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This is the cost to spay a dog at the vets. This is when the ovaries of the dog are removed to stop them having any accidental puppies through indecent acts with next-door neighbours Alsatian

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Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Up to 20kg Spaying 5 months old £122 item/job Leek, Staffordshire 2015-04-29
I have been quoted 140 from the PDSA Stoke on Trent to have my 8mth old husky pup spayed £140 item/job Stoke on trent 2015-03-23
Rhodesian ridgeback, 7 months old , weighs around 26kg £215 item/job Vets4pets 2015-03-19
Spaying £234 item/job Wirral 2015-02-27
Pyometra £900 item/job Essex 2015-01-23
I just got a quote for spaying my dog, 164.50 up to 20kilos or 185.50 over 20kilos plus 8 painkiller medicine for afterwards. They do free microchipping at that vets at the moment too. £165 item/job Stockton on Tees 2014-10-24
Spaying, painkillers collar, after op check up stitches out collar £134 item/job Plymouth 2014-08-08
Just had a quote to have my 6mth King Charles Cave'y spayed. She's 5.3kg £175 item/job South Wales 2014-08-04
Spaying and microchipping 6 month old Westie £188 item/job Stirling, Scotland 2014-04-15
Pyometra-Spay with iv fluids, antibiotics, pain relief £684 item/job HOLT 2014-03-12
I have just got a quote for a dog up to 25kg for spay and aftercare - 164 £164 item/job Southampton 2013-10-21
I had my 12 months old Bichon/Maltese bitch spay, her weight was 6 to 8 kilos £200 item/job Sherborne, Dorset 2013-05-18
1yr old labrador 25kgs. Full day at vets all meds and collar. £156 item/job Cheshire 2013-05-18
Pyometra-Spay with iv fluids, antibiotics, pain relief, 2 nights in vets. £1,700 item/job Essex 2013-05-13
Pyometra-Spay with iv fluids, antibiotics, pain relief, 2 nights in vets. Black lab-24kg-7yr old. £1,700 item/job Essex 2013-05-13
spay plus e-collar, post op check and stitch removal 4lb cross breed £145 item/job Oldham 2013-02-03
6 month old French Bulldog,day surgery including antibiotics £179 item/job Portugal 2012-12-11
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 10kg £199 item/job Weymouth 2012-11-28
pre-op checkup plus spay for 6 month old border terrier 6kg £170 item/job Renfrew 2012-11-19
included ultrasoundx2&1 consultation ,parametria .Returned following day for scheduled spaying. £575 item/job Kent 2012-08-14
40kg GSD Pyometra, overnight stay, Pain relief and antibiotics £584 item/job Aberdeenshire 2012-05-31
Spay all check up and medication plus micro chipping. £250 item/job New forest area 2012-04-24
1 year old (on her Birthday too!) 25kg Labrador - costs included a general examination, surgery and post op check including removal of stitches. £104 item/job Luton 2012-04-19
price for my small dog a jack chi to be sprayed £100 item/job Runcorn 2012-04-11
7 month female working cocker spaniel. Spayed £156 item/job Wirral 2012-02-28
Spay plus inserting chip. £256 item/job Norwich 2011-12-20
Greyhound spay 24kg £208 item/job Middlesex 2011-11-11
we asked our own vet to spay our 4 year old 8kg terrier. quoted just under 200 plus pain relief, shopped around, found 136.00 all in at ceaderwoods vet stowmarlet. please shop around, forget loyalty!! £136 item/job Stowmarket suffolk 2011-10-29
7yr old Standard Poodle spaying £191 item/job Motherwel l/ Scotland 2011-10-13
Spay bitch whippet 6 years, rescue dog, former breeding animal. Including all after care and medication. Excellent veterinary practice. £134 item/job Wolverhampton 2011-10-07
6 month old labradoodle 11kg. Spayed, 2 post op checks, all meds, anaesthetic, Elizabethan collar etc. £151 item/job Croydon 2011-09-19
3 year old american bulldog £200 item/job Rm12 2011-08-30
Small Jack Russell Terrier £198 item/job Belvedere, Kent 2011-07-15
spay 7 month old standard poodle. £142 item/job Nuneaton warwickshire 2011-07-02
6 month old Spaniel spayed and micro chipped and two post op checks wormed £127 item/job Ayrshire 2011-05-03
6 month old, 4lb chihuahua bitch. Pre op check, pre-medication and sedation, anaesthesia, surgery, disposable surgical items (drapes, catheter etc.), vet and nurse present, post op long acting pain relief and antibiotic injections, take home pain meds, 8 hour post op stay in nursing kennel, microchip implant done at the same time as the spay, courtesy follow up phone calls, post op exam and stitch removal and a years worming tablets for under 204. Wonderful service given and a very neat surgical site afterwards. £203 item/job Lincolnshire 2011-03-31
Spay 28KG Labrador Retreiver, Rapinovet anaesthetic and Vetergesic, Butterfly collar to prevent wound infection, and anti-inflammatory medication for post-op care. £238 item/job Surrey 2011-03-08
2 yr old Staffy Bitch, weighing 21kg My local vets quoted 200, however another vets (with good recommendations and feedback) just 5 miles away quoted 95!! You know where I will be going. £95 item/job Essex 2011-03-07
12 month Labrador bitch £179 item/job Ashford, Kent 2011-02-03
american bulldog 29.5kg 7 months old. your vets. including cone, all medication. £95 item/job Rayleigh essex 2011-01-21
Spay 6 month old Jack Russell Cross inc pain relief to take home & post op checks. £252 item/job Hertfordshire 2011-01-15
12month old Akita bitch, to spay, (and have stitches out), computer chip and to trim nails £200 item/job Pocklington, Yorkshire 2011-01-12
Setter 6 years old, antibiotic and painkiller injection £170 item/job Glasgow 2010-12-28
Spay 27kg bitch, including stitches out and any follow up aftercare £156 item/job Halifax, Yorkshire 2010-11-16
2 young GSD's @ 25kg each . . .the price was for the 2 girls together £200 item/job Blackpool Lancashire 2010-11-02
spaying 8 yrs Labrador bitch all in. £103 item/job Gatley 2010-10-22
for a 6 month old collie bitch £163 item/job Stockport 2010-10-10
13 month old Boxer bitch 21.7kilo's £210 item/job Southampton area 2010-10-04
6 months staff puppy spayed weighing under 10kg (classed as a small dog) £140 item/job South west london 2010-09-27
Lhasa apso bitch spay costs 130.00 in Lincolnshire £130 item/job Boston 2010-09-20

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