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Vaccinations are as important to a dogs well being as a humans and could save you money in the long run preventing or reducing the symptoms of certain illnesses.

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Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
First puppy vacination £30 item/job Wakefield 2014-10-21
Canigen Dog DHPPi & Lepto2 2nd injection 3/9/13 £39 item/job York 2014-09-22
Puppy Vaccination Pack - Full Initial Puppy Vaccinations, Microchipping, 1 month flea & worm treatment and free petplan insurance too at Armley Vets (Leeds, West Yorkshire) It's the same price for kittens too. £42 item/job Armley Vets 2014-06-05
Puppy Pack from Willows Veterinary Group. Full initial vaccination course, Microchip, 1 worm treatment, 1 months flea treatment, glossy puppy book, sticker, lead, 4 weeks free insurance, bag of puppy food, discounted neutering voucher,discount product voucher and puppy diary £58 item/job Cheshire 2013-02-14
job lot puppy vaccinations first and second ones, you pay 54.00 and get a check up off the vet they give the dog/puppy its first vaccination and a free month of pet insurance, then you take the puppy back in 14 days and they give the dog/puppy the next one after which it will not need done again for 12 months not bad for the price i thought! £55 item/job Wendy lanes rochdale 2013-01-03
Primary vaccination course for my 8 week old puppy - this included both jabs and the check with the vet each time as well. £33 item/job Penwortham, Preston, Lancashir 2012-09-11
done all vaccinations , worm and flea treatment + chip. Now my puppy is the healthiest I have ever seen £1,000 item/job Birmingham 2012-07-14
1st & 2nd Vaccinations, Health Check, Microchip, Flea & Worming treatment, 4 weeks insurance plus Puppy Pack. £65 item/job Pets at Home Vets, Redhill, Su 2012-05-16
Both injections, microchip, flea and worm treatment, And puppy food £39 item/job Vetsavers corby 2012-05-02
this is in Nl 1st shot $17.50, $60.00 for a quick look at the dog and $68.00 for the dewormer and flea control pill then add taxes $164.00 for the first vet visit. very expensive trip!! £164 item/job NL 2012-05-02
Both vaccinations 8 and 10 weeks £33 item/job Petvax Shipley 2012-02-21
2nd injection, worming treatment, flea treatment, kennel cough and they gave us a 'free' bag of food £105 item/job London, Highgate 2012-02-16
puppy first vaccination £50 item/job Maidstone kent 2012-01-29
intial vaccinations including kennel cough £60 item/job Belfast 2011-10-04
Full Vaccination for Puppy/Dog. 2 injections at least 14 days apart. I travel 8 miles to use this Vets, they are by far the cheapest & do actually care about the Animals! They are brilliant & affordable unlike most I have used. Richmond House Vets Dewsbury West Yorkshire WF12 9PW £20 item/job Dewsbury West Yorkshire 2011-09-05
1st and 2nd vaccination, health check,worming treatment and puppy pack ( large bag of dried food,bowl,measuring cup,dental gel and money off coupons). £45 item/job Ardmory vets, toryglen Glasgow 2011-03-30
I paid 55 pound for both inj also for additional 25 pound premium package you get 3 mths flea&worm treatment also a microchip and kennelcough jab plus free monthly checkups with the nurse plus my new puppy will be going to puppy partys for 1 hour a week on a saturday well worth the money £55 item/job Pets at home vets speke liverp 2011-03-01
1st vaccination £52 item/job Wellington, Somerset 2011-02-17
first and second jabs microchip flea and worm 4 month check up £60 item/job Budget vet blackwood gwent 2011-02-15
I have been given this price for the 1st and 2nd injections for my Cocker Spaniel (8 & 10 weeks old) £61 item/job Tidworth, Wiltshire 2011-02-01
Plus worming and de-fleeing and full 1st check up £75 item/job Ashford, middlesex 2011-01-19
1st and 2nd Vaccinations, free sample of flea/tick treatment £70 item/job Edinburgh Vet School 2011-01-13
First and second jabs plus brief health check. £76 item/job Isle of wight 2011-01-13
first and 2nd vacc plus puppy pac and wormer £27 item/job Mansfield woodhouse 2011-01-09
both jabs and microchip also puppy check up £54 item/job Bournemouth 2010-12-31
2nd vac only and kennel cough drops £56 item/job Lancs 2010-11-29
8 week and 10 week vaccinations plus micro chipping and worming. £44 item/job Morpeth, Northumberland 2010-11-08
First and second jab, plus micro chipping, was told special price inclusive of a toy, wormed, food, 75! £75 item/job Wakefield 2010-08-04
Cost of puppy jabs at 8 weeks old + second set at 10 weeks old.Frame, Swift. £54 item/job Penrith, Cumbria 2010-07-26
10 week old dogue de bordeux x white alsation. First 2 injections and Micro chip £45 item/job Birmingham 2010-07-05
Health check and course of 2 vaccinations. £55 item/job Wokingham 2010-06-17
57 for the 2 x puppy vaccinations and if dog is chipped on the econd jab..then it is 17 instead of 25. Total 74 £57 item/job Warrington 2010-06-15
Both puppy vaccinations plus microchipping and a 6 month check £35 item/job Huddersfield 2010-06-09
i paid 45 for a puppy course with he had all his jabs, was microchipped recieved flea and worming treaming and go back every 2 months for worming and flea wich costs 2 and 3 months free insurance. i think all this for 45 is a bargain. £45 item/job Pets at home, tamworth, ventur 2010-05-16
I took my puppy for her vaccinations, it was done over two appointments two weeks apart and it cost 58 for the lot inc VAT. £58 item/job Selby 2010-04-12
8 Week + 10 Week Vaccination plus microchipping (17 per vaccination and 15.50 for microchipping) £50 item/job Mansfield, Nottinghamshire 2010-04-07
1st puppy vaccination and check up £28 item/job Warrington, Cheshire 2010-03-19
Puppy 8 and 10 week vaccinations + microchip £45 item/job Leeds 2010-03-19
puppy vaccinations at 8 and 10weeks £46 item/job Runcorn 2010-02-03
it was at pets at home they were very good i got my 1st and 2nd jabs and a free microchip too all for a very good price. £63 item/job Essex-romford 2010-01-19
Border Collie Puppy 8 and 10 week vaccinations + microchip £71 item/job Atherton, Manchester 2010-01-15
First puppy vaccination course - two injections. £43 item/job Hereford 2009-12-02
8 week old puppy a bullmastiff cross alsation £20 item/job Dudley 2009-11-30
18 cecelia hammond for 1st vacination 7 for worm and flea treatment £25 item/job East london 2009-09-07
First injections for Bichon Frise pup, aged 8 weeks then 10 weeks, injections are 25 each, and 15 for microchipping on 2nd injection date. £25 item/job Hedon/Hull 2009-08-13
Puppy Vaccinations 8 weeks and 10 weeks £26 item/job Bedworth 2009-07-06
2nd course jag for 11 week old cairn terrier (excludes vat). £17 item/job East Kilbride 2009-05-07
Price for first puppy jabs and stool sample sent for culture (puppy had some bloody diarrhea) £93 item/job Norwich 2009-04-21
Full vaccination course, micro chipping, full health check, 2.5kg food, worm and flea treatment £85 item/job Torquay 2009-03-19
Vaccination 2 visits £65 item/job Harpenden Herts 2009-02-09

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