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Dog X-rays can be used to diagnose a large number of problems and ailments with your dog. The most obvious reason for giving your dog an x-ray are suspected bone fractures, but of course another common cause is X-raying the dogs stomach to see what is happening in their stomach after they have swallowed something unsuitable!

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Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Anasthetic, one xray and anti-biotics £235 item/job Oxford 2015-07-07
Sedation and x-ray of both front legs, splint for one front leg, neck cone. Animal Trust. £115 item/job Bolton 2015-04-21
10 x-rays covering all 4 legs under general anasthetic £413 item/job Leicester 2015-04-08
1 hip x-ray under sedation plus anti-flammatory pills and Metcam £560 item/job North London 2014-12-10
Bowel x ray for blocked intestine £85 item/job Coalville, leicestershire 2014-08-19
My dog suddenly became lame again 14months after cruciate ligament surgery visits yo the vet we were advised he'd need an X-ray and anti infamatories the quote was 340.00 collecting our boy we were hit with a 760 pound bill as they decided yo do a bone tap whilst he was under. The insurance are now refusing to pay I feel ripped off as the dig is now better with no diagnosisl £760 item/job Halesowen 2014-08-11
1 of both legs,2 of bad leg. 355 in total for sedation and X-rays. £355 item/job Vets4pets,Filton,Bristol 2014-08-03
Sedation & xray of labrador shoulder £140 item/job Bromsgrove. Worcestershire 2014-06-20
X Ray GSD back leg £356 item/job Surrey 2014-05-14
1x Chest X-Ray under General £350 item/job Cheadle Hulme, Greater Manches 2013-12-18
9 year old airedale limping - front left leg. Consultation - pain relieve and antibiotic injections. Sedation, 6 x-rays, pain relieve injections. Anti-inflammatorys for 2 weeks, 90 noroquin 0.95 £254 item/job Belfast 2013-12-04
sedation, anaesthetic, x ray £850 item/job London 2013-10-17
x-rays of knees and hips £400 item/job South yorkshire 2013-07-17
Xray bladder Painkillers 19.74 Anaesthesia 171.30 Medicines 12.81 Radiography 108.00 Lab fees 87.54 Total inc vat 399.39 £399 item/job Essex 2013-05-18
Xray on back leg to see if ligaments torn under general anaesthetic £250 item/job Derbyshire 2013-05-16
xray of rear foot under sedation, bandage, painkillers, subsequent check ups and bandages for a broken toe £204 item/job Bakewell, Derbyshire 2013-02-18
xray of rear foot under sedation, bandage, painkillers, subsequent check ups and bandages for a broken toe £204 item/job Derbyshire 2013-02-18
front paw £160 item/job Hull 2012-11-11
X-ray to confirm / count puppies pressent 96.00 60.00 for xray and 36 consultation £96 item/job Bristol 2012-11-10
(Chihuahua) Sedation plus anti-sedation, two hip X-rays (same leg, different aspect), anti-inflammatory injection and 6 days worth of anti-inflammatory pills............75 in Cyprus (60 as at 9 Nov 2012) ......everyone enjoying rip off Britain? Ultra-modern, well equipped clinic, excellent veterinary care and not a hint of profiteering! £60 item/job Kidding me! Cyprus 2012-11-09
Back legs x-ray £400 item/job Colchester 2012-10-03
16kg dog sedated and xray examined knee £90 item/job Fochabers 2012-09-25
x-ray dental x-ray skull general A medication teeth scaled blood tests £516 item/job North yorkshire 2012-08-17
x-ray, sedation, anaesthetic, overnight stay, quoted 150 charged 450 £450 item/job Exeter 2012-07-10
Full x ray for golden retriever dog including blood test £548 item/job West Lothian 2012-06-14
Ultra sound on kidneys as a follow up to an abnormal blood test £250 item/job Worthing, west Sussex 2012-02-01
Xrsy of back leg £62 item/job Romford 2012-01-27
Dog hit by car, required 2 x-rays, 1of hips/spine, and one of leg that went under wheel. 1st x-ray plate 71.88 2nd plate (and any subsequent) 43.21. £72 item/job GillinghamKent 2012-01-23
this is for 5 plates xray of legs got a bit of arthritus. have already paid 99 for consultation a blood test and injection with yourvets £321 item/job Benfleet essex 2011-12-28
quote for xray on leg of jack russell, sedation and special care due to age 10 years £700 item/job London 2011-10-12
X-ray of hips on Alaskan Malamute £250 item/job Kent 2011-08-19
1 front leg x-ray, blood test and sedation £250 item/job Essex, UK 2011-06-15
General anaesthetic and 2 x rays on stomach after eating plastic, wooden stick and other nasty things. £75 item/job Sheffield 2011-04-19
Labrador, General anastetic & X-Ray's of both front legs. £531 item/job Sussex 2011-03-10
chest xray for a cat £75 item/job Northern ireland 2011-01-10
to look inside my dogs leg to c if it was brokened £45 item/job Bridgwater 2010-12-19
x ray both rear legs £179 item/job Maidstone kent 2010-11-16
1st of 2 x rays £55 item/job London 2010-11-03
Full body xray of labradoodle suspected of having swallowed a needle. No sedatives or anasthetic needed. £104 item/job Saffron Walden, Essex 2010-11-02
General anesthetic and 2 x-rays on hind leg for a small dog. £127 item/job Rochdale, North West 2010-10-28
xray on stomach to find out if eaten plastic & injections after. £128 item/job Derby 2010-09-27
2nd opinion: 2x x-rays on leg 1x x-ray on chest 1x sedative 1x consultation fee previously quoted 350 and that was for 2 x-ray, 1 sedative. Consultation extra. £210 item/job Dudley, West Midlands 2010-09-10
sedative + 2 x-rays of front leg on dog, quoted approx 250 - 300 £300 item/job West Midlands 2010-09-09
Consultstion, sedation, 4 x xray on chocolate labrador for rear cruciate problem, 100ml anti imflammatory. £290 item/job Market Vets South Molton 2010-09-09
1 x-ray, plas cast and medication for rear left leg. £147 item/job Angus, Scotland 2010-08-21
Abdominal and Chest X-Ray for puppy with suspected intestinal blockage £150 item/job Beeston, Nottingham 2010-07-24
Xray for infection in rear right paw, then cut in and examine anesthetic and day stay, includes painkillers and antibiotics £550 item/job Darlaston west mids 2010-06-18
Xray on back foot, for comparison I had a bac xray a few weeks ago, that only cost me 75 !! £250 item/job West mids 2010-06-18
x-ray (x 3 plastes) on rear leg due to limping in boxer dog. under anaesthesia £252 item/job Cheltenhan 2010-06-04
Quoted for single x-ray to front left leg, deemed to be a day-hospitalisation. £560 item/job Hertfordshire 2010-03-17

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