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Post your plumbing prices here if you feel that you have been quoted excessive prices for a plumbing job. Note that some jobs do require a highly skilled workman and what you consider to be expensive may simply be the market rate. However some plumbers may try to take advantage and charge high prices. As will all jobs you should get at least 3 quotes before deciding who to use.

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Cost of replacing washer in toilet cistern plus fitting new kitchen mixer tap. Quoted £250 total £250 item/job Aberdeen 2015-08-07
Quoted £72 per 1/2 hour and they didn't even ask what the problem was. £72 item/job Aberdeen 2015-08-07
Remove existing shower enclosure. Adjust pipework to under floor. Plywood cover floor and waterproof. Fit full size 1200mm x 900mm shower tray. Fit 1200mm shower door. Tile remaining wall areas. Replace shower and bath drain with proper falling 50mm replacement. Fit 50mm air admittance valve behind washing machine to prevent further blockages. Remove all building waste. £870 item/job Edinburgh 2013-02-24
Insulated Trident 144 hot water cylinder with immersion, direct replacement Was I ripped off?? £1,800 item/job London SE1 2012-11-22
My mother was charged £60 to have her told she needs a new diverter valve for her combi boiler alpha CD24C. Cost about £300 to fix. Is this about right? £60 item/job Nottingham 2012-05-22
indiret cylinder 28mm circs immersion heater all new fitting and pipe work by quilified plumer it was a good job price £645.00 £645 item/job Wolverhampton 2011-08-02
Fan replacement on Ideal-Standard E-type CH boiler. 1 hour to inspect; 1 hour the next day to replace. Labour charge £120 per hour plus VAT. Did not break down costs despite request by registered letter. I am 85, wife is 80 £672 item/job London 2011-04-12
Supplying & fitting new immersion tank complete £750 item/job Jersey 2010-12-19
Hi my name is Rob and I am a heating engineer in Somerset, I would just like to point out to the people saying that some prices for fixing jobs are to expensive eg: came out and changed gas valve on my boiler, part was only £50 and he charged me £100 labour and was only there an hour etc. The reason he was probably there for just 1 hour is because he has years of training and experience, he's gas qualified (£2000 training with loss of earnings which needs to be done every 5 years, an apprenteship of maybe 2-4 years where he earned not a lot probably he's then got to join corgi or gas safe as it's now called £450+VAT and the £175+VAT every year, liability insurance £250 pa, tools - gas analyzer £600+VAT powertools drills pipe benders hand tools etc and I would dread to think how much that has all cost me!! Then comes the van and the running costs of that especially with the price of fuel up to £1.17 a litre and I do subsantial miles that I can't charge anyone for. If I charge a £50 call out and drive 10 miles to get there that's almost an hour there and back before I have even started oh and I forgot to mention all the van stock that's in the back of the van to fix these call outs. I'm sorry but if you add up after tax and all the other overheads then it's not a lot I can promise you that just look at my bank balance. If you want a cheap job done then go out and find the local cowboy working out of the back of his crappy old ilegal estate car with a roof rack and a bucket of tools he bought down the local car boot sale. He will quite happily take £20 cash for bodging up your heating system /plumbing and maybe if your lucky all will be well or maybe you may come home to a flooded house fittings popping apart (believe me I have seen it) or maybe worse, you might drop off on the sofa and never wake up after a lethal dose of carbon monoxide (and there is cases of that every month). Oh and if the worse does happen then just try and get hold of him, or maybe try and make a claim on his non existant liability insurance! We charge a call out and a so called high hourley rate because in my opinion most of us are doing a very difficult job which holds in my opinion a lot of responsibility. Anyway the soap box is now free to use. Rob Admin: So, Rob basically £100 an hour is perfectly reasonable to pay a plumber? In my 'trade' I spent 10 years training for hardly anything, £1000's on tools for the job (more every year), have had to travel extensively and at times done a job that could kill people if I did it wrong - yet I don't charge half what you are suggesting is reasonable per hour. People don't want cowboys to do the work they just want to pay someone a good price for a good job and £100 an hour is unreasonable for labour costs in my opinion. £50 item/job Somerset 2010-06-12
Try and service central heating boiler. Unable to remove burner due to incorrectly fitted boiler/cupboard combination. Return with suitable materials to adjust cupboard. To cut out fron portion to facilitate removal of burner to allow servicing. To condemn boiler due to corroded flue. To drain central heating system and remove boiler. To remove corroded flue and supply new flue box to boiler. To refit boiler, to make good flue and reconnect to system. To fill,test,commission and install inhibiting chemical. Materials: £151.08 Labour: 15 hours @ £45 per Hr: £675.00 Sub-Total: £826.08 VAT @ 15% £123.91 Total Payable£949.99 £950 item/job York 2009-11-30
Quote from British Gas today, supply and fit: Valiant Ecotec 837 combi boiler (fitted in different location to old boiler) New gas supply BG branded wired control panel (Honeywell) 6 thermostatic radiator valves Powerflush Magnaclean filter Remove old boiler, water tanks, and piping £3,700 item/job Birmingham 2009-07-09
*** BG QUOTATION ONLY *** Supply & fit British/Scottish Gas 330+ High Efficiency boiler as replacement for existing boiler. Power-flush system. Supply & fit 6 off TRV+LS c/w rad v/vs & Magnaclean Professional. Price incl 5 yrs Homecare 200 (incl 1 yr compl) & £500 discount plus interest-free terms. Boiler + parts:- £1330. Installation/labour:- £1893. Estimated duration 2 days. £4,088 item/job Hampshire 2009-06-25
Have had a quote from british gas for a replacement condensing boiler. They recommended a Baxi solo 15 HE. We have a 2 bedroom house with 5 radiators. They have found that we have a problem with our electrics and said we needed a room thermostat( we have rad thermostats on all rads) As well as flushing the system and a new timmer they want £3000 . What do you think of that? We will be getting another quote. £3,000 item/job Surrey 2009-03-08
mono tap kitchen £150 item/job Wolverhampton 2009-02-04
Fitting a new sink and tap in the kitchen. Plumbing already in place for tap.. £400 item/job Gosport 2009-01-30
Charged £30 to take the tap out and announce that the tap was indeed faulty. We supplied another tap and duely charged a further £50 to fit the new tap. Total rip off. Anyone with any other rough experiences?? £80 item/job Northern Ireland 2008-10-25
Draining of system (combi) and moving of existing utility radiator (aprox 2 metres) adding of inhibitor to the system. Tot = 315.75 Supply and fitting of a new radiator in new lobby, after floor had been screaded. Fitting of radiator, chasing out the floor, running of pipe work to existing hall radiator pipe work and connecting into after draining and refilling, adding inhibitor. Tot = 580.99 Overhauling of toilet in bathroom: Supply and fitting of float valve. inc tarcing of water leakage from hall and isolating of toilet cistern. TOT = 120.69 Disconnection of existing water softner and pipe work, 1st fixing between kitchen and utility rooms, running of new pipe work behind new unit position. The ordering delivery of kitchen units (value units) and equipment and fitting, with sink and taps. 2nd fixing of utility pipe work and sin, & existing w/m. TOT = £2491.30 £3,772 item/job Welwyn, Herts 2008-08-28
I have been quoted £160 + VAT to fit a kitchen mixer tap including the cost of the tap. Seems the guy is trying to cheat me. I asked him for the cheapest option!! £120 item/job Edinburgh 2008-07-04

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