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These are example costs for giving your cat an yearly top up booster vaccinations against feline flu or infectious diseases. There has been some discussions recently about whether it is necessary or indeed healthy to give your cat a booster injection every year. However, it appears that at present there is no firm evidence to make a judgement on this. If in doubt please consult your local veterinarian practice.

Vet prices prices for annual booster cat: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
2 cats annual booster and check over £95 item/job Warrington 2015-06-12
Annual booster worm tablet and flea treatment £50 item/job Glasgow 2015-05-22
2 cats annual boosters £103 item/job Bembridge isle of wight 2015-05-12
2 Cats Annual booster, 6 months worming products, annual checkup. £26 item/job Muswell Hill London 2014-11-07
Flu/enteritis/leukaemia annual booster price per cat. £42 item/job Carlisle 2014-09-16
cost me 44.12 for annual booster and health check £44 item/job Plymouth 2014-05-06
annual booster £27 item/job Hove, East Sussex 2014-03-30
Annual booster paid 35, however when vets have special offers this can be as low as 10. Shop around some vets are alot cheaper, however if you find a vet you like pay the price. Its cheaper than the alternative of the cat/dog getting ill. small price to pay to what it could be if sick because its not done. £35 item/job Walsall 2014-02-20
Annual cat booster for 2 year old cat and deworming pill £70 item/job London 2013-11-30
Annual Tricat booster & Leukaemia Booster done today for 56 £56 item/job Paisley 2013-11-11
Annual booster jab and check up for single cat. £51 item/job Woking, Surrey 2013-08-01
2 Cats - Annual Boosters and Check ups £84 item/job Neath 2013-07-25
Kitten 1st & 2nd Booster £35 item/job Glasgow PDSA 2013-05-30
annual booster Plus Leukaemia £45 item/job Hayes Middlesex 2013-05-10
Annual booster £38 item/job Wigan 2013-04-20
Annual booster @ Vets 4 Pets, branches all over the UK £15 item/job Poole, Dorset 2013-03-14
Vaccination Booster (Nobivac Ducat/Felv) £54 item/job Addlestone, Surrey 2013-02-15
1 cat for booster and lukemia £47 item/job Middlesex 2012-11-21
Cat flu, enteritis and FeLV £38 item/job Kent 2012-11-16
1 cats booster and 1 cats 1st injections 2 injections 3 weeks apart £112 item/job Glossop 2012-10-25
Full Booster shot £40 item/job Cradley Heath, West Midlands 2012-08-20
out door cat annual booster £49 item/job Glasgow 2012-05-21
Yearly Booster for Feline Enteritis,Cat Flu, Herpes Virus & Feline Leukaemia £42 item/job Blackburn 2012-04-06
booster plus health check!! Redhill Surrey 8/12/11 £53 item/job Surrey 2011-12-08
Cat flu, enteritis and FeLV (Leukemia) £44 item/job Sidcup (Kent) 2011-10-19
First annual boosters for 3 cats. Cost as much as the cats did from the local CP last year and that included vaccinations & neutering operations. How can these costs be justified? £150 item/job Isle of Wight 2011-09-08
Flu booster and leukaemia booster £44 item/job Leicestershire 2011-03-10
for cat booster with leukemia (not requested) £39 item/job Scotland 2011-03-09
flu/ents/lukemia - two injection course £66 item/job Kent 2011-03-06
Annual booster jab including Leukaemia. £28 item/job Durham 2011-03-03
Annual Booster - Nobivac Tricat Trio 50 Dose. Well pleased looking at what other vets charge. £15 item/job Tenby 2011-02-03
CAT BOOSTER *WITH LEUKAEMIA £41 item/job Liverpool 2011-01-17
just been charged 44 for 1.00 Vco-Boos Rp/leucogen whatever that is - can't afford it other cat due soon ! £44 item/job Wigan - Lancs 2010-11-11
Cat flu, enteritis and FeLV (Leukemia) £48 item/job Bletchley, Milton Keynes 2010-11-02
Cat booster injection £35 item/job Telford 2010-10-26
Flu / enteritis / leukaemia Annual Booster £25 item/job Sunderland 2010-10-12
34.80 flu and leukemia booster £35 item/job Birmingham 2010-09-01
Nobivac Tricat trio Nobivac FeLV £50 item/job Berkshire crowthorne 2010-08-13
Annual booster £49 item/job Darwen, Lancs. 2010-08-04
Cat booster injection Pentofel vaccine £45 item/job Aldershot Hampshire 2010-07-23
44.52 per cat (approx - this is the min charge) £45 item/job Honiton, Devon 2010-07-23
Rhinotracheitis/Calicvirus/Leukemia/Panleucopaenia annual booster jabs £29 item/job Exeter, Devon 2010-06-15
Annual vaccination for adult cat. Lucogen & Feligen Promo. £50 item/job Ipswich, Suffolk 2010-06-07
standard annual boosters £49 item/job Cardiff Bay 2010-04-04
Annual check up and booster 44 for each cat, plus worming tablet. 96 in total for two cats £96 item/job Scotland 2010-03-27
annual booster £38 item/job Wigan 2010-03-10
Flu / enteritis / leukaemia £32 item/job Manchester 2009-11-24
Second booster jab for kitten 10 weeks old £55 item/job Harpenden 2009-08-11

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