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Saving and Investing Your Money

If you have spare cash you will probably wish to save or invest it.

Saving your money usually consists of placing the money in a savings account or other cash asset which is back by a government or other bank. This is slightly different to investing your money where you place your money in a range of investment schemes such as the stock market, property, antiques or even fine wine. Generally saving your money is a safe way of increasing your wealth by a small amount, whilst investing your money gives less guarentees on your rate of return. The value of your investment may go up or down.

Our secret shopper takes a look at various banks and building societies and the sort of service that they provide whilst our articles discuss all manner of saving and investment possibilities, from high yield investment bonds through to dealing on the stock market.

Please note that Whatprice does not offer any financial advice, if you have any specific saving or investment requirements then see an Independant Financial Advisor (IFA).

Please feel free to browse some of our most recent articles on saving and investing.

Saving and Investing Articles: Disclaimer
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Investment funds There are many different ways of investing cash, ranging from stuffing the money under your mattress (hardly 'investing' however), investing in stocks or shares, or even investing in things like prope... 2011-04-30
Save Money Everyone wants to know ways of saving money! Here are 66 handy tips on how to save money.... 2011-04-29
Gold Investment This page is designed to tell you a bit more about Gold and Precious Metal funds, along with a running commentary on how the market is looking at the moment. ... 2010-08-15
How much Gold A question :- If all the gold ever produced in the world was formed into a single block how long would its edge be?...... 2010-08-15
History of Gold How gold has become the most important metal with respect to currencies of the World. A brief history is given on how the gold standard was formed and what the future holds for this valuable metal.... 2010-08-15
Gold Investment Advice on the current stance of gold in the investment World and information why people should be thinking about placing savings in this material.... 2010-08-15
Financial Budget For many people, even those with good spending habits, creating and sticking to a budget may seem like a significant challenge. Learning to budget wisely, however, isn't just a tool for getting by fro... 2009-04-13
US Bank Accounts After spending much of June researching how to open a US bank account from outside of America I have created a guide of what you should look for to avoid frustrations, wasted time and to avoid putting... 2009-02-08
Interest Rates When did base rates last change? Where were mortgage rates in 1991? And how has the cost of borrowing on credit changed in the last 10 years? See how past base rate changes affect mortgage and credit ... 2008-04-01
Money Saving Money saving tips includ:e Sign up to the store rewards cards. Dont let them change your shopping habits in anyway, but do use them to get the 0.5-1% cash back that they effectively offer. This way yo... 2008-04-01
Online Banking Discussion on banking, paying your bills, setting up your account all online... 2007-11-12
Saving and Investing Not everyone wants to invest in risky ventures, here are some of the safer ways to invest your money... 2007-11-05
Online Forex Trading Today any average person can learn forex trading. The sale or trading of currency is at the heart of what forex is all about. ... 2007-07-31
Living on a Budget Whether your income is large or small, creating a budget and adhering to it, will allow you to avoid debt and make better choices about needs and wants. ... 2007-07-30
Private Equity Private equity describes investment in a company or assets that are not freely tradable on the public stock market. The system provides an opportunity for high-risk start up businesses to gain investm... 2007-07-05
Mutual Funds A mutual fund is simply a financial medium that allow a group of investors to pool their money together with a predetermined investment objective. The pooled money will manage by a fund manager.... 2007-05-28
Overdraft Fees Millions of consumers are fighting back against unfair charges and nowhere is this more apparent than in the movement to reclaim bank charges.... 2007-05-05
Saving Money This article contains a list of money saving and investment tips. They are in no particular order and just appear as the author thinks of them ... 2007-01-17
Secure Investments Mutual funds are a collection of stocks and/or bonds invested in different securities, which include fixed market securities and money market instrumentals. It facilitates investors to put their money... 2006-12-08
High-Yield Investing Invest in high risk investments and receive high yields. Invest in low risk stocks or funds and receive lower yields. It is a standard investing maxim. But 'risk' is the operative word and there are n... 2006-12-01
Spread Betting In the past it was only City whizz kids with instant access to real time market information that indulged in spread betting on companies and markets. But like contracts for differences (CFDs), the pop... 2006-12-01
Pension Term Assurance Pension Life insurance is set to take the life insurance market by storm - but what is it? This article explains. ... 2006-11-11
Save and Invest Everyone knows the importance of setting aside savings. Whether it's for retirement, emergency funds or saving for the family vacation, it is something that we should all be doing. Yet sometimes this ... 2006-11-05
Saving & Investing In simple economies, there is little distinction between savings and investments. One saves by reducing present consumption, while he invests in the hope of increasing future consumption.... 2006-11-05
Online Investing When it comes to figuring out your financial future, there are some investing tools that are invaluable. How much should you save for retirement? When should you start saving? Should you rent or buy y... 2006-11-05
Investment Goals Before entering the world of investing, it is important to honestly analyze your present situation. The following guide to investment will help with your decision to invest.... 2006-02-11

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"Investing isn't just for the wealthy. If you have a few thousand or even less than a hundred dollars saved, here are some suggestions on how to make the most of it. When you invest cash in company stock, commodities, futures and other venues, the hope is that you will delight in sensible return on your cash, perhaps even high returns. However, investment charges can creep in and eat away at the gains. Take notice, and you also can learn how to save money on investing charges. You can learn How to save money on investing fees and be successful."


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