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Cats seem to get into a lot of scrapes or get hit by vehicles and so may occasionally need some pretty major patching up. Be ready to get your cheque book out then if that happens as these are example prices for getting cats back on the mend through surgery.

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Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Cut on front paw pad, first vet visit, clean, bandage and painkiller injection - 60...quote for surgery the following morning, 70 anaesthetic, 60 for stitches and then additional for painkillers and antibiotics. minimum bill is going to be 200 £200 item/job West Midlands/Dudley 2015-05-27
gingivitus infection treatment fo cat £422 item/job Wiltshire 2014-12-23
My cat had a stomache MRI £242 item/job London 2014-11-17
Poplys in both my cats ears she 7 yrs old £3,000 item/job London 2014-06-30
Antibiotic injection followed by general anaesthetic, 2 teeth extracted, scale and polish and pain relief... £370 item/job Chichester west sussex 2014-06-26
Cat had fluid in stomach. Suggested ultrasound and xray. 400. Found nothing. Suggested opening cats stomach while under sedation. 600, found nothing. Waiting for biopsy results. £1,000 item/job Selby 2014-06-02
Clean & stitch injury under general anaesthetic. Long-acting antibiotic injection. No overnight stay. £190 item/job Yorkshire 2014-01-20
Cruciate ligament surgery on hind leg. No overnight stay, one x-ray, includes two post-op visits and some basic pain killers. £1,300 item/job Milton Keynes 2013-04-03
Overnight stay (normal vet hours) for cat, surgery to remove bladder stones, flush, antibiotics, drip. £350 item/job Edinburgh 2013-01-04
Had cats left ear removed £400 item/job Croydon 2012-10-13
Cat eye removal: anaesthetic 81.84 Removal of eye 268 Anaesthetic Infusion 31.68 Metacam injection 9.39 Metacam oral suspention (to be given at home) 14.00 Hills Feline recovery food 2.28 406.05 plus 81.22 VAT = TOTAL 564.33 £564 item/job Selby, North Yorkshire 2012-03-01
Kitten 3 over nights stays, Xray, GA enema, IV fluids, diazapam, and other sedatives, blood test, 800 plus cremation arrangements 50 £800 item/job North east 2012-02-11
First bandaging an open wound on the tail, antibiotic shot and a painkiller shot = 135. Cat pulled off the bandaging within hours, was redone, no charge. Cat pulled it off again, the wound was stapled (!) and bandaged, no charge. Cat pulled off collar, bandage and staples. Saw another vet at the surgery who cleaned the wound, left it open for my cat to have stitches two days later. The cat was in all day today, was put under, had stitches and anti-inflammatory shot + medicine to take home = 64. A reduction for a job badly done in the first place!! £200 item/job London 2011-09-05
Removal of part of ear flap due to assumed cancerous growth. Included pre-op consultation, anti-biotics, operation, e-collar, follow-up and stitch removal £140 item/job Shrewsbury 2011-09-01
tail amputation from the base £250 item/job South yorkshire 2011-07-29
Dental surgery, tooth extraction of several teeth, de-scale and polish, antibiotics and after care £400 item/job Swansea 2011-07-01
GA enema £220 item/job Milton Keynes 2011-04-19
the cat cut its rear paw and its bone and ligaments were exposed it cost 140 to have it stictched that included 40 to put him to sleep 65 to stitch the wound 18 for a bandage and the rest went on antibiotics and pain killers. he managed to pull the bandage off and the stitches out and the vet wanted another 140 £140 item/job Nottingham 2010-11-12
Cats eye removal, stitches, antibiotics, pain relief £330 item/job Midlands 2010-11-07
Surgery on cat for draining, flushing and patching up abcess between shoulder blade. Included overnight stay, general anaesthetic, kidney function tests as cat over 10yrs, drain, second vet visit to remove drain and stitches, follow up. Also included 1 weeks antibiotics and few days pain killers. Think price was excessive. £550 item/job St Albans 2010-09-13
Sedation, X-ray, jaw wired back together, medication and 3 nights residential. £489 item/job Lincolnshire 2010-07-29
Surgery to remove a Large lump from between shoulder blades, drain fitted, overnight stay and observation. Antibiotic injection, antibiotic tablets, home visit check up and stiches out ten days later. £200 item/job Aberdeen 2010-05-15
midnight visit with my 6-weeks-old kitten at vet hospital; kitten dehydrated and vomiting, very weak; thorough exam, anti-vomiting injection + several injections of fluids under the skin; detailed advice on home care; kitten pulled through £119 item/job Sheffield / South Yorkshire 2010-05-01
Cat had abcess on his side from another cat bite, 3 vet vists, 2 injections, cream to put on wound, after third visit on a tetime vet said need to cut away dying tissue and stitch up. stayed in over night and collected the following afternoon. then another trip to take sticthes out. I was expecting double the surgery its self cost 81.50. well worth every penny to see him happy again £140 item/job BEVERLEY EAST YORKSHIRE 2010-04-17
GA Enema £150 item/job Watford 2010-03-16
Remove cats tail following trauma( Cat died 36 hours later) Does not include full cost further bill to follow!!! £360 item/job Portsmouth 2009-08-28
PLUS 10 FOR MICROCHIP £51 item/job Swansea 2009-02-25
IV fluid (admin and bag) £166 item/job St Albans, Herts 2008-11-10
Cat had a 1cm lump on the top of one ear. As she is 16 years old, we wondered whether it was worth having the lump removed. However, vet thought she was in good health and took off a third of the ear, stitching skin neatly over the cut edge. She was in the vets for 6 hours (no overnight stay!) £142 item/job Hampton Middlesex 2008-04-15
cats tail amputated to about 2 inches, 2 lots of tablets and to more visits one in 5 days and one in 10 to have the stitches removed £236 item/job Liverpool 2007-07-05
been to vet for the past four weeks for painkillers & antibiotics after 4th week had operation on paw (pad) & drilled into bone. May need further surgery £263 item/job Bridlington 2007-05-14

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