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Vetinary surgery is getting more diagnostic but this means it is also getting more expensive as the cost of a blood test for a cat shows.

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Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Cat 🐱 13 years old, stopped eating and reduction in drinking. Full set of bloods plus two tins of cat food (special). Total cost so far 240. This includes the consultation fee of 30. £240 item/job Shropshire 2015-01-28
Blood test for Thyroid problem £47 item/job Fetcham , Surrey 2015-01-13
Blood tests on cat 99.95 + VAT £100 item/job Middlesex 2014-10-15
Blood test for kidney and thyroid funstion £69 item/job Denny (Falkirk) 2014-10-15
Idexx old thin cat profile £100 item/job Chobham surrey 2014-10-04
Full blood work for kidneys, diabetes, liver function FeLV, FIV, FIP, Toxo IgG/M £60 item/job Belfast 2014-05-02
Cat having fits. General Blood Test to check for underlying problems. i.e kidneys,liver ect. £93 item/job Dundee 2013-12-02
Blood test screening for thyroid, kidney, liver etc £120 item/job St. Neots Cambs 2013-06-09
Cat needed blood test prior to tooth extraction. Blood test - Chem 17, Lytes and Haem : lab sample interpretation 30 ventipuncture 30 Haematology CBC & Diff 67.03 Chem 17 36.80 Lyte 4 11.26 £175 item/job London 2013-05-19
Blood Sample Fee + General Health Blood Profile £80 item/job Glasgow 2013-05-04
my cat has stopped eating solid food over the last 3 days and we have seen an increase in water drinking. testing for kidney problem £66 item/job Chelmsford 2013-04-09
Our 14 year old cat has just been to vet cause she is not eating and looks very forlorn, although still purring. Consultation and blood test in house, because of bank holiday, plus some antibiotics. Blood test has shown kidneys Ok, but some higher than normal liver results. May need ultrasound scan to see where we go from here. £66 item/job Shropshire 2013-03-28
To find out about cats Kidney function and Diabetes. Queried price to find out 94.08 for test + 25 blood handling fee. Suspect IMO £120 item/job Addlestone, Surrey 2013-02-15
blood test and consultation fee £109 item/job Wirral 2013-01-28
elderly underweight cat, after 31.25 for check up, he had to go back for a fasting bloodtest to check for diabeties and overactive thyroid £65 item/job Lichfield 2012-11-30
Blood test to check for feline diabetes, thyroid problems & kidney function etc £76 item/job Longniddry 2012-10-25
took my cat to a vet he charged consultation, clipped cats paws, did a thyroid hormone test,did biochem ( 1 only test ) prescription fee, surplied 112 2.50mg of fortekor tabs £194 item/job Newport pagnell 2012-07-02
Blood test with no treatment given as cat who suffers from thyroid trouble was being sick. £191 item/job Doune, Scotland 2012-06-14
General blood test to see if there's any underlying problem with cat. Couldn't believe it cost this much!! £96 item/job Lichfield 2012-04-04
Background History: Very underweight older cat, abnormally low body temperature with chronic vomiting. Has been losing weight over a long period of time and has lost 1/3 of his body weight in last 12 months alone. Clinical signs: vomits roughly every other day, always hungry, always looking for a source of heat as he is permanently cold. Bowel movements vary between normal and some diarrhea. Other than that, he is a very active playful naughty little cat. Initial consultation 29.22 Underweight/elderly cat check 90.00 consisting of blood test to check liver function, kidneys, thyroid, diabetes, glucose, electrolytes, protein and calcium levels, etc. Total paid 119.22 - Thankfully all blood tests came back clear. Further investigation is now required. Vet is recommending that cat be anaesethetised, chest and abdominal x-rays, ultrasound and a stomach tube to check oesophagus and stomach are clear (and without obstruction). X-ray/ultrasound is mainly to check bowel for obstruction, tumours, etc. Estimated cost 250-300. It all adds up but he's worth it so we won't give up on him and we are proceding with the planned investigations. Always try to ensure you have insurance on your pets. You can get insurance for elderly pets (you just need to look around). Failing that, look for your local Blue Cross or PDSA in the phonebook or on the internet and have your pet registered there. If you can prove that whoever owns the pet is on benefits, they will normally treat the pet for a small donation. £119 item/job South West London 2012-03-09
Blood test in house usually costs 30, as their machine wasnt working they had to send it off to a lab, for liver, kidneys and pancreas. £69 item/job Ammanford 2012-02-10
Blood test for cat to look for liver or thyroid problems. Results back 2hrs. £170 item/job Ilkley 2011-11-02
T4 thyroid test £48 item/job Selby 2011-09-22
Cat 16 yrs loosing weight required blood test, suspected thyroid problem £105 item/job Elland, Hakifax, West Yorkshir 2011-07-06
Cat has had kidney disease for 6 years, annual blood test this month. £59 item/job Holt, Norfolk 2011-06-26
Full blood test - full health MOT (diabetes, thyroid etc) £75 item/job Dorset 2011-06-15
my cat had pneumothorax and contusions on lungs and required oxygen tent for 5 hours, x-ray, blood tests and drip and stayed in overnight. £700 item/job Thamesmead 2011-05-01
Dehydration test £64 item/job Walsall 2011-03-29
Blood tests to determine illness £110 item/job Crowborough 2011-03-26
Blood test to check thyroids £125 item/job New Romney, Kent 2011-03-20
Blood test to check for thyroid, given antibiotic injection just in case of infection in nose. £97 item/job Lancashire 2011-02-26
Took my kitten cos she was not walking right or crying and was told she needed a full blood test (2 hours for them to come back), fluids and a x-ray on her liver. she stayed in just for the day too and I need after care too. £180 item/job Wolverhampton 2010-11-16
Feline respiratory disease panel to test for Bortadella Bronchseptica,Chlamydophila felis,Feline herpesvirus type 1 (FHV-1),H1N1 influenza virus,Mycoplasma felis,Feline calicivirus. £53 item/job Nottingham 2010-09-28
FIV/FELV COMBO BLOOD TEST. £34 item/job Nottingham 2010-09-28
Vet Test mini profile and T4 £91 item/job Paisley 2010-08-21
Blood test for cat loosing weight, Biochemistry, Haematology and T4 £85 item/job Leeds 2010-06-22
Blood test to find out why cat losing weight. £81 item/job Norwich 2010-05-10
feline profile and Thyroid blood test £72 item/job Dorset 2010-03-08
Blood test to determine blood group £67 item/job Durham 2009-09-11
price to check for FIV & FeLV £50 item/job Lincolnshire 2009-07-13
Blood test to check thyroid function £30 item/job Pontypridd 2009-05-29
Blood test General Health Profile (Ghp) apparently checks, kidney, liver, pancreas. *Does not include Thyroid T4* £61 item/job Pontypridd 2009-05-29
lab haem/chem/t4/virs cat being sick and blood in poo. £116 item/job London 2009-05-26
Full blood test to determine kidney health and illness. £46 item/job Lincolnshire 2009-04-02
Blood test to check for FIV and leukemia £30 item/job Bradford 2009-04-01
Blood test to check for diabetes and kidney health £116 item/job Hampshire 2009-03-04
Full Blood Test determine illness £120 item/job Glasgow 2009-01-28
Comprehensive Profile SP3G (78.52) FeLV, FIV, FIP, Toxo IgG/M (52.10) £130 item/job Bristol 2009-01-03
Full blood test biochemistry and haematology £121 item/job St Albans, Herts 2008-11-10
Blood test carried out on stray cat to check for feline AIDS and leukaemia £44 item/job Preston 2008-11-06

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