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On average, every household in throws away about a tonne of rubbish every year, based on Government figures. In 1999, about 26 million tonnes were thrown away by people living in England and Wales.

By recycling or reusing our waste we can greatly reduce the amount of rubbish that is put into landfill sites or simply incinerated every year. This reduces the amount of land pollution, air pollution, and saves an enormous amount of energy by reducing the amount of raw materials that need to be processed.

Recycling a single aluminium can saves enough energy to power your TV for 3 hours. Or to put it another way, it is the same as half filling the aluminium can with petrol and simply pouring it away. So think about that next time you sit with your feet up, a 4 pack of lager and 12 hours of Lord of the Rings to watch!

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Recycling Articles: Disclaimer
Maintitle About the article Date
Supermarkets and the Environment Production, packaging and transport of food makes a huge impact on the environment: the food you purchase accounts for one third of your total environmental impact if you come from an average British ... 2011-01-20
Green Job "Green jobs are jobs that provide products and services which use renewable energy resources, reduce pollution, conserve energy and natural resources and reconstitute waste."... 2009-04-19
Garden Compost The makings for nature's best, most complete fertilizer may be wilting in your refrigerator's vegetable bin. Kitchen waste, along with grass clippings, leaves and other garden waste can all be used to... 2008-04-01
Carbon Footprint Ways of reducing the carbon footprint when moving long distances and being more environmentally aware and more green.... 2008-03-15
Moving Home Advice on how to move home in an environmentally-friendly manner, considering donating unwanting belongings rather than transporting them or indeed, throwing them away in a skip.... 2008-03-15
Water Barrels Reusing rainwater is not a new concept. Families have saved water in ponds, cisterns, buckets and barrels for centuries for use in watering, washing and even drinking. In fact, this practice is still ... 2007-05-20
Carbon Con Individuals and businesses can invest in carbon offsetting schemes that will reduce emissions elsewhere, thus cancelling out the emissions for which they are personally or corporately responsible. But... 2007-05-19
Carbon Offsetting “Carbon offsetting" is a booming business. It is now straightforward to go online and calculate the carbon footprint caused by your transatlantic flight, or heating your home for a year, then pay a co... 2007-05-09
Recycling Facts Whatever figures you look at, the UK is still rubbish at rubbish. Switzerland, the Netherlands and Austria lead Europe with recycling rates of around 60%. The United Kingdom languishes at the bottom o... 2007-04-28
Worm Farms I have decided to get a worm farm to help reduce the amount of waste that I throw away. This article describes why I chose to buy a worm farm and the research that I have done into the subject of worm... 2007-03-28
Recycle Rubbish On average, every household in throws away about a tonne of rubbish every year, based on Government figures. In 1999, about 26 million tonnes were thrown away by people living in England and Wales. In... 2007-01-13
Artificial Christmas Trees There is some dispute over whether natural or the comparatively cheap artificial Christmas trees are better for the environment. ... 2006-12-01

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