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Plumbing prices for repair ballcock

Price to get a plumber to fix your ball-cock including the cost of any replacements parts, hourly rates and call-out fee's unless stated otherwise. A broken ballcock may result in a flood in your bathroom, or may be preventing your toilet from filling or flushing properly.

Plumbing prices for repair ballcock: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Plumber came round ( not an emergency call out) to fix the toilet as it wouldnt flush unless we put our hand in the cistern and pushed ball cock down. He dropped round he said for a quick 5 minutes on his way to another job. Looked inside the cistern, twisted a bit of wire that was in the cistern. The job took 2 minutes, he said he had not fixed it but was supplying a temporary solution. £54 item/job Somerset 2016-06-06
overflow on cold water tank was running, plumber replaced the faulty ballcock within the hour and charged 45 inc parts and labour, was pleased with the work done and how clean and tidy he was, highly recommended, don't be put off by youthful appearance. Contact Darren on 07930 275830. £45 item/job Oldham 2015-04-08
replaced the washer in the ball valve in the toilet as it was making a humming noise when filling. £30 item/job Warrington 2014-11-08
Outside toilet, cyphon valve replacement. 30mins work for 80 labour and 20 parts =100 He didn't even dispose of the old cyphon. Not an emergency call out either. £100 item/job Wokingham 2014-10-19
Replace water tank ballcock 20 minutes £132 item/job Leicester 2014-07-07
Cistern was refilling very slowly, taking about 15 minutes before it would flush again. Plumber was on site for around 20 minutes (I'd sent him photos of inside the cistern before he called), he had to unstick the stop-cock and replace parts of the ballcock. £72 item/job Bristol 2014-01-22
Supplied and fitted part 2 ball valve to main water storage tank in loft. Isolation valve added to feed pipe plus new fibre washer. Labour and material 55-00. Ashtons Plumbing Limited. Rayleigh, Essex 07595 826576 £55 item/job Rayleigh, Essex 2011-12-30
Was recommended by a friend who had used him previously.Very reliable, reasonable price,(supplied and fitted ballcock)neat and tidy worker. Don't be fooled by the youthful appearance! call tom 07920194366 £40 item/job Westmidlands 2011-11-23
overflow was leaking, replaced ballcock, and supplied. excellent service Sion 07889498517 £40 item/job Cardiff area 2011-10-25
Replace loft tank ballcock and add isolating valve.Parts and labour.I recomend Carl @ CAMMCO 07929355109 £68 item/job LEEDS 2011-01-11
Supply and fit new ball cock to cold water tank in loft. All other work conducted at fantastic rates. Please contact M.A.PLUMBING AND HEATING SERVICES in Nottingham on 07901568731 £60 item/job Nottingham 2010-12-23
replace float valve as cold water storage tank was overflowing. can't recomend enough 25 all in.. Andy 07779605528 £25 item/job Nottingam 2010-12-20
I can recomend Colin Bassham to supply & fit a new ball cock to the tank in the loft, Tel 0113 2500023 £55 item/job Leeds yorkshire 2010-08-02
Replace ball valve in cold water storage cistern 80 Parts Inc Tel:DPS 01322-271185 Mob 07743-793180 £80 item/job Dartford ,Kent 2010-07-08
Supplied and fitted new ballcock to expansion tank in loft.Old one seriously corroded and seized.Labour and parts all in 60,i was very pleased and was done within the hour.Very fast and efficient service from RS PLUMBING SERVICES 07963058819 £60 item/job Chesterfield 2010-01-12
Install new ballcock in loft tank. DWM Plumbing £20 item/job Llanelli 2009-11-11
Fit ballcock in cold water storage tank in loft. By Max Pressure plumbing services £68 item/job Salisbury 2009-08-06
Replacement ballvalve to a header tank(valve supplied). £85 item/job Wilmslow, Cheshire 2009-05-05
Supply and fit new ball valve in cold water storage tank plus iso valve all in £60 item/job Bedfordshire 2009-04-24
repair ball cock in cold water tank £80 item/job Borders 2009-01-15
To supply and fit a new ballvalve complete. £45 item/job Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales 2008-07-06
to replace a ballcock £100 item/job Ripon 2007-10-19

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