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If a dogs teeth become badly decayed then it can really struggle to eat properly and may be in a lot of pain that it simply can't tell you about. These prices are for dental surgery on dogs of different breeds and are what people have paid for a variety of dog dentistry.

Vet prices prices for dental surgery dog: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
13 teeth extractions £300 item/job Folkestone kent 2015-07-22
Scale and polish with 7 teeth extracted. Sent home with antibiotics and Metcam. Review in 7 days. Originally quoted £250 but on arrival was told £350.00. Argued price down to original quote. £275 item/job Northumberland 2015-05-29
Ga dental with 4 x tooth extractions, inc. Painkillers, injection, sedation with isoflo and 6 days of clavaseptin tabs £178 item/job Bedfordshire 2015-05-28
1 tooth extraction 4 year old american bulldog £180 1 South ayrshire 2015-04-21
I have been quoted £400 for my dog to have teeth cleaned etc and maybe 2/3 teeth out is this price ok or can I get cheaper? £400 item/job Sidcup kent 2015-04-08
11 year old Staff 1 fractured tooth removed blood test,pain killers(3 days)antibiotics(7 days) plus 2 two follow up check ups its about time vets were regulated they have a licence to charge what they want £875 item/job Southwark London 2015-02-23
1Tooth Extraction £750 item/job London 2015-01-08
10 yr old Jack Russell. I have had her about 6 months. Fist vet said she has ginvitis and needed teeth cleaning. Quoted me £280-£350 plus 1 tooth extraction if needed £60 then £20 for any other teeth that needs taking out.... 2nd Vet said she has not got Ginvitis and Quoted me £150 for the same.....Bloody money theiving vet £150 item/job Surrey 2014-11-14
Whippet 12 years old with 2 abcesses under teeth and 2 more needed to be removed a total of 4 teeth need removing with antibiotics included quoted £430.00 £430 item/job Leicester 2014-10-17
acp inj 2mg/ml [x0.3] = £6.37, vetergesic injection [x1.5] = £12.49, metacam inj 0.5% [x1] = £11.42, general anaesthetic (dog) = £40.85, Propofol (Vetofol Injection) [x20] = £12.96, Op Dental extractions = £72.00, Follow on check up = £12.80, Betamox LA Injection [x2.7] = £4.80, Noroclav 250mg Tablets [x10] = £12.79, Op Remove Gum Mass [x1] = £12.00 Greyhound had two teeth out, and a lump on her gum removed, scale and polish. £198 item/job High Green, Sheffield 2014-10-17
Scale and polish £252 1 Glasgow 2014-09-05
6 year old toy poodle. 4 teeth extracted. Others cleaned. Visit few days later. Pain relief medicine. More teeth would have been the same cost. Animal trust don't charge consultancy fee. Lovely kind people. £150 1 Bolton 2014-09-02
Teeth clean, using uv blaster to remove the tartar off teeth and going up inside of the gum. Vet needed to use general anaesthetic and £37 was painkiller. £237 1 Colchester, Essex 2014-08-21
I have a Yorkshire terrier who is having a descale and polish and teeth removed (six of them),which apparently practically fell out according to the nurse who just rung me. They are charging me £404 which is a disgrace as two years previous my other Yorkshire terrier had the same and multiple teeth removed costing half that amount. I know prices rises in two years but not by 50%. I would imagine i am helping pay for the new surgery. £404 1 Basildon essex 2014-08-08
General anaesthetic, scale and polish. £260 item/job Bristol 2014-05-27
I have an 8 1/2 year old Doberman who went in for a dental clean and polish, two hours later and probing the teeth five extractions were made three front one side and one back no painkillers and we walked out of the vet with blood dripping from the dog's mouth, no after-care £375 1 Suffolk 2014-04-14
Murphy, collie cross aged 7, general anaesthetic scale and polish, no extractions, antibiotic injection, maxi guard oral cleansing gel. £115 item/job Fife scotland 2014-03-20
Clean minor amount of tartar, remove 4 premolars (one very loose) GA, antibiotics, check-up 3 days later. 10kg dog of 6 years old. £212 item/job Wiltshire 2014-01-21
Brush and descale for 2 dogs aged 10 £240 item/job Hants 2013-09-30
teeth extraction following an absess and several days in hospital on anti biotics and painkillers £1,600 item/job Merseyside 2013-08-09
We have a small Yorkshire terrier cross Chihuahua bitch she was a rescue dog when we got her she had two lose black teeth and very bad plaque.We had her checked at our vet and she said the teeth must come out and also have her teeth cleaned and descaled.We where shocked at the price. £340 item/job Herts 2013-06-19
25kg 14year old border collie, three upper teeth removed and one back totth removed rest of teeth polished, included blood test and fluids in from 8.30am to 4.30am, went home with pain killers £200 item/job Warrington/North West 2013-06-18
Two teeth removed (one large canine) and scale and polish on medium sized crossbreed. £700 item/job Leeds 2013-05-30
Clean as many salvageable,extract the ones needed!! anaesthetic etc. £79,£60 for blood test..... £139 item/job Greenock 2013-04-04
yorkshire terrier 4 years old teethe scaled and polished, robbers time we all got to gether to bring these vets to book and stop the robbery happening to us that just cannot stand to see our pets suffer , and BOY! dont they know it . !!! £132 item/job Havarefordwes wales,t 2012-12-31
ADULT GERMAN SHEPHARD BITCH 10 YEARS OLD PRE GA BLOOD TEST £21 GA £46 DENTAL SCALE AND POLISH £83 3 EXTRACTIONS DIFFICULT AND 1 DRILLED £45 drug and pain killers metacam,clamoxyl,vetofol,vetergesic and antirobe 300mg x 5 £28 total cost inc vat £224 £224 item/job North lanarkshire aidrie 2012-12-10
5 teeth extracted and clean and polish... £197 item/job Belfast 2012-11-09
Quoted for dental extraction of 6 teeth for a 7 year old pug - £180 £100 is for the Anaesthetic. £180 item/job Lancaster 2012-10-21
Miniature Dacshund , one canine tooth removed and scale and polish. Collected same day. £419 1 Essex 2012-09-28
scale and polish only £151.15 Scale & polish + Few extraction £185.56 Scale & Polish + Several extractions £224.38 Scale & Polish + many extractions £292.70 Scale & Polish +many & difficult extraction£371.94 £186 item/job Castleford 2012-09-28
Dental clean to remove tartar off dog's teeth - quoted £90 but after five extractions(of teeth) ended up being £130 which is reasonable compared to first quote I had - £210 starting price - WITHOUT extractions! £130 item/job Warwickshire 2012-08-20
Yorkshire terrier had loose front teeth removed plus other dental work (eg scale & polish) under general anaesthetic,toal cost £584.00 is this over the top priced? £584 item/job Nottingham 2012-04-20
Minature Schnauzer - 15 teeth extracted,stitches,scale and polish. Ears checked, nails clipped. General anesthetic, antibiotics, pain killers. Follow up check up. £260 item/job Inverness Scotland 2012-02-28
28 teeth removed, removal of small mammary tumour and both ear canals examined. Anaesthetic drugs, monitoring, painkillers (metacam) antibiotics, check ups, stitches etc etc etc... £670 item/job Hertfordshire 2011-07-12
Scale teeth, iv as dog elderly and blood test pre op £292 item/job Cornwall 2011-03-22
removal of a tooth and scale and polish all other teeth. £200 item/job West Midlands 2011-02-12
1 6yr old female greyhound 26kg removal of broken canine treat infection clean rest of teeth standerd vet practice quote minimum £400 may require reconstruction job done by greyhound track vet £70 took less than 15 minutes £70 item/job Wiltshire 2011-02-10
for removal of one canine tooth and scale & polish £328 item/job Liverpool 2011-01-07
my dog only had scale & polish under general anaesthetic plus biopsy taken and sent for tests £398 item/job Hayes middlesex 2010-12-30
We paid £274 for a dental and booster for our yorkie she also had 3 teeth removed. Is this a rip of £274 item/job Stoke on trent 2010-12-07
Small dog. 2 teeth extracted (molars?) under general anaesthetic, with antibiotics. Anti inflammatories for 5 days post op. £202 item/job Scotland 2010-10-27
Our bull terrior had scale & polish under general anaesthetic, blood test and pathology for two lumps check while under the anaesthetic. £253 item/job Glasgiw 2010-10-09
31 teeth extracted £460 item/job Scotland 2010-05-19
Our dog had an abcess and had 6 teeth removed. Day surgery. £426 item/job Essex 2010-02-24
Our Jack Russell had to have a broken tooth removed (day surgery). I felt we were over charged for this procedure ? Does the cost seem fair to you ? £226 item/job Clapham Common Westside 2009-09-18
Our dog had an abscess and had to have two teeth removed under general anaesthetic £550 item/job Newbury, Berks 2008-10-18
4 teeth extracted and scale and polish performed on a dog £160 item/job Newton-le-willows 2007-04-06

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