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Getting a Quote for Central Heating

Get the Best Deal by Comparing Central Heating Quotations

When it comes to installing central heating systems such as under floor heating, solar heating and boilers, it is important to get quotations because they will help you get the best deal. Various suppliers will charge differently when it comes to installing central heating systems and with quotations, you can be able to compare the charges and make the right decision as to which supplier to use.

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A good way of comparing central heating quotations is by making an Excel sheet. This will allow you to keep track of important information such as what the quotation is, the company that sent it, the time they would take to fit the central heating and other things that you find important. You will find that comparing all the relevant quotes is easy and this will simplify your decision-making process in deciding which the most ideal quotation is.

This is important especially when looking for installation that will take place urgently. In such a case, the time within which a central heating company fits one for you will be important. Comparing central heating quotations is highly important because it will keep you from accepting the first quote that you receive. If you do not compare quotations, you can end up using the services of expensive central heating companies, which is not what you want.

When getting quotations from the companies, it is important to let them know that you are getting quotations from other companies. This will make them know that they need to give you a quotation that is competitive in order to get your business. Apart from knowing how much a central heating company will charge you for their services, you can also find out the kind of customer service they offer to their customers. By getting your quotation, you will be able to analyze whether the employees are polite and friendly. You can also analyze whether the internet or telephone correspondence is personable and prompt.

Types of Central Heating

A Central Heating System provides warmth to the interior of a building or an apartment. Traditionally defined, the central heating system is a system that helps keep the house warm during the cold weather. However, in the modern scenario, it constitutes of devices that are used to maintain a level of temperature and humidity in the building.
Therefore the modern Central Heating system comprises of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

People in Northern parts of Europe and Russia and Northern America do not use air conditioning to cool their houses. Hence, true to its name, the modern name Central Heating System is HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems and its major component is the heating component.

The gas heaters and oil fired heaters that have been most commonly used as heating components. However, with the awareness of renewable energy sources, other forms of heating like solar heating are also prevalent.

Many of these systems that you might be aware of; use boilers; which convert water to steam and this is used to heat the apartment space via convection. Houses have pipelines that provide heat to various rooms in the house and also cater to the need of hot water for bathing, cooking etc.

The under floor heating system now consists of heating and cooling systems. This is a mode of stabilizing the temperature of a house via electric and hydronic systems. Both these systems have got plates and pipes installed underneath the floor so that they can increase the temperature of the floor by heating and reduce it by cooling. These plates and pipes are attached to a central heating unit.

Earlier on, natural gas, coal and waste oil were the chosen and popular fuels for the central boilers. However, more and more energy companies are providing the customers with renewable energy options like the use of solar panels for heating. This is in an effort to harness and use all the available energy and prevent wastage.

The modern boilers also have a compressor component, and this is especially in the case of hydronic systems. The hydronic systems allow water and anti freeze flow in pipes. Therefore it can be used both as a coolant as well as a warming agent. Such systems are a part of the HVAC system as defined above.

The variety and types of central heating systems that are available is huge. One can choose from amongst forced air gas systems, geo thermal systems, solar energy combination systems etc. as per the requirement.

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