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26 March 2007

I am shopping for the best deal on a Fuji Finepix S9600 digital camera.  Below is a summary of different online camera shops and a comparison of their offers for the same camera along with a review of their website.

 Price  Postage/Courier fee
 The Digital Camera Company  ₤265.00 
 ₤253.00 from ₤6.70 
 ₤253.45 * free
 ₤249.99 *
 Bristol Cameras
 Edinburgh Cameras ₤398.99
 ₤247.53 * free

Summary Of Digital Camera Websites

The Digital Camera Company

It took two minutes to find the digital camera that I was looking for, which I was impressed with until I continued with this secret shop and found a lot of other websites were so much faster!  The particular camera happened to be on their "Sunday Special" and with a RRP of ₤528.74 the saving was a fantastic ₤263.74, however there were none currently in stock and a waiting period of 5-7days before they were available. I was unable to determine that if I went through with the sale I would be guaranteed this digital camera at the same price when stock arrived.  Overall though a very decent website.  The description and photo of the digital camera along with a star rating were all very clear, along with the inclusions.  They also offered "Bundle Deals" where they have packaged up items such as an extra memory card and camera case for a certain price.  On the same page you can find the company's review of the digital camera and also user reviews along with technical specifications.

This website only took me about a minute to find what I was looking for, even though the pages did seem to take a while to download!  It was offering an even better deal than the first website, but also did not have the digital camera currently in stock.  They had a predicted date of when the stock would arrive along with a link that will have them notify you when it comes in.  There wasn't a lot of camera description details on the first page, just a summary with a "click for more info" which took you directly to all the technical details along with user reviews.  There was a good photo of the digital camera along with a rating review out of 10.  You could also access more photos of the digital camera, and a 360 degree picture of it which I thought was very useful.  The page also displayed different promo packs which could be purchased including memory chip, camera bag etc.  Overall, an excellent website, fast and seeming to show all the necessary information needed to make an informed online purchase.

It took less than a minute to find the digital camera I was looking for on this website.  Kelkoo themselves do not sell the camera, but searches through other online retailer's websites to find the best deal on the camera which has been selected.  * The best deals were offered by both "shopping4cameras" and "" for the same price.  I selected my digital camera search by brand and the page which comes up shows photos of the camera along with the price range that Kelkoo has found.  There is also a star rating and reviews can be read about the digital camera or you can write your own review.  Once you have selected to compare the prices, you can read about each company along with service reviews about them.  Overall, Kelkoo works to find one of the cheapest prices available for the digital camera I am looking for.


It only took about 20 seconds to find the digital camera I was looking for using this website!  Like Kelkoo, this company searches through a selection of online retailer's websites to find the best deal for you. * The best deal was through "Onestop-Digital". The first page shows a picture of the digital camera, and once you have selected to compare prices the listing of different stores with their ratings and prices come up.  I found this very easy to compare the prices and ratings using their "happy face" system.  Overall, a very fast and efficient website which found the cheapest price for the digital camera so far - I would definitely recommend using this site.

Bristol Cameras

Not the flashiest website out there, and a little difficult to at first determine how to find the digital camera I wanted.  The search took about a minute or so, as I had to skim over the company outline and customer testimonials before I found the search by camera brand tab, which happened to be a lot further down the page and required scrolling down to be seen.  Also, this website produced one of the most expensive quotes for what I wanted plus a ₤10 postage fee, even though they claim to be amongst the cheapest prices available for internet shopping.  The postage fee did not show until you had continued on through the buying process by a couple of pages.  I do believe that this company would be very knowledgeable regarding their product, as it appears to be a specialty store which is also offering sales via the internet.  After looking at all of the other websites I would be inclined to actually give these guys a call (their telephone number is very prominent on their webpage) to answer any questions in regards to the digital camera I am looking at buying, and then see if they can match the cheapest quote !  A bit cheeky, but I really do think I would be talking to an expert judging by their website. 

Edinburgh Cameras

A very slow website.  Each page seemed to take forever to load up, and the search took well over a minute.  There were no clear tabs to help me find the digital camera that I wanted, however by entering "Fuji" into the search engine I managed to find what I was looking for.  But the price - wow! - the most expensive by far!  I wouldn't bother going any further with this company.  However, their description and picture of the digital camera was very good, and I would think that they would be able to give very professional advice as with the last website, as they are a camera store.


It took about a minute to find the digital camera I was looking for on this website.  I had to scroll down on the homepage to find the search by brand box, which then brought up all Fuji cameras and accessories.  Another click and I was into the details about the digital camera from which I could then purchase it.  A pretty middle of the road website.  All of the required details about the camera were there along with another link to purchase any other accessories.  There didn't appear to be any links to digital camera reviews to browse through and the postage price did not come up until you had made the purchase.  The price was one of the higher offers and to be honest, nothing really stands out about this website for me to recommend them.

This website took less than a minute to find the prices on the digital camera.  It is another website which searches through a selection of online store websites to find a range of prices and the best deal for you, and so far it has come up with the cheapest price by a couple of pounds! *(this was through "")  I typed in "camera" in the search engine and it quickly came up with a couple of options to narrow down my search, one being "digital camera" from where I was able to select camera by make and found what I was looking for.  This site then found 11 stores offering the digital camera and shows the range of prices.  It has a picture of the camera and basic description of it, from where you can go on to read more along with reviews.  On comparing the prices the cheapest store is subtlety highlighted and the range of stores have ratings and store reviews.  Also shown is the postage and packaging costs, which are convenient.  By clicking on the "Buy It" button the site quickly takes you into the appropriate online store website.  Overall, a great site, easy to use with all of the relevant information and producing the cheapest price.

Digital Camera Websites - The Conclusion

As you can see there are quite a variety of prices for the same digital camera - it pays to shop around!  Take care to check the postage and packaging costs as well, as even though the camera price may be cheaper these costs could make it more expensive.  If I were to go on and purchase this digital camera online, and wanted the absolute cheapest price, I would buy it through  However as I stated above, I would be inclined to phone Bristol Cameras to see what deal they could offer me if I had any questions which needed answering about my purchase.  The fastest website was Bizrate Uk, and with their price being only a couple of pounds more than the cheapest one I think I would definitely recommend them, as I believe that a speedy website is a good one!  Good luck with your online digital camera shopping - I do hope that this information helps you to find the best deal quickly!

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