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Plumbing prices for water tank install

A water tank can be a big item to install in a house. In many cases they are put into the loft before the house is finished as access is easier. These prices are for installing a new water tank and include the cost of the water tank and any time taken by the plumber to put it in for you (unless stated otherwise)

Plumbing prices for water tank install: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Hot water tank collapsed. Need replacing & checking the boiler. Christmas time, hard to find a local plumber. £200 item/job London 2016-12-26
Change ballcock in attic £75 item/job Carmarthenshire 2016-10-03
Replace hot water tank ballcock and valve 25 minutes £132 item/job Northampton 2016-09-21
Plumber applied maximum torque but unable to remove defective immersion heater from 32 year old 35 gallon copper tank. Cash price for replacement like for like copper tank to include new hw shower supply. £600 item/job Worthing 2016-09-12
Changing water tank to uninvented cyclinder tank £600 item/job London 2016-09-12
Renew H.P. Valve to Fortic Cylinder Tank, dry out electrics, adjust level of water in tank £150 item/job Isle of wight 2016-01-05
How much does it cost to replace an old vented water tank located in bedroom for a new unvented indirect cylinder in loft (Elson Zircon 250ZI ). Old pipes have been changed with copper pipes. £2,000 item/job Ascot Berkshire 2015-12-06
Remove existing water tank and move switch behind tank and re-install tank £450 item/job UK 2015-10-10
Replace Hot Water Tank incl labour, 3 way valve and tank immersion heater. Also Positioned new tank isolating valve in cupboard with tank. £680 item/job Poole 2015-09-02
Replace Hot Water Tank incl labour £525 item/job Brighton 2015-08-18
Replace copper hot water tank with 165 litre indirect stainless steel insulated tank. Fit new immersion heater element and redo all surrounding pipe work. price below was cash price(no VAT) £590 item/job Milton Keynes 2015-08-13
4am callout and emergency call to replace first thing same day rip down damaged ceiling and replace finishing with full room of paint £1,450 item/job Cheltenham 2015-07-19
Replace old copper hot water tank with new one £700 item/job Leicester 2015-06-29
taking old one out and putting a complete new one in £750 item/job Kent 2015-04-23
Replace hot water tank and install new towel radiator in bathroom £985 item/job Surrey 2015-03-05
Replacement of 1200 x 400 indirect G3 prelagged hot water cylinder. Included draining hot water cylinder and partially draining heating system,reconfiguring pipework, refill,test and removing rubbish. Labour and materials 550 to which VAT was added. £660 item/job London SW18 2014-08-25
Supply and fit indirect vented hot water cylinder. CW fittings. Existing 90X36 to 90X45 £243 item/job Stoke-on-Trent 2014-08-05
Ball cock replacement £75 item/job Ash vale, Surrey 2013-03-26
unvented hot water cylinder £1,800 item/job Surrey 2013-01-15
replace immersion tank, copper tank leaking with a steel tank in airing cupboard. Drain system and refill/test. 3hrs labour £480 item/job Southampton 2012-12-19
take old tank out and install new one £350 item/job Belfast 2012-05-17
removed water tank & hot cylinder, change to Combi Boiler, fit 22mm gas supply, supply potterton gold 28kw combi boiler- Excellent Job! 07949808007 £1,100 item/job East London 2012-01-10
Straight swap for hot water cylinder £90 item/job Wrexham 2011-12-21
Replace Water tank (immersion) 580. Tank did not heat up air left in pipes. Noisy pump and constant waterflow. Heating sometimes on sometimes water on. Sometimes both for no reason. Had to call another plumber who suggested combi boiler and flush at 3000 £600 item/job Hertfordshire 2011-11-11
Trust Plumbing Scarborough recently fitted a new cold water tank with supporting framework, new tank connectors and insulation for just 135 including parts and labor. If you are worried about turning your central heating back on this winter give Nigel a call on 01723 373519 or visit trustplumbing.co.uk for reviews, prices and free advice. Good luck1 £135 item/job Scarborough 2011-09-09
cold water tank overflowing had tank valve replaced at 3.00am sunday morning thanks woodkirk plumbing a job done well within 2 hours of phoning him £140 item/job Leeds 2011-03-08
Remove, replace, and install hot water tank. 2.5 hours work plus cost of tank. £680 item/job Huntly, Scotland 2010-10-18
one water tank £273 item/job Wrexham 2010-10-04
Taking out faulty 11" immersion heater in hot water tank and installing new one. Time and materials. £155 item/job North Yorkshire 2010-09-02
Remove old 50 gal water storage tank. Supply and fit new 50 gal plastic tank, byelaw 30 kit amending pipes to fit new tank and fit isolation valves on inlet and outlets. Remove old tank and rubbish. Call: RPH Plumbing 07857 335935. £380 item/job Tring Herts 2010-08-20
Installed unvented Heat Sadie cl210 indirect cylinder in loft. Removed water tank and old cylinder from airing cupboard, new pipes fitted,immission cable from unvented system to boiler installed. external pipe installed, i think it a overflow pipe. SAFE registered engineer, certificate received from SAFE for the installation of the system. SAFE send a copy to your local council building control department. Very happy with the work. I am lucky that i have between 2-3barr pressure. Engineer to contact is Darren Lyons on 07966 707 106. £1,500 item/job Ashford, Middlesex 2010-07-22
Installation of indirect hot water cylinder,like for like (Labour Only) 300 Tel:DPS 01322-271185 Mob:07743-793180 £300 item/job Dartford, Kent 2010-07-08
Install new ballcock in cold water tank. Allaspects 07882920273 £55 item/job Milton keynes 2010-06-30
Supply and installation of new 50 gallon Byelaw 30 compliant cold water storage tank and new Expansion & Feeder tank. Supply and fix 10sqm of 18mm WBP ply to provide deck for cold water tank and storage, and supply and fix of softwood pedestal for E&F tank. £850 item/job London 2010-04-29
water tank suply and fit £250 item/job W/yorks 2010-04-20
remove old galvanised water tank from loft. Supply and fit new plastic tank with ball valve and stopcock, remove rubbish, insulate pipes and tank. 350 north london kpheating@googlemail.com mobile 07977 270782 £350 item/job North london 2010-04-18
Supply & install new 50gal cold water storage cistern including materials 300 Tel DPS 01322-271185 Mobile 07743-793180 £300 item/job Dartford 2010-03-20
replace water tank, and remove old galvanized steel tank. £100 item/job Slough 2010-03-12
new ballcock in loft in hot water tank £35 item/job Abingdon, Oxfordshire 2010-03-01
new ballcock in loft in cold water tank £45 item/job Middlesex 2010-01-19
To supply & fit a ball valve+isolation valve so the whole mains doesn't have to be turned off in the future if the ballcock is worked on. (50) For a quote call Paul:-07807787623. Midlands area. £50 item/job Birmingham 2010-01-06
Replace 2 immersion heaters on hot water tank and replace drain cock at base of tank. DWM Plumbing £80 item/job Llanelli 2009-11-11
Remove and replace water tank in loft, new jacket, ball value and connections £325 item/job Canterbury 2009-10-19
Replace galv cold water tank with a plastic replacement £480 item/job Crewe 2009-10-17
take out old tank 50 gal plastic install new 50 gallon tank and lagging day and night plumbing 07872110976 £350 item/job Dover kent 2009-07-16
Replace float valve in cold water storage cistern in roof space £40 item/job Essex 2009-06-03
Replace cold water tank in loft £300 item/job Chelmsford 2009-05-12
Hook up new water cistern in loft space. Labour cost only. £200 item/job Glasgow 2009-03-07
replace indirect hot water cylinder made good a couple existing leaks drain down and commission system replace stopcock cold water mains no parts supplied labour only £245 item/job Swansea 2009-01-08
50 Gal Old tank was Cracked hence replaced £180 item/job Cambridge 2008-08-09

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