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The cost of vet treatment for your dog can rise considerably if your pet has to stay in overnight at the vets. They will usually be monitored at regular intervals and may be giving antibiotics or put on a drip. The cost will vary with the level of treatment given so see individual entries for examples.

Vet prices prices for overnight stay dog: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Eaten chocolate, overnight stay, vomited and charchol £641 item/job Essex 2013-05-07
suspected pavo 8week old puppy 3 nights in vets £500 item/job Wales 2013-04-18
2 night stay on fluid drip to rehydrate. Glucose testing x 3. £277 item/job Norwich 2012-10-08
urine sample test £15 item/job Kidderminster 2011-07-25
Blood test & 2 overnight stays on IV drip & anti sickness tablets £541 item/job Reading Berkshire 2011-02-16
Overnight stay, ECG heart x ray. Puppy aged 7 months died £600 item/job Manchester 2011-02-14
infected uterus and three days hospital treatment. Dog died £550 item/job Worcester 2007-10-24

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