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To spay a cat is to remove is ovaries and therefore stop the little darling from having those oh so cute kittens year after year after year. Oh and they will if you don't do something about it!

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Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Anaesthetic, stitching, painkillers, no overnight stay. £74 item/job Livingston 2015-08-15
Cat spaying only collar etc extra £84 item/job Aberdeen 2014-02-06
4 kittens £20 item/job Northampton 2014-01-08
cat spaying including general anaesthesia, post operative anti-inflammatory and pain killer. Buster collar included and removal of stitches after 10 days. £57 item/job Callington Cornwall 2011-03-09
Female kitten spayed, includes stitches removal, buster collar. Microchip a freebie due to special offer £42 item/job N.ireland 2011-03-05
g/a, painkillers, buster collar and op, follow up at 2days and 10days to remove stitches £59 item/job Woking, Surrey 2011-02-21
Female cat spayed on left side. Including consultation, check up and stitch removal. £70 item/job Bedfordshire 2011-02-12
Cat spayed, anesthetic, pain killers, follow up 10 days later £175 item/job Amsterdam, NL 2011-02-09
cat spayed £79 item/job Bedford 2011-02-02
2 female kittens spayed & microchips inserted as day surgery. Though the cost was very reasonable. £142 item/job Green Street Green, Orpington 2010-12-16
cat spaying £35 item/job Plymouth 2010-11-12
Price to have cat spayed inc. anaesthetic, and removal of stitches 10 days later £56 item/job Bicester, Oxford 2010-11-04
female kittens spayed £91 item/job Suffolk 2010-10-19
Cat Spay Operation £55 item/job Plaistow, London 2010-10-19
Cat Spay Operation £55 item/job Plaistow, London 2010-10-19
Female cat spay including all painkillers, anesthetic, aftercare, stitches, 5 day check up, 14 day removal of stitches and buster collar. £91 item/job London 2010-03-19
Female cat spayed - includes 3 small packets of Hills food for post op. Buster collar/lampshade has to be purchased seperately. £83 item/job Staines, Middlesex 2010-03-15
Catspay (58), follow up visit and meds etc. £75 item/job Formby, Merseyside 2010-03-10
Price to have female cat neutered £65 item/job West Sussex 2010-01-05
Operation £32 item/job Lincolnshire 2009-09-03
spaying and aftercare £60 item/job Glasgow 2009-08-31
Cat Spay £95 item/job Isle of Man 2009-04-21
cat spay, painkiller, buster collar and post op check up £53 item/job Worthing 2009-03-18
Price to have cat spayed £150 item/job JERSEY 2009-01-24
medivet £30 item/job En3 6nh 2009-01-16
Cat Spay, meds and buster collar £55 item/job Montrose 2008-09-07
Price for spay and microchip £71 item/job Leeds 2008-09-06
cat spay £54 item/job Lancashire 2008-06-15
operation & painkiller £75 item/job Lincolnshire 2008-06-10
operation, painkiller, lampshade 'hat', identity chip £92 item/job Sonning Common, Oxfordshire 2008-02-17
cat spaying £30 item/job Mansfield 2007-10-21
includes medication and buster collar £120 item/job Woking, Surrey 2007-04-29
Price to have the cat spayed £20 item/job London 2007-02-21

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