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Examples of prices people have paid to have the dog given an annual booster injection or vaccination down at the vets. As with cats there is some evidence now that it may not be required to give your dog an injection each ear, but the case for moving the annual booster to 2 or 3 years is still out at the moment. Unless stated these costs are the total cost of giving your dog an annual booster.

Vet prices prices for annual booster dog: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Annual Booster plus Kennel Cough at M Gourleys Surgery. £56 item/job Ashton under lyne 2015-08-04
Annual Health Check & Booster £30 item/job Grantham. Lincolnshire 2015-05-21
my two dogs taken to the vet. one had his annual booster and the other was prescribed eleven antibiotic tablets. £100 item/job Treharris, Merthyr Tydfil 2015-02-21
Canigen DHPPI and Canigen Lepto 2 Boster. For Advocate Drops, prescription costs 13.00 and a pack of 6 50.33 £43 item/job Great Yarmouth 2015-02-09
Quote for booster for dog as long as it has not been more than 2 years since last one otherwise you start again from the beginning £29 item/job Stockton on Tees 2014-10-24
dog's annual booster and kennel cough done at same time. Special clinic time 1200 to 1300 hrs only £30 item/job Stechford, in Birmingham 2014-09-18
Booster, Kennel cough & check up £51 item/job Bath 2014-05-20
11 yr old dog annual booster plus clearing of a rectal infection and anyibiotics £98 item/job Devon 2014-04-02
annual booster and "health check" where the vet didn't examine or even look at the dog, flea treatment (a box of 4 spot-ons) and a warming tablet £50 item/job Bury 2013-08-15
Annual Booster and Kennel Cough £65 item/job Hunts Vet Stockport 2013-02-12
dog annual booster and kennel cough £30 item/job Burton On Trent 2012-12-28
Full booster (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza) £36 item/job Lincolnshire 2012-08-01
Annual booster + 2 minute ear and heart check £37 item/job Weymouth Dorset 2012-06-24
Annual Booster £34 item/job South Devon 2012-05-26
booster vaccination £38 item/job New mills 2012-05-02
Annual booster and health check. £40 item/job Milton Keynes 2011-12-09
Tibetan terrier annual booster £45 item/job Knaresborough 2011-12-01
DPI and Lepto boosters with annual health check up for 5 year old Labrador £29 item/job Leeds 2011-11-01
anual booster nobivac dhppi £36 item/job Blandford forum 2011-08-01
Annual booster & health check 32.51 + 24.77 for kennel cough £57 item/job Rochdale 2011-07-28
Annual Booster £38 item/job Aberdare, Mid Glam 2011-06-16
annual booster what a rip off!! £40 item/job Swindon 2011-05-28
Annual booster for the dog £41 item/job Fakenham, Norfolk 2011-03-01
Annual Booster £40 item/job Lincoln 2011-02-10
Annual booster & health check + 5g Panacur paste.(at approx. 5) £54 item/job Isle of Wight 2011-01-31
Annual Booster + Health Check Kennel Cough Vaccine an additional 23 £40 item/job Buckinghamshire 2010-12-14
booster £46 item/job Worthing 2010-11-26
booster given nov 2010, heene road vets worthing west sussex. £46 item/job Worthing heene road vets 2010-11-26
Cheapest Dog Booster price I found (Nov 2010) was at Weatherbury Veterinary Clinic in Puddletown, Dorset. Four vacines at 7 each.Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis and Leptospirosis. £28 item/job Weatherbury Vets,Dorchester, D 2010-11-09
Annual booster & health check £32 item/job Bridgend, S.Wales 2010-10-26
Annual booster,eye drops and antibiotic tablets for cough.Consultation also included £103 item/job Warrington 2010-09-28
Immunization of Puppy and booster both cost at 19.99 each. No appointment necessary at Your Vets. £20 item/job Raleigh Essex 2010-07-31
Annual Booster plus consultation fee 38 £38 item/job Richmond 2010-05-24
first and second jag , for puppy , plus kennel cough price ... £60 item/job Scotland 2010-05-03
Annual booster and two milbemax wormer tablets £48 item/job Cardiff 2010-04-29
Grazely vets in farnborough charges 33.20p £33 item/job Farnborough surrey 2010-04-21
I hunted around pricing various vet prices in the area Bury/bolton and the cheapest price is from vets for pets at Bury where they have a 10% discount on at the moment till the end of Jan,, usual price 33.73 with discount now 26,99 big saving if you like me have a couple of dogs £27 item/job Bury 2010-01-11
2nd puppy vacination at 10 weeks £33 item/job Liverpool 2009-06-16
my dog was given his jab in 2007 does he need a booster £76 item/job Wigan 2009-05-21
booster £39 item/job Glossop 2009-04-26
Annual booster £55 item/job Cheshire 2009-03-11
PDSA Pet Aid hospital. You can use it if you are on benefits or low income. £22 item/job Bristol 2008-07-25
pepper is a 13 week old cocker spaniel puppy. when i bought her home she had had her first injection but needed her second. clay hill road charge 36.50. a neighbour suggested i ring around and i found that cherry down in basildon only charged me 30.50 £31 item/job Basildon 2008-06-19
dog £33 item/job Cambridge 2007-10-26

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