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These are the costs for having a microchip inserted into a dog by a vet. The chip is usually placed at the back of the neck and is only about the size of a rice grain. Once in it won't fall out or off and can be read by a hand held scanner - like a barcode at the supermarket.

Vet prices prices for microchip dog: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Microchipping, chip checking and body examination. £20 item/job Ossett, West Yorkshire 2013-04-23
Implant of micro chip and registration on national database with Petlog. £12 item/job Maltby, Rotherham 2012-05-21
two first vaccinations + basic vet check + microchip + flea treatment +deworming treatment £57 item/job Oswestry, Shropshire 2012-05-08
Microchipping a puppy £18 item/job Warrington 2012-04-26
Microchip, Border Breeders & Pet Supplies £20 item/job Longtown, Cumbria 2012-02-28
Cat microchip £26 item/job Cramlington 2011-07-05
2 puppy Vacs and microchip £61 item/job Gwent 2011-02-17
The whole set of vaccinations a microchip and basic check up £100 item/job Chestrfield 2010-11-04
Barnsley animal rescue charity, qualified microchippers for dogs and cats. 07534982314 £10 item/job Wath-upon-dearne. 2010-11-02
for dog, cat or rabbit, www.congletonvets.com £17 item/job Cheshire 2010-09-17
Microchip & pet-log registration - 07947943637 - www.petmicrochipping.org £15 item/job Sheffield 2010-08-01
Microchipping a dog £19 item/job Swansea, Wales 2010-07-14
Microchip £7 item/job Bedworth 2010-06-12
microchip for dog £18 item/job Newcastle 2010-04-27
this is for a cat microchip £20 item/job Wirral, little sutton 2010-03-08
micochip and pet-log registration £15 item/job Renfrewshire 2009-09-25
very good pets at home in cramlington £30 item/job Cramlington 2009-06-13
basic microchip for dog £15 item/job Wiltshire 2009-06-02
basic microchip for dog £25 item/job London 2007-10-15
none £35 item/job Maidstone 2007-07-08

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