Overnight stay

Vet prices prices for overnight stay

These are example prices for having your pet stay in at the vets overnight perhaps on observation for a condition that needs monitoring. Unless stated otherwise the price does not include the cost of any other treatments but may include putting your pet on a saline drip or administering antibiotics.

Vet prices prices for overnight stay : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Overnight stay,2 different meds,sore pressure cleaned,2 xray with sedation,discharged. £157 item/job Ripon north Yorkshire 2014-09-20
respiratory distress X-rays, ultrasound, drip,steroids, antibiotics, consultation, overnight stay - 2 nights. £700 item/job Sutton, Surrey 2007-11-05
over night stay £100 item/job Edinburgh 2007-10-19

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