-08-17
To replace slow running shower with new unit which was a power shower £350 item/job Cheshire 2010-08-02
ball valve £35 item/job Swanley 2010-05-25
Supply & fit replacement Mira jump 8.5 electric shower.Slight alterations to water feed necessary. £260 item/job West Somerset 2010-04-05
Lay 75 ft new water pipe in trench, mainly under grass, but also under 2 24" tarmac strips and 3ft concrete. Connect to incoming plastic supply and to domestic riser at other end £700 item/job Somerset 2010-03-31
to fit a bath only need cost for insurance £120 item/job Cheshire 2009-11-08
remove 6 radiators, boiler system flues and header tank £500 item/job Surrey 2009-04-02
We recently had the kitchen sink and taps changed and the downstairs toilet sink, taps and cistern changed and half tiled the downstairs toilet. The plumber supplied the cistern and the sink and taps for the toilet. We brought the kitchen sink and taps and tiles. £935 item/job Southall 2009-03-19
Replace faulty ball cock [diaphragm valve in toilet cistern £25 item/job Nottingham 2008-10-20
supply and fit a magna filter in a easy acessable position . In Lancashire (not a big city) £340 item/job Blackburn 2008-09-04
Fitted a condensate pump, fully wired into spur included a soak away to outside, parts and labour £200 item/job Leeds 2008-08-21
A new copper stop cock and short pipe was fitted/soldered on to the iron water main located in a garage integral to the house structure.The previous old iron stop tap had been leaking at the crown for some time. £116 item/job Lee on Solent 2008-08-06
renew cast iron soil stack with plastic. Includes some brick work to accommodate horizontal outlet - 2 storey dwelling £400 item/job East yorkshire 2008-07-16
gas safety check, just one appliance, the boiler but was in the loft and he said there was no flooring so he had to board the floor so he could there. £340 item/job London 2008-06-19

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