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Example cost for a Vetinary surgeon to conduct surgery on your dog. The reason for the surgery could be widespread and hence whilst the average is interesting it is in the detail of the example prices that you must look to get a good comparison to what you desire.

Vet prices prices for surgery dog: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Removal of mass from corner of eye. Possible tumour/"wart" caused by viral papilloma - awaiting histology results. Price includes general anesthetic, all drugs used during surgery, consultation fee with eye surgen of 140 and surgery. Due to position of the mass a tricky surgery. £558 item/job Edinburgh, Scotland 2014-12-06
Dog swallowed a sock. He was not eating, clearly poorly. Had 2 x-rays, surgery to open intestine, sock removed. In vets for one day from 8.30am - 6pm. Pain killers and soft dog food for a few days. £850 item/job Cheshire 2014-10-26
Conjustival pedial graft £1,500 item/job Birmingham 2014-09-28
Remove 3 small cyst lumps from a staffie £800 item/job Southend 2014-09-22
Surgery for Angular Limb Deformity, Including Xrays, CT scan, NOT INCLUDING AFTER CARE, £6,736 item/job Essex 2014-09-22
hip displacia,overnight stay,pain killers,anti biotics,x ray for a labrador Cheaper to take your dog over to Bulgaria and enjoy a holiday at the same time £160 item/job Bulgaria 2014-09-17
Amputation of infected toe on healthy 12 year old German Shepherd and sent off for Biopsy. 5 day course of antibiotics. £700 item/job Ilford, london 2014-08-22
Stitch open wound £400 item/job Birmingham 2014-08-04
Angular limb deformity, CT Scan, surgery to break and plate front leg, 4 day in animal hospital £6,000 item/job Newmarket 2014-07-22
Consultation, fluid therapy and catheter. Operation to remove object from dogs intestine, pain relief and antibiotics + 12 day course of antibiotics. 3 day and 2 night stay at vets. Excellent vets!!! £484 item/job Dorset 2014-07-05
Took dog to vet with a torn nail at back leg. Vet suggested there might be a broken bone there too and would need to X-ray. When I called back 2hrs later he said he had felt the bone crunch so no x-ray req. Whole nail removed and bone behind the break near the nail base. All costs inc anti biotics, surgery and follow up visit to remove bandage 2 days later. £143 item/job West Sussex 2014-07-01
Xray (w/anaesthetic) on back leg for Jack Russell Terrier - 266. Luxating Patella operation, bandages, cone & medicines - 1200 but haggled to 1000 as we had initially been quotes 700! £1,266 item/job South East UK 2014-05-30
heamotomo aurial op (blood in ear flap caused by shaking head) £500 item/job Torbay 2014-05-28
Pad above front left paw deep clean cut through soft tissue. Original stitches ripped by dog chewing bandage. Took her in for consult given estimate of 38. Billed for 81.85 as the wound was redressed and given antibiotic injection and examined. Took her in following day for general anaesthetic and stitches and post op antibiotic course..380. 460 in total! £460 item/job 21 May 2014 2014-05-20
Fix broken leg (includes consult, x-ray, surgery, plaster cast, painkillers & meds) on a Bank Holiday whilst on vacation. £3,000 item/job Woodstock, Oxfordshire 2014-03-31
Repair of cruciate ligament, x rays, antibiotics and pain killers. £1,700 item/job Leicestershire 2013-11-23
Emergency c section 4am sunday morning. Dog & pups home by 9:30 sunday morning. £1,400 item/job Lincoln 2013-11-19
1st appointment due to limping 2nd appointment X-ray and sedation 3rd appointment operation anesthetic and pain meds 4th appointment 6week check up more pain med My 10month old miniature Yorkie had her hip joint and leg ball removed due to arthritis £800 item/job Barrow in furness 2013-11-06
Shallow cut to stopper pad but required stitches under sedation. Quoted 150 but price was 301, including antibiotics, as he was a large dog. Was told he may need another dressing after 2 days costing 20! £301 item/job Inverness 2013-10-11
Labrador spay and tumour removal from mammary glands £360 item/job Huddersfield 2013-08-06
Surgery to stitch Dog bite to left shoulder under general anaesthetic. Overnight stay. Antibiotics and pain relief. Wound check with nurse 3 days post-op and stitches out 10 days later. £480 item/job Hertfordshire 2013-06-01
remove stone from intestine, x-rays overnight stay and painkillers £1,200 item/job Hampsire 2013-03-17
Surgery to remove kidney stones from my female Dalmatian £1,500 item/job Leicestershire 2013-03-14
Full hysterectomy due to very nasty womb infection. Price included course of antibiotics and pain relief to take home although on day 4 after her operation she has to have a further course of antibiotics and antiseptic solution which cost an additional 37 £453 item/job Bridgend, South Wales 2013-03-01
Removal of lump from gum of Staffy - a bit bigger than a 5p coin. During surgery, was decided to remove tooth as well (at no extra cost from initial quote) Initial consultation, surgery, medication and follow up appointment included. Biopsy not included. £305 item/job Sheffield 2013-02-20
c sec on mini dachshund 11 clock sat night £891 item/job Essex 2013-02-13
Front leg top pad injury, clean, suture, dress. General anesthetic. £398 item/job Epsom Surrey 2012-12-18
TPLO surgery for cruciate rupture on English Springer Spaniel £2,800 item/job Essex 2012-09-10
Neutered Lurcher 25kg total amount 85. £85 item/job Hazel Blakeman Uttoxeter Road, 2012-09-05
anal glands removed,cocker speniel aged 14 months £575 item/job Belper Derby UK 2012-08-07
after 3days the vet did an x-ray found blockadge did op to remove but my dog did not serive & dyed the next day (i hate vet who rip you off & cant do there job) £1,200 item/job Farnborough hampshire 2012-07-06
Toy removal from the stomach. General anaesthetic, overnight stay, fluids in a drip, possibly painkillers, internal external stitches. £900 item/job Aberdeen 2012-05-29
Repair Diaphragmatic rupture following traffic accident and hospital stay 4 nights £2,700 item/job West London 2012-05-21
Consultation, X-ray, emergency surgery to remove obstruction from intestine then anaesthetic top up and followed by two nights hospitalisation and 3 courses of antibiotics. £1,702 item/job Ashbank vets, Laurieston, nr F 2012-05-16
cut to foot clean cut but deep , req sedation and stiches £163 item/job Nottingham 2012-05-15
lump on paw pad, removed and biopsy £275 item/job Grimsby 2012-04-03
12 year old staffie had a skin tag on tummy that needed removing. Quoted by vet 140 all in. After surgery, picked up our dog and told there would be 230 to pay! I asked what the extra 90 was for and i was told a bag of I.V fluids. 90 for a bag of fluids? I am a nurse and i know a bag of Hartmanns I.V fluid doesn't cost 90. Looked online, it can be bought for 3.95p. I told them i wasn't paying it and was quoted a completely different amount so got the cost down to 129 all in! Absolutely disgusting and a complete rip off! I couldn't believe what i was hearing! £129 item/job County Durham 2011-10-28
2 Tumours removed under general anaesthetic 1 from eyelid and 1 from rump of large dog, sent for biopsy (fortunately benign) follow up examination after a few days then stitches removed after 2 weeks. eye drops and antibiotics. Also had pre op blood screen and fluids as dog is elderly (over 14 years old) and vulnerable. Complete recovery made and excellent care given. Much cheaper than human medicine costs - Those complaining about costs for some things ought to remembr there is no NHS for pets. I got some back on insurance almost 400 as there was an excess and a 15% co -insurance. Just think how much an NHS dentist costs these days for comparison. (and no i am not a vet or related to one - jst sensible on cost of things) £542 item/job Lancashire 2011-10-28
remove cyst from neck £240 item/job Ellon 2011-09-30
x-ray and operation to remove needle from stomach of labrador.overnight stay £1,170 item/job Yeading 2011-09-06
Take out a hernia size a quater £100 item/job Veterinary 2011-08-02
Emergency C-Section on English Bulldog at 2:30am! £295 item/job Preston, lancashire 2011-07-07
Removal of Eye, pre op blood tests, fluids whilst operating, antibiotics, buster collar, day ward, food, Histology. Not billed yet. £807 item/job Surrey 2011-05-12
Damage to both cruciate ligiments in the dog's knees, insertion of metal plates. 3000 pound per leg £6,000 item/job Stirling 2011-03-07
2 jabs and stitches £665 item/job Greater london 2011-02-13
For Jack Russel puppy. 22 weeks old, weighing approx 5kg. General anesthetic. 2 X-rays on hind leg. Operation to insert and tie 2 pins into knee. 2 days of pain killers, 4 days of antibiotics. All bandages etc. £468 item/job Rochdale 2010-10-31
hematoma surgery on german shepherd £375 item/job Lancashire 2010-10-12
Neutering a 12 month old YorkieJack £129 item/job Surrey 2010-08-19
patella opertion £600 item/job Vetenary hospital lowestoft 2010-07-22
stitch dogs leg,anaesthetic,antibiotics £328 item/job Manchester 2010-07-14

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