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Cats especially as they get older need their teeth looking after. If not they can be in a lot of pain and have difficulty in eating. Also accidents can damage their large front canines.

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My cat has fork (feline odonto plastic resorptive lesions) which is really tartar and plaque on the teeth which needs to be cleaned off. As a result my cat has a hole in one tooth which needs to be repaired. He also has gingivitis which is very inflamed gums as a result of the above. I have been quoted between 300 and 600 depending on how much work needs to be done. This seems absolutely exhorbatent and I would appreciate anyone who knows a reasonable vet in the Surrey\Hampshire region as seems far too much esp after looking at everyone else's quotes £600 item/job Farnham, Surrey 2015-04-30
My cat had a scale and polish and 3 extractions, Metacam and antibiotics or about 10 days. £187 item/job Plymouth 2015-03-25
Dental , 3 teeth out , metacam and 2 weeks of antibiotics £120 item/job Army Leeds 2014-12-23
Had 4 teeth removed 2years ago cost 230, now told remaining teeth must be removed at a cost of 450 , no wonder the vets driving a brand new range rover . £450 item/job Gateshead 2014-11-21
Cat had a fractured jaw xrays and surgery to have a metal band around to support the jaw and two tooth extractions free weekly check ups. Fantastic Vets!! £200 item/job Hartlepool 2014-10-18
Teeth removed because of gingivitis £300 item/job Wales 2014-10-03
My cat is 5 years old. Had teeth cleaned under anaesthetic, hospital day case and no extractions needed. £99 item/job CRAWLEY 2014-08-29
General anaesthetic, descale/polish, extractions as required, hospitalisation, analgesics/antibiotics £105 item/job Lincolnshire 2014-08-08
canine tooth extraction, de-scale/clean, pain killer and antibiotic £200 item/job Calder vets huddersfield 2014-05-22
REMOVAL OF 3 TEETH & SCALE Anaethesia 100 Tooth Scale 120 3 x Extraction 24 x 3 = 72 Hospitalisation 20 Fluid 15.62 Fluid bag 9.60 Flud IV 30.00 Angiocath 6.25 Flu Vaccine & Health check 38 Discount - to meet quote that includes 1 extraction -75.47 TOTAL 336 £336 item/job Brockwell Vets, Herne Hill 2014-05-19
ga cat dental; plus 2 teeth extractions. £262 item/job Stoke on Trent 2014-05-05
Initial consult 45, 2 extractions under GA, scale and polish inc follow up visit. Good price. £226 item/job The Hollies, Downham Market 2014-03-10
old cat needs teeth doing......... blood tests anesthetics fluids xrays teeth cleaned extractions will be extra :( £350 item/job Suffolk 2013-10-13
Had blood test - cost 150 2 teeth removed - 250 Total - 400!!! Not covered by insurance!!!! Rip off £400 item/job Fife, Scotland 2013-10-02
cedar vets ringwood hants £400 item/job Ringwood 2013-06-05
Two teeth taken out, scale and polish. General anaesthetic with pre-operation blood test, fluids, antibiotics, pain relief. Follow up appointment included He is 11 years old £320 item/job Telford, Shropshire 2013-03-12
Pre: blood tes; Extraction of molar and clean £581 item/job London W9 2013-02-08
My 11 yr old cat was suffering from gum infection as he had too much tar tar that got built up around his teeth. They cleaned all his teeth(full anaesthetic operation) and also groomed him. Was given antibiotics for the next five days. The other vet said 230 pounds, now THAT is a daylight robbery. £90 item/job South East 2012-11-23
General anaesthetic for extraction of 3 teeth from 6 year old cat , antibiotic injection and, pain relief treatment. Scale and polish of all other teeth while under anaesthetic.Then a vets check up appointment 5 days later. £200 item/job County Durham 2012-09-07
scale and polish, extraction of 1 tooth under anaesthetic, antibiotics and pain killer £160 item/job Petersfield, Hampshire 2012-09-03
cat had gingivitus due to undetected kidney disease. Awful smell in her mouth. She had 9 teeth and part of her gum removed. General Anaesthetic and antibiotics and pain killers. Sadly she disintegrated and despite painkillers, steroids etc.. We chose to have her put to sleep 8 weeks later when the disease took hold and she wouldnt eat or urinate. £325 item/job North Essex 2012-07-03
descale all teeth £250 item/job Cambridge 2012-06-30
remove two canines £148 item/job Rushden, northants 2012-06-18
scale and polish, extraction of 3 teeth under anaesthetic, antibiotics and pain killer plus follow up appointment £200 item/job Calder vets, huddersfield 2012-04-10
11 year old cat had most teeth removed, check on kidneys, fluid for dehydration & overnight stay. vet said he'd keep cost to minimum. examination 28.08, noroclav inj 3.17, blood sample 9.07, idexx pre op/oap profile 30.67, iv fluids support 32.89, general anaesthetic 59.90, metacam inj 4.43, tooth extraction 131.30. £299 item/job Cheshire 2012-02-09
Clean female cats teeth and extract 4 teeth/ 2 top 2 bottom,Hospitalisation, theatre fee, pain relief,injection,bloods, consultation fee/ twice. Had estimate prior for 185 £335 item/job Lincolnshire 2012-01-12
blood sampling,propofol,lab pre GA,general anaesthetic,extraction of unspecified number of teeth ,convenia(whatever that is).Price is after 20% discount £227 item/job Swansea 2011-12-13
11 Year old female cat.7 teeth extracted, descale & polish.mature pets support(bloods and fluids while under anaesthetic).5 days supply of antibiotic tablets, Metacam painkiller. Follow up appointment. £314 item/job SW London 2011-11-28
Tooth extraction, descale, polish and Antibiotics £277 item/job Leicester 2011-11-02
My cat had a course of anti biotics and teeth removed plus fluids and a post op check up not sure how many teeth were removed but was told he had already lost some teeth £368 item/job Milton keynes 2011-09-09
Originally quoted 500 A SIDE for complete extraction!! No way can afford 1000. After subsequent visits with ongoing gingivitis quoted 250 - 300. Vet phoned after surgery to say bill would be 480! Better than 1000, but way over quote. £480 item/job Devon 2011-08-02
two teeth out and clean £263 item/job Lincoln 2011-05-19
5 teeth extracted/ remaining teeth cleaned. Includes antibiotics and pain killer £195 item/job North Yorkshire 2011-04-28
3 teeth extraction +scale and polish, antibiotics and after care + pain killers + mature pets support(bloods and fluids while under anaesthetic) £377 item/job West sussex 2011-04-18
Lab fees 57.60 Anaesthetic 57.42 Operation- 76.37 (removal of three teeth) Drugs 12.40 X rays x 2 67.08 TOTAL : 270.87 £271 item/job DEVON 2011-04-12
short hospitalisation (5hours), blood t.est,three teeth extracted,teeth scaled,antibiotic and painkiller and two follow up appointments. £250 item/job Stoke on Trent 2011-03-19
Quoted for the following: Descale and polish 117 then a further 20 if teeth need extracting.. not quoted for antibiotics afterwards which cats have to have if they need any teeth taking out or any extra charges should any sutures be required after extractions £117 item/job Lincoln 2011-02-25
4 teeth taken out!!! £370 item/job Northumberland 2011-02-22
2 teeth extracted and clean up gums £270 item/job Pinner 2011-02-10
teeth clean and polish on cat £117 item/job Grangemouth 2011-02-03
1 female cat 4 extractions descale and polish antibiotic injection. Disposables, syringe, mask etc. Disposal of clinical waste, intubation for gas maintenance, monitoring. £226 item/job Falkirk, central scotland 2011-01-19
My 15 year old cat has ony 5 teeth left but the vet charged me 99.00 £99 item/job Redcar 2010-11-19
11 Year old female cat. Right rear molar extraction, plus pre OP blood test. Aftercare not included £302 item/job Bolton, Lancashire 2010-09-22
6 teeth extracted, descale & polish. 6 days supply of antibiotic tablets, Metacam painkiller. Follow up appointment. £234 item/job Alver Vets Gosport 2010-09-02
Dental descaling including general anaesthetic £125 item/job Basingstoke 2010-08-24
treatment for cat pre op blood tests urine tests, plaque and de scale, aneastic, antibiotic, £345 item/job Not yet done 2010-08-02
8x tooth extraction £176 item/job Ramsbottom, Bury 2010-06-29
1 tooth extracted, descale & polish, anti-inflammatory injection;anti-biotic injection; pre-anaesthetic bloods and 10% discount! £435 item/job Walton-onThames, Surrey 2010-05-19
tooth cleaning anesthetic and tooth removal £128 item/job Cambridge 2010-05-12
to have cats teeth cleaned then extra 17 pound for each extraction depending on how hard to get out ect £120 item/job Companion care huddersfield pe 2010-05-03

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