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A comparison of different companies who offer chocolates for sale online. Due to it being so close to Valentine's Day I am shopping for something special for my sweetheart. It is a little difficult to compare "apples with apples" in this search, however I will rate the website on it's design, service and ease of use rather than price.

 Chocolate Company Valentines Specials  Time to Order chocolate  Chocolate Delivery fee GBP
 Thorntons Yes 5mins 4.99
 Chocolate Trading Co. Yes 6mins 3.95-4.95
 Rococo Chocolates Yes 4mins 6.50
 Browne's No 3-4mins from 1.14
 Handmade Chocolates Yes 3mins free

Thorntons Chocolates

A delicious looking website, it got my mouth watering just looking at the range of chocolates available! Very easy and fast site to use. The ordering process is simple and straightforward. The home page offers a range of options including Valentine's Day Specials, Hampers, Children's Gifts, Flowers and Chocolates etc. Next day delivery is available as long as the order is placed before 4pm. International deliveries are also available. Overall a very good and easy to use site offering a lot of chocolate options.

Chocolate Trading Co.

Another lovely looking website which just makes you want to spend your money! The homepage shows a lovely selection of options which can be ordered and there is also the option to shop by category, price, theme and brand. Currently on their homepage they are advertising Valentines Day and also Easter. When placing an order the option to purchase a gift card and add your personal message is prompted for a cost of GBP 1.50 Next day delivery is available if orders are placed before 3pm and International deliveries are also available. An excellent and easy to use website which offers stylishly boxed and wrapped chocolates and gifts, I would definitely use this website.

Rococo Chocolates

I didn't find this website as enticing as the previous two, however I did notice that they will be bringing out a new website in 2007, so this could possibly look better than the current one. The ordering process was however faster than the previous two sites which was a bonus. Their deadline for Valentine's Day orders is 10 February and they also have a rather expensive delivery fee. I couldn't find any general information as to whether they do next day or international deliveries. Overall, I probably wouldn't bother using this site again.

Browne's Chocolate Company

A more boutique chocolate company than the previous ones seem. No Valentine's Day specials were advertised on the website and a search using their search engine found none. This company is family run and make a variety of hand made chocolates. The site was easy enough to use, however it did take a couple more clicks of the mouse than the others to see their range in each category. The ordering system was fast and straightforward and it appears that they will do international deliveries, although there was no direct information about this or about their delivery fees. The delivery fee as shown in the table is based on ordering one box of truffles. They do have a minimum order level of GBP 4.50 A good website and easy to use, however I don't think it had enough appeal for me to go back and use them.

Handmade Chocolates

A basic website offering a range of different chocolates. The menu on the left hand side allows you to search by occasion or types of chocolate. I selected Valentine's Day but found that they didn't really offer a wide range of chocolates, and their packaging to me was not very appealing. Part of the ordering process allowed a personal message to be added to the gift at no extra cost, and it appears that delivery is free as no charge was shown on the final costing page. No further information was visibly available regarding next day or international deliveries and delivery fees. Once again, a good enough website however not appealing enough to me to go back and use them.

Buying Chocolates Online Conclusion

There appear to be many chocolate companies offering chocolates for purchase online when you enter "chocolates" into google. The above five are only a small selection. Out of these five I would probably only bother using Thorntons and the Chocolate Trading Co. They had the most professional websites and appealing chocolates which were beautifully and tastefully wrapped. The range offered by them was also extensive. Their delivery fees seemed to be quite standard and both offered next day and international delivery. Even though they did take a few minutes longer for the ordering process, I would definitely go back to these two websites due to their above mentioned strengths, and only hope that the chocolates taste as yummy as they look!

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